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I had a 90 min massage scheduled at the specific location where I just moved too. I got a reminder call for the city it was in. And needless to say there were two locations in the same city. And we aren't talking a very large city. So I showed up at my appointment time and they figure out I'm at the wrong spot. So they tell me it's 7 mins down the road when I put in in my gps in front of her and it says 15 mins. Then she says let me see what I can do to try and see if we can just do it at that location. She figures out she has no one to do it and then say u have to go there because she won't make any money unless you go there. So then why did you tie up more of my time even checking in the first place?? Then I arrive at the new location for what I'm told I'll still be charged 90 mins even though now it will only be a 60 min massage. And guess what I was "finished at 50 mins" which was actually 40 with how long I was left in the room in the beginning and end. I mean so I just paid for a 90 min massage for 40 mins of an actual massage? And I'm in the membership. So now I refuse to go back to either of these locations for the future. I'll drive farther away to not have two places that were literally so rude. I just moved to this city and booked the appointment online. So when I saw the city I assumed it was the right location.

Sep 30, 2019

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