Mattress Firmno response

M Sep 13, 2018

My wife and I went into the same until California store to purchase a mattress approximately a year ago. The manager who was the only person working at the store was the individual who sold us the mattress that we still currently have to try out. After 2 months we went back to the Store and were told by 2 individuals behind the register he black female and a white male that the manager who had assisted us had had a heart attack and it was not known if he would be returning. We explained our situation of being dissatisfied with the mattress and asked for it the procedure in happy get picked up at our residence. We were never contacted for approximately 2 months and again went back to the Sam tail California mattress from location however this time there was an individual a white male who said he was a manager that he was from the Reno Nevada store due to not having the staffing. We explained our situation and were told that perhaps because it was a somewhat newer mattress in a high and one that we should flip the mattress back-and-forth and in the process jump up-and-down on the mattress to try to soften it if we felt that might have been too firm. We stated that we did not want to go in do this and would really rather try another batrous but the manager pleaded that we continue to try and resolve this in the manner he suggested. I've gone back to the store several times in trying to get the mattress picked up and I have never been giving a bill today for the mattress so I was shocked to see that mattress firm had sent negative information which reflected on my credit report For an unpaid balance to date. I've done everything I can to try to resolve this with mattress firm and have been completely dissatisfied and frustrated at every turn. Please contact me amediately as I have a debt IN no way will be paying, I need someone to arrange to pick up the mattress we have not wanted and I need to get a mattress we are satisfied with which it this point I don't know if it will be through mattress firm. My only alternative if I have no resolution is the contact the media investigation departments to look into and resolve these type of situations so please reach out and attempt to work with me in resolving this as soon as possible.

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