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Complaints & Reviews

corrupted staff

It not a new practice for Malaysia Airlines staff (Delhi) to charge passengers for excess baggage. Most of the passenger are First time traveler or Less educated of which Malaysia Airlines staff make fool while charging them for excess baggage. They even least bother while manipulating company excess baggage receipts because Malaysia Airlines higher management is so lazy.. that they least bother if a couple of passenger complains for such above practices they came across.

It looks strange for layman to figure out that how such things can happen but for such airline staff its not difficult atoll.
Passenger comes to check-in counter to pay excess baggage charge, though its half minute process to collect the chargeable money and issue an excess baggage ticket containing 5 self carbonized leafs with unique common bar code on all 5 leafs of particular ticket.
1. Audit coupon, 2. Flight coupon 1, 3. Issuing office coupon, 4. Flight coupon 2 (basically for connecting flight, incase of other airline), 5. Passenger coupon.
Now All Malaysia Airlines flight (MH191)operating from Delhi are of Delhi-Kulalumpur sector. Passengers going further from Kulalumpur changes aircraft at Kulalumpur. 99% of Malaysia airlines passengers either travel to Kualalumpur or if onward that also with Malaysia Airlines flight only, so importance 5th. Flight Coupon 2 becomes irrelevant for Malaysia Airlines revenue or accounts depts..
Because there is no other carrier involved in passenger's onward routing, manipulating the accountable revenue generating excess baggage ticket becomes more easier for staff.
Staff brilliantly separates 1st, 2nd, 3rd leafs from last 4th and 5th, doing this it makes staff capable of using a particular excess baggage ticket for charging passenger for excess baggage.

Let me make it more easier to understand.
#If a passenger (first time traveler or illiterate) pay the charge (in cash), collect his boarding pass and other documents and simply walk away without demanding any receipt of payment. ITS EFFORT LESS EASY MONEY IN STAFF'S POCKET (need not to show such transaction in company accounts).
#Passenger paying the charge through their credit card hardly ask for company receipts because they always get a copy credit swipe receipt after signing it. STAFF USE SEPARATED 1, 2, 3 LEAF FOR SUCH TRANSACTION TO SHOW COMPANY THAT STATION IS UPLIFTING EXCESS BAGGAGE AND ALSO CHARGING FOR SAME.
#If Passenger pay charge (in cash) and demand receipt for same. STAFF USE SEPARATED 4, 5 LEAF, FILL UP 4th LEAF (and destroy it later on) WHICH GIVES A CARBONIZED GENUINE 5th LEAF WHICH IS PASSENGER COUPON FOR SUCH PASSENGERS.

All this is performed with support of STATION MANAGER and other HIGHER OFFICIALS.
END OF THE EACH DAY SUCH UNOFFICIALLY EARNED MONEY (which is minimum of Rs.1, 50, 000 to Rs.2, 50, 000 / Per Flight) IS BEING DISTRIBUTED AMONGST ALL.


Both the coupon are of 1 particular ticket with common bar code but having:

1.Two different Ticket no. of passenger on the left/top starting from 2322.
2.Different Excess baggage weight charged for.
3.Different Names of Passenger and Onward flight number (above Malaysia airlines logo, remarks coloumn).
4.Total amount charged.
5.Form of payment (1 cash and other credit card).

corrupted staff
corrupted staff

  • Jh
    Jhande Jun 02, 2013

    It's too bad experience of MH 134 flight departing from Brisbane to Kulaumper(Malaysia)
    My parents and son was going together, staff at chick -in was no good,
    They desperate my parents seats without informing or explaining anything.
    I never recommend this flight in future.Its better to pay Moreno ey to good flights such as Singapore Airline.
    We really disappointed .

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poor baggage handling

I am want to voice my utter dissapointment at poor baggage handling system of
Mas. I brought my family of 4 for holiday arriving london heathrow 25 feb 2010 via mh4.

1. Check-in luggage.
I checked in 4 bags.
One bag came out with deep scratches, and it was a brand new american tourister
Bag! This bag was totally manhandled. I had fragile sticker pasted onto the bag but
Looks like no one noticed or bothered!

I also knew the bag was manhandled as my son's baby biscuit was broken
Several pieces inside.

