Mashreq Bankfraud transaction happening

D Jul 21, 2019

Dear Team,

In halo hotel dubai lot of fraud transaction is happening with help of old MD soumit jena. The new MD is just dummy peace. Behind old MD md only doing all activities. Before they were doing punching fraud transaction on MID [protected] and pos id : [protected] not when that stop they doing fraud transaction on cc Avenue link

Even bank RM is giving support for this

My friend back in UK lost his money from his credit card and then he complaint his bank but they said to him it will take 60 days minimum to get his cash back after investigation. The poor person reserve that money for his son education

My helpless friend called that hotel and no response then on this month 16th i went my self to hotel and Met a gentle man called Chola. Then i said i am interested work with you on this kind of transaction he was taking me to coffe shop offering club party and all.Then next day he sent me the above link.

Please look this matter seriously..

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