Malaysia Airlinesluggage not received at singapore airport, no hotel provided at kaula lampur, damaged luggage

S Nov 14, 2017

Hi Team,

Hope you are doing good because I am certainly not going to let you enjoy your comfortable stay and travel at home or abroad.

You guys ruined one thing that was very dear to me and nothing can ever bring that time back nor heal the damage you guys have done over the past 1 week. Starting from delayed flights, Misplayed luggage, Misbehaving staff, No info regarding connecting flight, No accommodation provided, Damaged luggage etc.

We had a lavish wedding and everything was superb, the year passed quickly and it was time for our 1st Wedding anniversary. We both decided to visit Singapore celebrate it on the Royal Caribbean cruise. Tickets, Hotel, sightseeing everything was booked. All was done except the Flight tickets. We made the blunder of booking our travel with Malaysian airlines. Return tickets were booked under the name of Jaspreet singh Lamba and Simerpreet Kaur on 19th October 2017 via MH191.

So let's start the Harassment done by Malaysian Airlines on us:

From the start the flight was delayed by about an hour but I was optimistic that these things happen quite often so no harm done. We reached Singapore via the connecting flight MH611 at about 10:00 AM. We were happy and were looking around going through the various Duty free shops that were at our disposal. Shopped a lot and then passed immigration and reached the Baggage line to pick our luggage. After waiting for around half an hour our luggage didn't arrive. All the passengers came picked their luggage and left but ours didn't arrive. Somebody asked us to visit the lost baggage counter. We tried reaching out to Malaysian airlines but their was nobody we could talk to. There is a third party by the name of "dnata" that was handling your complaints for you. When we inquired our luggage we were bluntly replied " Your luggage didn't arrive!!" and "Huh Didn't arrive ?" was my reply. When I got a bit frustrated with their attitude the Dnata representative said " This is Singapore, You're luggage is in Malaysia. Go, talk to Malaysian Airlines" We were handed a complaint no and were informed that this is quite often with Malaysian Airlines and your luggage will arrive in the next flight. We waited at the airport going from one Luggage belt to another and our Driver who came to pick us up left without picking us up. We checked every belt but no our luggage didn't arrive. We were in such a hurry because we had to reach the Singapore port as we had a Cruise booked that was supposed to leave at 04:30 PM. We waited till 01:30 PM but our luggage was nowhere to be found and Dnata had no clue. We hopelessly left for the Port without our luggage, No clothes, No Undergarments, No Shoes, no toiletries, nothing to support us though the Cruise.

We went to the cruise empty handed, Our 1st marriage anniversary and we had to be in the same clothes for the next 3 days. The Diamond necklace that I bought for my wife, which I was supposed to present her on our anniversary was in the luggage. No gifts exchanged, same clothes every single day, no toothbrush, no toothpaste, had to wash the undergarments every single night so that they can be worn the next day.

You guys ruined our anniversary, the one thing that nothing in the world can compensate for. The amount of humiliation I had to go through while wearing the same clothes for 3 straight days, you can't even imagine. We were in the cruise and missed on all the parties as they we were for Formally dressed. We stood near the pool but couldn't take a swim, we were near the spa, sauna but couldn't use them.

Is this the kind of service you guys provide ?

This is how you treat your customers?

Why don't you use the following tagline" WE KEEP YOU SAFE, EVEN FROM YOUR OWN LUGGAGE".

Wait, Wait, Wait... If you think this is over, you are wrong. The harassment and embarrassment continues...

On our way back we were bound on the flight MH620 on 27th Oct 2017 at 04:35 but again the flight was delayed for around 2 Hours. We informed the Malaysian Airlines Personnel that we have a connecting flight from Kualalumpur to Delhi. You guys assured us that the connecting flight would wait for us at the Airport so that we could board. When we reached the Kualalumpur airport at 07:10 PM, we found out that we flight had already left. We were stranded, nowhere to go, Around 27 people were in the Airport with nowhere to go. We went to the transfers department and were assured that they would provide us with another flight so that we can reach home. We kept on waiting at Airport but nothing, no flight was provided. At around 12:00 AM Midnight we were informed that we would have to board the next flight to Delhi that would leave tomorrow i.e. 28th Oct 2017 at 06:50 PM. Till this time no food, no accommodation was provided. Then few food vouchers were shared and information regarding our stay was provided. We got to know that we would be staying in Pullman Hotel which was a few miles away and would provide us an accommodation, food and basic necessities. We went to have dinner and when we reached the immigration counter, we were not allowed to exit the Airport. We were told that you can't be given transit Visa and have to go in for Visa On Arrival. For which we were asked to pay 7000 Rs per Head. When we went back to the Malaysian Airlines counter we found it to be deserted, nobody was there to assist us.. After about 45 minutes some official came to the counter and we inquired about our accommodation to which here reply was " I am new, I don't know anything, don't be angry at me".

After repeatedly inquiring and requesting her to arrange an accommodation, at about 04:15 AM we were given rooms to stay. After waiting at the Kualalumpur airport for about 9 Hours we were given place to stay.

Enrich Team: Is this how you are going to Enrich the customer's experience.
Marketing Team: Try using my experience to market your airlines.
Media Team: Please be ready to reply when I put this ordeal on Social Media.
Lost Baggage Team: Keep Loosing Passenger's Baggage, That is how you would stay in business.

Thanks a lot for the wonderful experience that we had and ruining our Marriage anniversary. I assure you that I would do my best to spread the message and make sure nobody whom I am connected to travels via Malaysian Airlines.

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