2. Baby stroller
When I boarded the plane, ground crew at klia told me to surrender my stroller which I
Did. They told me when I landed, it will be available at heathrow terminal 4 gate when plane
Landed. Naturally after 10+hours flight, my baby will need a stroller to rest.

When plane landed my stroller was no where to be found.
I asked around and they told me to go baggage counter 7 where all collection of
All bags would be there.

I was unhappy/dissapointed already as I had to manage my daughter age 4 and carry my baby son.
My wife was not feeling well which your air-crew could attest. (Chinese air-stewardess will have detail)

Anyway I waited patiently for my son's stroller to arrive... And it didnt!
Most of all passengers have collected their bags and I was still standing around like a fool!
Where was the priority of "parents with children"?

I asked around and heathrow being so busy, they told me to wait.
After nearly one hour, they gave me my stroller. It was drenched wet with rain water!!!

What's going on? I couldn't even use the wet stroller for my son.
And why is my stroller being wet?

Because of the long wait, my pick-up driver had left heathrow thinking I was a "no show".
I had to pay a fine to the car company to send another driver to pick us up! Also because of
That, my family and I had to wait at the airport. We should already be in our hotel resting from
Such a long haul flight. I also had to communicate with our hotel to allow late check-in due to
This delay. So much of inconvinience caused... And remember, I had to carry my son all these while!

The flight landed approx. 4pm (Uk time) which would be midnight in malaysia.
My family and I was very tired.

After such a long flight, my family and I do not need this! I tried to file a local complain at
Heathrow terminal 4 but the ground staff told me to write to mas directly about my complain as it's not their fault.

Now that my family is settled down, I am writing to mas to complain about this
Even now on my return flight on 13march, I am really dreading stepping into
Plane of mas

I have written to mas and awaiting their reply about the two issues which I brought up, which will determine
My next course of action!
This is totally unaccepable and appalling especially for national carrier mas!

incompetent rerouting

I was traveling from Malaysia on MAS to Tokyo to make a Continental Airline flight to Newark airport. MAS was overbooked and they rerouted me to London to take a British Airways flight to Newark instead. However, because of the incompetent fool at the MAS check in desk who forgot to send in the booking number to BA, the reservation was cancelled by the time I arrived with my daughter. We were delayed in Heathrow airport for 10 hours while transfer desk struggled to find us a flight out during the Christmas season.

On the way back from Newark, at check in we discovered that the MAS check staff also did not inform Continental Airlines that we were entering the US via a different route an airlines. And so when we did not show up in Tokyo, CA cancelled our flight there and back. Therefore our seats were sold, they were overbooked and there were 16 people on standby. CA rerouted us through LA to make a flight to Hong Kong where we had a flight on MAS back to Malaysai. Because of delays we did just missed the flight which resulted my daughter and I being stranded in Hong Kong for 26 hours. We then had to pay rebooking fees and was taxed for staying at the airport overnight.

I have written in to MAS through the online customer feedback section and I've called MAS customer service everyday. Each time I'm put through to voicemail and I've left a message each time. No one has contacted me in anyway.

  • First advice: stop leaving messages... They got the first one, and leaving 10 more will not make a difference. If anything, it will piss them off and they will ignore you.

    Write a letter to the airline and ask that they reimburse you the extra money you had to spend as a result of their error. I'm assuming the whole trip was on one ticket and that you didn't buy separate tickets on MAS and Continental. If you bought separate tickets, then the airline is not responsible.

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worst experience on flight no mh 192 on 27th nov 2009

Dear Radhiyah Omar,

Thanks for your mail. I am not sure whether you read my complaint fully. Inspite of me mentioning the meal preference well in advance, you airlines guys confirmed me that there is not sufficient food available on the board. In fact this happened to many people on that day and you can cross check your records. They have cooked some noodles kind of food to satisfy the customers. But efforts went no where. Including the captain, none of the crew on that day behaved decently. The crew confirmed me that they have meal preference as asian veg againt my group. This is nothing to do with planning in advance. This is pure careless ness of not carrying sufficient food. I sincerely demand the compensation for the torture we were given in the entire journey by the Malaysian airlines.

Looking forward for your response.

