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S Sep 05, 2018

I made a reservation at least a month ago for your Fairfield Inn & Suites in Billings, MT for check in on 8/30 and check out on 9/2. The night I checked in I presented the card I wanted to have charged for incidentals and room. However, for some God forsaken reason, I was checked out that same evening, was charged for the entire stay and incidentals but they used the card I originally used to make the initial reservation, causing a scheduled payment for another vendor to be declined. After several futile attempts to rectify the situation, I presented another credit card which was also charged.

Long story short, I had three credit cards tied up with charges and refunds/credits and none I was able to use on my visit to see my family, I was unable to pay for anything while I visited and was totally embarrassed and humiliated.

After contacting a manager for customer service I was told it is the bank's fault when Marriott was the one who did all the incorrect charges and I was so infuriated and frustrated that I had to hang up.

Basically nothing was done, no compensation/apology or credit was issued and it has lead to the following:

1. I will be cancelling my Marriott Rewards Credit Card as soon as it is paid off.
2. I will exhaust all social media channels to make people aware of this horrible customer service.
3. I will never stay at another Marriott again.


Siggi Nagele

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