K Jul 13, 2019

About 2 months ago I was shopping at Meijer and was attempting to leave when the buzzer went off. I stopped and gave my receipt of carry no purse at all the unknown man was like what did u steal I am a 56 year old woman being embarrassed by the accusations. Finally I was allowed to leave with no apology. when I got home I explained to my husband what happened and he called the store right away. He was told for me to go to service desk and pick up a $15 gift card. I was so disappointed in the store I hadn't returned. My daughter is here to visit and was making a trip to Meijer do I decided it would be a great time to pick it up as my health no longer allows me to drive. We went to the service counter and talked to the lady at tg desk she said I have nothing for you and then she called a manager which George I believe was his name would be right there to issue a gift card. We waited 20 minutes and asked how much longer as my health doesn't allow me to stand long(and no wheel chairs were available.) And she said well he had other people to help besides you. My daughter then said excuse me this was the stores mistake you must make it right and the lady said we'll wait then he will be here when he has time. We told her forget it as it has been almost 30 minute's. I needed to get my things and go! I would like a response asap as this is the 2nd time I have been mistreated!

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