Murty KVSN
On Mon, 01 Feb 2010 12:11:39 +0530 wrote
1 February 2010


Mr Murty

Email: [protected]

Dear Mr Murty,

Thank you for your feedback through our Malaysia Airlines Customer Feedback in conjunction with your travel from Kuala Lumpur to Bangalore dated 27 November 2009. We apologise for the extended delay in reverting to you.

Please accept our sincere apologies for the service shortfalls you and your family experienced when you were not accorded preferred seats of your choice, not given special meals, luggage did not arrive promptly on the conveyor belt, and for the lack of hospitality portrayed by the staff in assisting you. Kindly allow us to explain that seat allocation is subjected to availability and customers may pre-book their seats prior to departure. In regards to the Special Meal, please be advised that customers are required to request for such meals upon reservation, so that the Catering Department may make provisions.

We understand that the events contributed to an unpleasant experience for you and your family, causing much inconvenience and distress. Rest assured we have since directed your concerns to the relevant departments for their continuous improvement and corrective action. However it is with deep regrets we are unable to accede to your request for compensation.

We wish to assure you that at Malaysia Airlines, we are constantly striving to innovate and improve our products as well as our services to our customers. Our greatest joy is to be able to bring you high quality products and services that add pleasure to your flying experience. That is why we treasure every helpful suggestion and comment that we receive from you.

Mr Murty, your strong support and satisfaction are important to us. Once again we are truly sorry that you did not have the right experience with Malaysia Airlines. We thank you for your feedback and we assure you that we will continue in our earnest endeavour to improve and give our customers the service they expect and deserve.

We look forward to welcoming you on board our flights, trusting that you will avail us of the opportunity to serve you better in the future.

Yours Sincerely,

for Malaysia Airlines,

Radhiyah Omar

Customer Relations Department


I am really sorry to say this that unfortunately I had to travel back from KL to BLR on Malaysian Airlines only. It was one of the worst flight journey I had experienced in my life so far. Nothing went correct from Check in to Baggage claim. Please find below the various events that happened due to which not only me, but my whole family including kids had to suffer. We are seven people (group) travelled from BLR(INDIA) to KL for holiday which include 4 adults, 3 child.

1. We were allotted 6 seats in one place and one seat 10 rows away. on child’s Mother was given the seat some 10 rows away. When we requested during the check in process, the person sitting there told us to manage this in the flight as he cannot do anything about this. When all 7 people are booked under same PNR(Booking Ref No: RQZFXH), how come the seat allocation can happen like this?
2. I specifically mentioned that we need Indian Vegetarian Meal and also baggage must have the priority tag, as I am Platinum member in Jet Airways. He has noted down both the request and also put the priority tag on my checked in baggage. But looks like he has forgotten to mention meal preference in the system.
3. The food was served to us after 3 hours(at 1:00 AM in the night) of the flight took off, that too after so many requests. We were told by the Crew that there is no Vegetarian food available and they are now cooking. In fact their response to our request were very rude. Many times they didn’t even bother to answer us. This happened to many passengers. I hope by now you must have received the feedback from many.
4. Even the kids were not served the food for 3 hours even though the there was food available. I hope you can understand the situation we faced and the behavior of the crew.
5. When I requested the crew that I would like to speak to the flight in-charge or the captain, they just didn’t bother. After a while I myself walked upto the cabin and spoke to the one of the captain. They he suggested me to drop a compliant.
6. After three hours of flight took off they served us a junk food with no taste and they said that is what available.
7. After landing in Bangalore, I had to wait for one hour near the conveyer belt to pick up my baggage even though there is a priority tag to that. Mine was the last baggage received on the conveyer belt.

At the end I can only say one thing that this is one of the worst airlines that I have ever flown. I am a platinum member in Jet Airways and gold member in Kingfisher and Air India and also a silver member in Singapore airlines. I never had such a experience in any of those flights so far. This is first time I flew thru MH and I have decided not to fly again in MH. I would also pass this message across my friends and colleagues. I would recommend them not chose MH at all. I work for an organization called Hewlett Packard and I am sure you would know the impact if I send such a mail to my travel agency. I would need the response to this mail with the reasons on why this happened? As a compensation I would want the Malaysian Airlines to pay me back the charges that we paid to you towards the fare towards the physical & mental stress that we have gone thru during the journey. If I fail to get the response from you in next 10 days, I would have no choice to put this in the website and send this to various media agencies.

