I am a very avid Meijer shopper and have been for years. So much so, that one of our "must haves" when we moved to a new house was to be within a 10 minute or less drive to a Meijer store. I have greatly appreciated getting to use curbside for the past year or so many, many times. I have a toddler and now a newborn so it's much easier to pick up my groceries than to lug my little ones into the store and try to strategically place items around a baby car seat in the big section of a cart and around my toddler sitting in the seat. Then I must try to reconfigure everything after it's bagged, which is another challenge. Because of these reasons, as well as others, it's so much easier, in theory, for me to use curbside. Unfortunately, the meijer website has SO many problems that I end up getting so frustrated and eventually just have to go to the store myself. It either freezes up and loses my entire order when I'm in the middle of making it, doesn't allow me to pick my store (I shop at the Cascade Mi store, but it automatically connects me to the Alpine Mi store, which doesn't work as this store doesn't have curbside as well as it's far from me), or I have to refresh my page after every single product I put in my cart, which makes the process so much longer. Currently, I'm having the issue of it not letting me pick my store. Every time I try to click Cascade it just spins and spins. I've on multiple occasions, tried refreshing my browser, trying other browsers, and switched computers thinking maybe it wasn't working because I was using a Mac vs. a windows. Nothing ever seems to fix. I'm so frustrated with this website that I might start shopping elsewhere. What can you do on your end to fix this and not lose a very loyal shopper? I know I'm not the only one with this issue so I know it's on your end and needs to be addressed. Thank you.

Tari Eberle

Oct 06, 2019

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