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Jan 10, 2020

DionWired — nintendo switch carry case return

dear Sir/Mam i would like to thank the Sales person by the name of Sharon who provided excellent service and...

Dion Wiredonline purchase not honored ([protected])

My order is [protected] I placed this on 20th December '19.

There has been no movement on this order since this date. I have made multiple phone calls and emails to follow up and not one of my emails has been replied to, nor have any of the customer service agents bothered to call me back with an update despite promising to do this.

I have found out that the Nicolway store was supposed to make delivery yet they have informed the Customer Service agent there is no stock. I have contacted Nicol Way, Bay West, Collinade, Centurion, Gateway (amongst others) and ALL have confirmed that they do have stock... What is the problem? Could it be that no branch wants to honour the online discounted price?

I require someone to contact me to confirm that this order has been dispatched. Until then I will continue to make sure the internet is flooded with bad reviews for Dion Wired.

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    Oct 29, 2019

    DionWired — improper packaging for postage, missing part

    On 13 October 2019 I returned my Celestron Astromaster 70AZ telescope on to the Dion wired store at Baywest...

    Oct 10, 2019

    DionWired — high sense 55 inch u-led tv - art/ean [protected]

    Dear Sir/Madam We purchased the above mentioned TV from Dionwired Century City on Tuesday and only connected...

    DionWiredservice / laptop

    I bought a laptop 2 years ago from your PE branch. From the moment I put it on it was very slow. I should have taken it back right then and there, but as I was only using it for personal use every now and then, I never got around to it.
    Now, I need my laptop for work daily.
    I would put it on in the morning, take a shower, make coffee and it would still not be on. And I am not over exaggerating at all.
    So I took it back in July. I have proof of the warranty which I registered for when I got it, but when I got to you store, they were unable to verify this (as apparently the serial number was incorrect). I used the number in the bottom of the laptop, which apparently wasn't correcy. Ofcourse I didn't know this, as I was sent a proof of warranty. This they could apparently not verify with any other details.
    They booked the laptop in and then sent me a quote as the harddrive needed to be replaced. Now this is a laptop that was hardly ever used, so in my mind, it was still brand new and now needs a harddrive replacement.
    I decided against the repair as it would be cheaper to buy a new harddrive myself.
    When I got the laptop back, the password was written down wrong, so I don't know if they even tried to turn it on.
    On opening the the laptop, one of the screws were stripped, there was a random piece of metal just loosely lying there and the CD-Rom was not attached and neither was its cover there.
    On my telephonic conversation with the staff, the interactions were very unprofessional.
    I have proof of paying for a laptop in your store, but no-one was trying to assist me with a clearly faulty item.

    I am really dissatisfied with the service.

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      Aug 07, 2019

      DionWired — lg microwave

      Bought microwave June 2018. Has been giving problems of and on since February 2019, eventually took it in to...

      DionWirednot receiving online item

      I placed an order for 3 XBox One games on Black Friday, which is now a month ago. I received 1 item a week after ordering. When I contacted Dionwired, they told me the items are shipped from different warehouses and will arrive in seperate packages. Another week passed and I then received the 2nd item. After following up again, i am told the same story. I then receive an email confirming my order was completed, to which I immediately responded that I am still waiting on one item. I have now phoned so many times and spoken to most consultants in the call centre, with no resolution. Everyone promise to call me back but nobody ever does. I now have to find another Christmas present for my son as I am one gift short. I am extremely disappointed with the service and overall manner in which my order and queries have been dealt with.

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        DionWiredjbl soundbar 2.1 channel

        To whom it may concern
        I am not happy with the service I have received from Dion Wired at Umhlanga, I bought the above listed product on the 20 April 2018 and it gave me problems within a month subwoofer not pairing with Soundbar and brought to the store was checked and sent home with it, second time same problem occurred product checked and informed that it has to trouble me 3 times before booking for repairs or further assessment.Then on the 02 July 2018 I came back for the third time product assessed and booked for same problem then I informed the service lady that I don't want it whether it will be repaired or replaced I want my money back as this problem has not been attended earlier.Till today no one has ever give me feedback and It's my responsibility to call and the product still in the store on the 14 July 2018, again i want my money back before as my right has been overlooked don't need anything with me and Dion Wired, next week if not refunded i have to escalate this to consumer services ombudsman.Reference number for repairs or assessment 8176 .
        Regards Mr M H Ntuli

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          DionWiredphilips avance collection airfryer

          I'm honestlly appalled. I just bought a philips avance airfryer last night. The box looked damaged when the salesman took it to the till for me. He said that the box was a little damaged but the product was perfect. The box didn't have the original packaging it looked like it was opened and resealed. There was also a sticker on the side from philtec service with the code SR 314808 labeled to Dion Wired Gateway. I assume they sold this unit someone used it brought it back and then sent it to philtec to be reserviced oe refurbished. The item looks used it has Scuff marks all over. Dion wired didn't tell me once it was refurbished/used. I paid full price and was not aware that anything had gone wrong. I have never bought anything from a company this deceitful. I have pictures of the box, my till slip, the air fryer. I will be taking this back but this is disgusting that this is your guys standard. To make it worst my moms birthday is today and she had to open up her present to a damaged box and unit. I'm pretty sure I'm never going to live this down. So thanks dion wired for the amazing service and quality of stock.

          philips avance collection airfryer
          philips avance collection airfryer
          philips avance collection airfryer
          philips avance collection airfryer
          philips avance collection airfryer
          philips avance collection airfryer

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            DionWired — washing machine 9kg/6kg dryer

            I am not happy with Dion wired due to their false advertising that they have posted in their pamphlet. Their...

            DionWired — poor service from store manager

            To whom it may concern/ Dear Mr Andrew Jackson, I wish to bring to your attention my complete disbelief and...