  • Nu
    nusratullah Feb 01, 2010

    February 1, 2010
    H. H. Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al-Maktoum,
    Chairman & Chief Exc., EK Airline & Group

    Head Office: Emirates
    P.O.Box 686
    Dubai - U.A.E.
    Tel: (+9714) 708 1111
    Fax: (+9714) 286 4066


    Dear Sir,
    My name is Nusratullah Mohammad and I am a frequent flyer with Emirates as I have a home and business in the USA as well as in Pakistan. I flew from JFK to Dubai on Emirates Flight EK 204 on 2nd of January, 2010.And from Dubai to Karachi on Emirates Flight EK 606 on 3rd January, 2010. During my trip back from US to Karachi I discovered that one of my checked in bags was opened and my brand new laptop along with its accessories and Silver sonic XL personal sound amplifier were missing. I tried to reach the local Emirates office over the phone, however after so many failed attempts I finally went back to the airport and spoke with Mr. Zeeshan and Station manager Jinah Int’l Airport Mr.Fahim Zuberi in person. And I was advised to file a written claim along with the copies of my Passport, ticket, boarding passes and baggage tickets, which I did right on the spot and I was also advised to wait for 15 business days as it takes that long for them to run an investigation. And I was also told that I will be contacted within this timeframe either with the recovery of the goods or compensation to settle for. It has been three weeks now and I have neither been contacted nor received any notification as to what exactly is going on.

    So I went back again to know the status of my claim guess what? He never sent any correspondence to Emirates head office Dubai as soon as he saw my face he started writing an email about my case to Dubai office and when I asked him that it is supposed to be done when I came here first time on January 4th 2010 he replied that I am sending them reminder he said I never heard about this case that’s why I am doing so and he promised me that you will hear from us within 02 days but very next day I got a letter from him saying that computers and electronics are not allowed in luggage you should have read that before flying. Tell me one thing if a person who works for emirates airline for years he took more than three weeks to know about this rule after I filed my claim how should I know. He should have told me when I filed my claim that means he didn’t know that either.

    And second that missing stuff that I reported lost those were not only the electronic items why didn’t they took all electronics from my luggage? What a joke!

    he never sent any thing to Emirates head office he was playing with me and my time while I was there Fahim Zuberi told me that once he also lost a whole bag never got it back so you also forget your missing stuff. I told him this is not the way to run airline I will go to your head office and tell them what is going on with their customers.

    For as many times as I have traveled with Emirates this has been the first incident that just left me in a total shock and disbelief as to how insecure my belongings are while they are in your custody. At this moment I absolutely feel disappointed and helpless, but I'm sure it can change if I'm assured that the matter is going to be really looking into have some positive outcome.

    It is my most humble request to please give this matter a due attention and bring the culprit to justice and recover the goods to save the loyalty of your valued customer.

    Best Regards,
    Email: [email protected]

    C.C. : Mr. Tim Clark
    President Emirates Airline
    B.C.C. Mr. Mostafa Karam
    Sen. Vice President Customer Affairs
    B.C.C. Abdul Aziz Al Ali
    Executive Vice President Human Resources

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  • Le
    ledDILIP Mar 08, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i also face same problem as you
    i pick flight from kl -maa on 7th of march, i asked food is FPML, but they asking me for i need veg or non veg., when i told them i already booked my meal toghther with ticket, they not even care my words,
    atlast i not eat any food . if you need drink water u need request 3-4 times ..., i am regular visiter ...and from now on if some ask me to fly free in ml airlines, i will not...

    0 Votes

air asia stewardess

first of all, a big salutation to Dato' Tony.
I just would like to say that air asia stewardess are really out of discipline and manners. such a bad body language and also terrible english. we are paying to fly but they really treat us as if we are the "pelarian"...what is this?
and i feel all this batches are new which were appointed last year.
especially the indian stewardess are really OUT...they have no manners and they show their anger towards the passengers by mumbling to other of their colleagues. And i notice this people are under contract for 1 or 2 years...and still a do i know...coz i was a stewardess too in MAS
Mr. Tony pls do train them or better if u dont take the indian gurls to work there as i really tell you something..they have really no manners..and their make up is seriously out...and ermmm...too many to say just because i m upset with the bad languages.

