Maytagmaytag dryer

G Aug 06, 2018

I had a stackable Maytag dryer that was bought in 2016 but only used during the summer of 2017. Last May the dryer stopped heating. I contacted Maytag and they sent a repair man a week or so later. He identified the problem in the electronic control and ordered a replacement part. The part came and he installed it a week later. The part was faulty and he ordered a replacement for the replacement. It arrived a week later and also did not work. He said he had had problems with replacement parts but contacted the technical serMvice department at your facility as he did the first time. The technical service person said there were problems associated with new software being not compatible with dryers in the last year and we needed a new control panel. I contacted Maytag again waiting the usual hour to get through on the phone. They agreed to replace the parts for free and ordered a control panel that arrived a week later. The technician installed both parts but they did not work and he got error message.
I contacted Maytag again and after waiting the required hour talked to a person who said she would contact the department who could arrange a replacement. They contacted me a few days later and said they would supply a replacement for $250.
This was delivered a week or so later but they did not have a stacking kit and returned to the delivery company with the dryer.
A week later they returned with the stacking kit but forgot the dryer.
A week later they returned with both the dryer and stacking kit but the installer (always a different person) said he was too big to get in the space behind the dryer and that the venting supplied was wrong.
I bought new venting from Home Depot and a new installer arrived a week later. He said the new venting was not necessary and in fact wrong and installed the dryer. It ran but foolishly I did not check to see if it heated and neither did the installers or if they did took off without letting me know that the dryer, like the one that was replaced did not heat. I discovered this a couple of days later when I tried to use it.
I contacted Maytag and they setup an appointment for a new service technician to visit. I contacted Maytag again today hoping to get some explanation of what might happen next or some explanation. They had no idea but did inform me that they would not replace the new dryer but would start repairs again.
The previous policy adjustment number was mf92qk00ep1 file number [protected]
The model and serial number of the new dryer are med5500fw1 and m810 09920

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