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Massage Envy Complaints & Reviews

Massage Envy / gift card purchase

Amber Mayer on May 19, 2017
I purchased a gift card online and I accidentally sent it to an email that was deactivated. I sent 3 emails and have called 2 times to ask for help in rerouting the email but have not received a response. I asked for my money refunded after they clearly ignored me and still have not...

Massage Envy / poor service/ do not let them get a hold of your credit card !!!!

Tammy.y.lee on May 18, 2017
Massage Envy in Peechtree city in GA stole $290 from me and refuse to put it back on my card.. They claim it has been reversed back onto my card and told me my bank is the one thats holding the refund. I called my bank and my bank said that massage Envy is lying.. I would like for them to...

Massage Envy / front desk @ savoy, illinois

Patricia Combs on May 15, 2017
I joined Massage Envy in Tucson, AZ this past winter where I have a home. Enjoyed it so decided to extend the membership when I got back to Illinois. All is fine except when I go to check out after my appointment. The SAVOY, ILLINOIS Massage Envy will not let you leave until you tip your...

Massage Envy / massage envy billing

Ultimate Piggy Remasterer on May 12, 2017
Hello, I have called several times today and no one has ever answered the phone at corporate headquarters so here is my complaint. Husband signed up for the massage program in 2013, went about 4 times a year since then. Some time in the last year our credit card expired. No one ever told him...

Massage Envy / No response when requesting service

Robena Schaerf on May 9, 2017
I have tried for two+ days to request service for both a facial and a massage at the Sherman Oaks, Ca location, plus left messages, Nobody has returned my calls. I've also attempted to call the Encino location but the message cuts off. I've tried the Studio City location and it i...

Massage Envy / loss of services paid for

Theresa Tittemore on May 3, 2017
I was told by massage envy in slingerlands NY I had 30 days after my membership ended to use my services I had left over- I had only one service left so I wanted to transfer it to my daughter since I broke my foot I cannot walk easily I was told I either had to use the service myself or...

Massage Envy / Massage

Evelyn cepeda on May 3, 2017
I was given as gift card for my Birthday. I booked a massage at Bergen Town Center 805 Bergen Town Rd Paramus NJ 07652 on April 26 7PM. I have had massages before but never this location. Never had I had a complaint about the other locations. The guys name that gave me the massage is Edward...

Massage Envy / Unable to make an appointment.

Tisha Rushing Grayam on Mar 15, 2017
On March 13, 2017 at 10:00 AM, I called the Memorial location to set an appointment for myself and my daughter-in-law. I received no answer. I called 3 more times and then finally resorted to going online and booking appointments. I didn't hear anything back, so I called again and got no...

Massage Envy / Therapist

Heidi Blauert Maxwell on Mar 15, 2017
HI there, I have been a member for almost 7 years. My account is under Heidi Holmlund/Maxwell. Here's my story...I wanted to surprise one of my teacher friends with a birthday present so I paid the extra $10 to transfer one of my massages over to her name. I called 3-4 weeks in advance to...

Massage Envy / Overcharge

mmmfff on Mar 8, 2017
I availed the services and introductory price for each was given to me. $75 for 90minute massage and $50 for facial. I purchased additional $10 worth eye cream during the facial procedure. After services were done, I offered to give $20 tip for massage service and $10 tip for facial...

Massage Envy / Gift certificate

Betty Beitsch-Highland on Mar 7, 2017
I received a Gift Certificate from my daughter in 2010 for Massage Envy. I was able to use it for a couple years. Over the years I would think, I need to use that Gift Certificate..so I would call a local Massage Envy location to see if it was still good. I was told several times that it...

Massage Envy / Strained muscle due to massage, unable to cancel membership

BGirard on Feb 23, 2017
I went to the Plymouth Message Envy (3225 Vicksburg Ln, Plymouth, MN 55447) two weeks ago on February 8th, 2017, for a massage. The day after my message, I started experiencing discomfort in my intercostal muscles on the ride side of my back. A few days later the discomfort turned into...

Massage Envy / Cancel membership

Susieandkevin on Jan 28, 2017
I tried to cancel my membership today. I'm not under a contract so I figured it would be quick. I have many hours of unused massages and i know I will lose them if I cancel. I just want to end it but I was told my accountaccount was suspended and i hadpay them $250.00 to cancel. My card...

Massage Envy / Cancellation.

Amber Belcher on Dec 21, 2016
Toksung@masageenvy.com, dcrisalli@massageenvy.com BCCAmber Message body Hello, I would just like to say that I have mixed emotions about your company. I signed up for a 6 month membership and I then fell on hard times and lost my job a month after I signed up. They worked with me a...

Massage Envy / Billing refund

rs23 on Nov 9, 2016
Hello I was at Massage envy in Dulles Landing, Virginia on 10/27/16. I had a facial( $60) + A face cleanser purchase($36) and a $ 10 tip on the card totaling to 108.16.This was charged to my debit card. Also what happened was that they had charged and additional $ 60.00 to my card.They...

Massage Envy / Beware membership cancellation policy

Gary Gere on Nov 2, 2016
I have been a member for several years. The "popular" times (weekends, evenings) need to be booked many weeks in advance. Over time prices have gone up (member $60 non-member $120). A sign recently posted states it is "customary" to pay your therapist a 45% gratuity based on the non-member...

Massage Envy / Scam artists

Natloveweb on Sep 27, 2016
They are less than 1 star. I had a membership for a year and the massages just kept adding on because I couldn't get there enough because I can't drive. They say the only way you can cancel is if you move or get a doctors note. I had a few massages left and then I could finally cancel. I...

Massage Envy / Promised a rate of 44 dollars per month forever.

Rocky Mtn. Girl on Sep 17, 2016
Now Massage Envy has sent me a letter stating their intention to increase my rate to 10 dollars more per month. I will be filing a complaint with the Federal Department of Consumer Affairs, The Federal Trade Commission, and the US Department of Commerce. This was a bait-andswitch action and it is illegal.

Massage Envy / Massage membership

Ksuksu on Sep 6, 2016
I signed up for a massage envy membership in March and had a good experience for the first two months. Then, several appointments in a row were cancelled at the last minute, because the therapist I scheduled with was "sick." Once, I rescheduled with another therapist, only to get a very...

Massage Envy / management/customer service at massage envy, u.c.

Reyna Sabio on May 24, 2016
I have been a long time customer and have only experienced the worst customer services for the last year and a half, under the management of Manny. My massages are always great provided by E.C. and Lula however the office staff can use a class on talking to a customer and knowing when as a...

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