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service on board

I would like to share with you about my recent unpleasant experience traveling with Malaysia Airlines from London to Kota Kinabalu via Kuala Lumpur on 24th December 2009. I have been living in the UK for many years and have not travel with MAS for a long time. I have heard about the numerous awards that MAS has received and was curious to find out about the MH (Malaysian Hospitality) slogan that MAS emphasizes in all of their marketing promotions.

When I arrived at the terminal 4 at Heathrow airport, I was informed that MAS has overbooked this flight. I inquired the status of those passengers who have been overbooked and was told by the check-in personnel that they will be upgraded to the Business Class. I would like MAS to clarify how passengers are selected for such upgrade in this particular situation? Is it based on timing whereby passengers who check-in later will be given priority? If so, had I checked-in 2 hours before the scheduled flight, instead of the standard 3 hours, would I have stood a chance to be selected for an upgrade?

My unpleasant journey began when I discovered my sit (61A) was faulty and could not recline. I complained this to the flight attendant but they could not move me to another seat as the flight was full. It was a horrible and torturing experience when a seat cannot be reclined during a long haul flight.

To make matters worse, the flight entertainment system was not working in the whole aircraft through out the 11 ½ hours journey. The flight attendant tried to reboot the system for the first 3 hours but abandoned the task as they could not rectify the problem. Passengers were upset especially the ones with children. There was no official apology from neither the chief flight attendant nor the captain that there will be no On-Demand Entertainment System for the whole duration of the journey. I felt gutted and horrified as this problem should have been checked at Heathrow before we departed.

In my opinion, MAS' service standard is not on par with other regional airlines at all. For instance, MAS did not provide basic amenities such as toothbrush, socks or even an eye patch to the passengers. No warm towels were distributed, unlike other airlines, when we were seated or before meal was served. And I wouldn't compliment on the food being served either.

I could have chosen other airlines for my flight to Kota Kinabalu namely Royal Brunei, Korean Air, Cathay Pacific or Singapore Airlines. With the amount of money that I have paid for this trip especially during the festive season, I should have chosen one of these airlines for a much pleasant trip without falling for the MH promise.

MAS always boasts about its numerous award achievements but, sadly, the physical aspects of its aircraft is a shamble and its service is a huge disappointment.

I can assure you that this will be my last time traveling with MAS after my return to London in mid- January, .


Gutted Passenger.


  • Gu
    Gutted Passenger Dec 31, 2009

    The flight number was MH003 that departed at 10.50 a.m. from Heathrow (Terminal 4) to Kuala Lumpur. I have personally written a complaint to Malaysia Airline customer service on 25th December 09 immediately when I landed and I have yet to receive any official reply from them.

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  • Fe
    Ferriswheel Jan 13, 2010

    Unfortunately my husband and I had experience a rather similar unpleasantness on Malaysia airline recently. Our seats on flights to and from Bangkok on the 28th and 31st December 2009 respectively were faulty. These were on economy class flights MH1052 and MH 783. The aircrafts were obviously past their best and had a foul smell about it.

    To my husband's disappointment, his flight to Beijing on the 4th Jan 2010 ended up in a similar situation where he had another faulty seat. Even more shocking this time he was business class. Couldn't change his seat as the flight was full. He suffered a stiff back for nearly a week!

    Unlike gutted passenger, we have been a frequent flyer with MAS. Whilst we have had good flights with them previously, we are starting to consider other flight operators for our future flights. It is ashamed that MAS is not able to keep up with its standard as it does have a potential to be great.

    I would also like to highlight the fact that the customer service centre is extremely inefficient as well as rude for non of my queries or concerns have ever been responded. It appears that from others' complaints, this is the norm. Malaysian Hospitality slogan should seriously be reviewed by the company.

    Unhappy bunny.

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  • Bo
    bombaywalla Jan 30, 2010

    i disagree with unhappy bunny's statement on the customer service, .. however that was what he perceived. For me, i had an unpleasant experience myself, when my baggage was not checked in with me. On enquiring with MAS, i was attended to very well, however the MAS office at Bombay did not do their part in making sure i received my lost luggage promptly.