            DionWiredrepairs to my fridge

            I have taken an extended warranty on a Defy fridge I had bought from Dion Wired. The after sales services from your extended warranty department is absolutely shocking. I have been given the round around by your repair guy. Comes to investigate the fault without proper test equipment. 2 weeks now without my fridge. Totally unacceptable! How do you expect me to purchase any further items or that of my family and friends if this is how I as a customer are treated after a sale.

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              DionWiredservice & delivery

              I placed an order on the 27th November at 10 am with CC Payment and received order No# [protected]. I have sent multiple Mails requesting status of my delivery and when i will receive. As of yet i have received no response.

              I was able to finally get hold of the division on Thursday the 7th to be told that i will receive delivery either Friday or Monday.

              I then get a message on Friday afternoon at 2:15 pm saying i will receive an SMS from Courier confirming delivery.

              How does this help me.

              No tracking No
              No information on Courier company

              I cant even log onto Dion Wired to create an account to now track my parcel.

              We are not in 1999 anymore where one cant track deliveries online. How can a company expect to get good service feedback or improve themselves when they cant get the basics right.

              Today is Monday the 11th and i am yet to receive delivery of my order.

              I have never had such an issue with any online service provider in my life. This will be the one and only time i ever deal with Dion Wired ever again. Online or in store

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                DionWirednon delivery within promised time and no customer support

                I ordered a product from Dion Wired online on the 24th of November 2017 and was promised delivery within 5-10 working days. It is almost impossible to follow up on the delivery. No one I spoke to at their online support number came back to me. Numerous emails and dropped calls going on for a week now. Looking at their Facebook page I am clearly not the only one. People are ranting on about the exact same issue. No business has the right to treat their customers like this and worse of all is that they already sit with people's money.

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                  DionWireddelivery of my package waiting from 1st december 2017

                  on 24 november 2017 I ordered a Delonghi Coffee Machine order number [protected]. On The 1st December I went into my account an saw that thy were waiting for courier pickup DW100028628 I was really happy but then on Monday 4 th December it was back to"Packing the Goods"

                  please can I get a response back as to when iwill get my parcel
                  Regards Johannes Adam Steyn

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                    DionWiredno service

                    I ordered a coffee machine on 24 November 2017. I emailed Dion wired twice to find out when my package will be delivered. Because the tracking keeps saying awaiting courier collection. I just want to know when can I expect my delivery. But get no response. Take a lot's courier send an sms and say delivery will take place that date but Dion say nothing so I have no idea when to expect it. And I feel that if you cannot provide me with a date then at least let me know and reply to my emails or phone me or make sure your phones is working when I try to phone you.

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                      DionWired — service delivery 📦 very poor logistics planning

                      Good day, On the 24th Nov 2017 I pre ordered a camera canon 750d dare and was informed by the sale...

                      Cape Town

                      DionWired — lg fridge

                      Dear DionWired, I bought my LG fridge 5 years ago for export to Zambia. One month ago my fridge stopped...

                      Dion Wiredno delivery and still waiting for a refund!

                      I was so excited when I found the Smeg built-in oven on Dion Wired's website, it was a good price and exactly what I wanted, but clearly it was too good to be true. After ordering the product and making my payment on the 20th of Sept, I was promised to receive my oven in 5 - 7 working days. They even had a great link with which you could track your product so everything seemed so promising.

                      The status on the online tracker said “being processed” and that is where it stayed stuck in limbo. After patiently waiting 5 days I contacted Dion Wired to find out when I can expect my product. They responded saying they will escalate the process.

                      The frustrating part and disappointing part is that I had to constantly follow up with them to find out what is going on and taking so long. I even asked for the manager to contact me and I am still waiting for that call.

                      I was told their online shopping site had a mistake and they do not have stock available. So to cut a long story short I am still waiting to receive my money back from them!! We all have internet banking and it is really not that hard to refund a person, but for Dion Wired this is clearly too much to ask.

                      Today a month later and no refund! So do not purchase anything from Dion Wired online they will only rob you.

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                        DionWirednotebook 11 months old crashed twice - retailer refuse refund or replacement

                        Asus Notebook bought at Dion Wired Cresta 16 Sep'2016
                        Hard Drive crashed 27 Feb'2017
                        Incredible Solutions replaced hard drive March'2017
                        Notebook crashed again 7 Aug'2017
                        In credible Solutions initially said it was the software which are not under the warranty but they will assist so took my notebook on Monday 14 Aug'2017. On Monday 21st Aug'2017 received call from IS technician asking for the Warranty Cert as well as P.O.P in order to order ne hard drive. I told Rodney the Technician that i do not want the hard drive to be replaced for the second time in less than a year, that it is clear the notebook has a problem and that i want a refund or replacement. He assured me that it is not the hard drive ginving problems again but that he needs to order a new hard drive to fix the problem - does that make any sense??????

                        Why would you need a new hard drive if the problem is not the hard drive and the hard drive is showing 100% fuction?
                        I contacted the Retail store as i was now very annoid. Spoke to a lady by the name Sam (Snr Sales Representative) who requested all the detail and supporting doc's only to find out the next day that Sam in on leave until the 4th of Sept'2017. Forwarded my complaint to a Bongani en Evelyn also at the retail store. Received an e-mail back this morning from Bongani stating that Asus refused the request for credit and that the notebook needs to be repaired, they will contact me when it is ready.

                        In the meantime i have now been without a notebook for 3weeks going for 4weeks.

                        I refused the outcome and assured Bongani that this matter will be escalated to the hightest point of complaints.

                        I would like to emphasize - i do not want the notebook repaired - it is clear that it has been faulty since it left the factory. I want a replacement or a refund.

                        Please assist.

                        Thank you!
                        Hanlie Jordaan

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