Meijerpharmacy and pharmacist on duty from 10/4/2019 thru 10/6/2019

Posting this to hopefully save other's from seizures. Extreme effects of no meds to possible DEATH CAUSED BY MEIJER PHARMACY! 10/4/2019 MY doct called my refill in at 3pm .I revived a call and mess from Meijer I still have saying my doct called it in come at 4.30 it will be ready. Go to Meijer I'm told that ins won't pay till next day to early NOT TRUE WHAT SO EVER! Come to find out. Went back sat told me out of stock???? Told Meijer should be it was filled yesterday had ins problem said nope nothing in stock . Explained to them in NO WAY WHAT SO EVER CAN I GO THAT LONG WITHOUT IT IS LIFE THREATING ! TOLD him needed to speak to pharmacist . Tried to explain to him I can not miss 4 days such is 8 to 10 MISSED DOSES!!! I begged him please told me I could but the unbranded for 180.00 told him I didn't have it please can I transfer to another pharmacy told me No he needed to close in ten min.. said he can not transfer my script !!! Again told him as shaking and crying you don't understand I could wind up having seizure or wind up in hospital his ARROGANCE and NONCHALANT attitude rolling his eyes at me told me to leave !!! So here I post here and several other places SOCIAL media to the BBB WATCH HOW MANY OTHER STORY'S COME FROM THIS !!! COME TO FIND OUT THE REASON I COULD NOT PICK UP FRI SEVERAL EMPLOYEES BILLED THE WRONG MEDACIN TO MY INS THAT IS THE REASON MY INS WOULD NOT PAY!!! IF 1 EMPLOYEE OR PHARMACIST DID THEIR JOB FRIDAY WPULD NOT BE IN A LIFE THREATNUNG SITUATION RIGHT NOW!!! IF THEY DISNT HAVE IT IN STOCK AND BILLED MY INS WITH THE RIGHT MEDS I COULD OF WENT TO ANOTHER PHARMACY AND HAD TIME TO CONTACT MY DOCTOR!!! HOW MANY OTHERS HAVE BEEN FORCED INTO SERIOUS COMPLICATIPNS OR DEATH BECAUSE OF MEIJER???

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    Going to make sure no one is forced into extreme forced withdraw that is so serious Meijer could cause death to forced withdraw that could cause suicide!!!

Oct 06, 2019

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