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  • Me
    melayunz Aug 18, 2012

    Anyone ever notice how foreigners were treated better compared to Malaysian on long haul flight ?

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service and timing

This is a complaint I just filed with MAS. No response to my mail, and no calls made to my parents, and I have no idea if the online complaint went through after I pressed send.

To keep it short, minus the rhetoric,
17th Oct. 2009 was the travel date:
1.MH149 changed to 147. My elderly parents were given the run around in Penang airport during check in. 30++ minutes at the counter with some legwork thrown in.
2.Gates in KL changed n they had strenuous walks [between 2 OPPOSITE ends of the terminal]. My dad had just been discharged from hospital a week earlier. I understand that your displays weren’t showing the correct information. Staff celebrating Deepavali?
3.Looks like MAS is following KTMB [local rail services where the train stops every 20 minutes to pick up something, or someone] style of transport these days - what's with the SUDDEN unannounced change in flying via Jakarta, to pick up passengers[??] and DELAYING the arrival by 3 hours??
4.Your superb timing at Mlb caused a further 2 hour delay as your flight comes in at same times as other flights.
5.I just heard from my parents that you did not even have the courtesy to provide them breakfast.

BTW – you do the math and add, 45+ years to your age before doing anything else. parents arrive looking really tired and disorientated...wht kind of a screwed up airlines is this. A friend had the same thing happen to him apparently ard 2 wks ago...change of flights and ended up in jakarta...LOOKS LIKE A SCAM PLAN.

  • Jm
    jmw0907 Oct 21, 2009

    just to add on to the complaint below, i am the daughter of these elderly folks in mlb who boarded your screwed up flight at klia.we are expecting a speedy response to this incident.if we do not, this issue will be highlighed in the media.

    My parents got off the flight feeling so terribly exhausted and guys are completely unbelievable, you dont serve them breakfast at the appropriate time but wake them up at 2am in the morning and feed them chocalates...and ice cream!! appease them of the screw u??.i am surprised no one on the flight questioned your flight attendants on the stop over????it would have been interesting to hear what sort of response they would have got...

    we are still waiting for a response on this!!

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no way service

Mas airline had decided to utilize one and only sms to inform customers on rescheduled flights, and make assumption that they will definitely receive it, seen it, remember it. They just couldnt be bothered to email a new e-ticket, or call to confrm.

The best part is, when I called to ask, the customer service agent said proudly, 'we have already notified you by sms on the 19, may, 2009. And when questioned why no calls or emails, 'oh, we only sms'.

To: malaysia airlines,
You are no way to good service.

Angry customer.
17 sep 2009.

unpleasant flight mh188 (13/8/09)

My wife and myself were given seat number 41h and 41k on flight number mh188 from colombo to kuala lumpur dated 13th august 2009. Flight departure was schedule at 0145hrs but only departed at 0305hrs. We had to wait in the aircraft without any announcement. The announcement only came from the captain 10-15minutes before departure.
During the wait, the armcap of 41k just popped up. There was no way to put it back and if it did, it will just pop up again.
I reported to a cabin crew and she put it back and told me that it will not effect the safety of the aircraft. I showed her that it popped out again.
She said she will send the engineer to repair, but it didn't happen cos' according to the crew the engineer is needed in the cockpit. They couldn't allocate us to other seats because the flight is full according to the crew.
We had the most unpleasant flight cos my wife had to press the armcap down all throughout the flight and when meal time it was so uneasy. What a way to enjoy the meal.
We are very dissapointed with the crew for not attending to us to ensure that we are comfortable. Even the chief or ifs came to have a look. We are full fare paying passengers and we don't deserve this kind of treatment and unpleasantness. Attached is the picture of seat 41k. I am expecting a positive response from malaysia airlines. From james vijeypala a. ([protected]

unpleasant flight mh188 (13/8/09)


You just wouldn't believe the reply I received from them!!!

I really don't need to say much, just read how their response!!!

Fyi, same request was sent to contintental, where there gonna be a 16 hour flight vs malaysia airline, a 5 hour flight, continental said "surely will not be any problem at all along a warm and sweet congratulation message!!!"
Malaysia airline response:

Sorry to inform you that wedding gown is not allowed to be hanged at the first class closet.

