I have shop at the marshalls in aventura for many of years because I enjoy shopping there. Last week wednesday 3-4-09 I purchase an gift for my mother-in-laws birthday (A dress and an shirt) my mother in law tried on the dress and shirt and told me she couldnt fit it. I came back into the store just to get an refund to puchase the right size for her and as told I couldnt because the tags were off and it had to been worn. Yes, she tried on the dress because I wanted to know if it fit. And of course the tags were off because you cant give someone a gift with tags on them but I did save the tags just in case. I'm very upset because of this, I did leave the items behind, and I lost over $40 dollars. Weither or not if it matters I will never shop at this company again I travel out my way to come to this marshalls. It didnt matter about the money I was going to end up spending it back into the store again and probably even more. Im a front in manager and in this same situation I would have satified the customer. One unsatified customers that tells a friend, or a family is alot of business that could be taken away from this company just for $40 dollars. Is it worth it. Satified the company or satify the customer.


  • Sa
    Sarah Palin Aug 14, 2009

    what on earth is a front in manager? do you mean front END manager? are you incapable of even spelling your own position? and you expect us to believe your story? get a life, stop thievin' and stop [censor]in' when you can't get money back

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  • Ny
    NYCshopper Jan 09, 2011

    you cant always have your way. if the cashier said it was worn the truth is your mother in law tried it on and made it stinky. of course the store was not going to take it bad, no one is going to buy a stinky dress. to bad to sad

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