You may carry your wedding gown on board but it must be within dimension of the cabin baggage (22in x 12in x 7in) , one piece only and not more than 5 kgs. If it’s exceeding the above prescribed dimension and weight so it must be checked as check-in baggage.

Aminah jaafar
Customer relations department


I've purchased a business class ticket from malaysian airlines to travel from kuala lumpur, malaysia to abu dhabi, united arab emirates via doha, qatar on 1st jun 2008 and submitted the refund for the same on 1st october 2008 due it was not utilize. It was done in ticket office of malaysian airlines klia, kuala lumpur, malaysia. And the officer was telling me that it will take 1-3 month to process the refund. It was fine to me at the time but last month i' recon that they have not refunded my money yet. So i've try to call them to check what is going on but it wasn't successful. Many times phones was not answered and only last week a lady called her self " azi " took up my call. I told her the situation and I provided her with all the information that she requested. To cut it the story short, she said, she will check it out and will let me know by the next day the latest. But 1 week past and still nothing happen or receive any update of my refund.
For me, the service that malaysian airlines offer to their customer is sucks!!! No customer service, no service after sale, full with empty ### promises. Etc

incorrect departure time mh0124 on 02 july 2009

In spite of sending 3 (three) emails to Malaysia Airlines concerning an incorrect Flight Departure Time contained on their "Flight Status" Web Page, they kept repeating the incorrect departure time at subsequent "Updates" . Clearly they didn't take my complaints seriously. I rely on Airline Webpages for Flight Times so that I can transport passengers to and from the Perth International Airport at the appropriate times. The Flight Status in question was for Flight No. MH 0124 Departing Perth at 17:25 on 02 July 2009 for arrival in Kuala Lumpur at 22:05. A passenger who was booked on this Flight made me aware in casual conversation, that the departure Time was in fact 16:25. This information prompted me to check with the Malaysian Airline Booking Office and despite telling the operator of the dicrepancy, nothing happened, as mentioned herein, to correct the "Flight Status" page on their Website. Having finally delivered my passengers to the Airport in time for the CORRECT FLIGHT TIME I decided to check the "Flight Status" on 03 July 2009 and SURPRISE SURPRISE (Not Really)! the "Flight Status" page showed Departure Time "17:31" which should have been "16:31" and the Arrival Time at Kuala Lumper "21:55 (10 minutes early) but consistent with the expected Flight Duration if the aircraft had left at 16:31. Thanks for the avenue through which to express my disgust at Malaysia Airlines. John Brady.

  • Fl
    Florence Leong Aug 06, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I share your pain and frustration.
    See my post : Bad service, bad communication, can't advise correct departure and arrival times

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website service is horrible

MH was having an offer for flights and i was trying to book a flight to KL from Miri. the website was loading was fine until the flight price confirmation page. after accepting the price i click next and the 'processing' page comes up and i wait a few moments and it returns back to the price confirmation page with an error message saying "We are sorry but an error has occurred - please try again shortly " i kept trying for over 2.5 hours and the same thing kept happening. i tried again later at night at around 8 and the same thing happend. i tried again at midnight, the price of ticket had tripled as the cheaper flight was 'soldout' and even for the more expensive flight the same problem kept on happening, i was unable to book the flight. i wonder how the tickets could have been 'SOLD OUT' if nobody could even book them?! MH make sure ur website can handle the increase in visitors before introducing an offer if not there is no point! i have yet to experience such slow website response from airaisia even whn they had their zero fair lately.

  • Fr
    Frans Jun 05, 2009

    I experienced exactly the same issue in addition to others.
    MAS customer services sometimes takes weeks to reply or they do not reply at all.

    If I can help it I will never fly them again as their service and customer service stinks

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  • Di
    Disgusted89 Jul 15, 2009

    I am having prblem with the mas online booking as well. I key in my details and i checked it thoroughly. I am pretty Positive that i spelled my name correctly. so i paid and along came my E-ticket to my mailbox..and i am pretty surprised to find out that they mispelled my name. two letters have been missing from my first name. so i called the company and they were quick enough to point finger at me and said that it could have been that i made mistake while typing my name. so it is impossible to change the ticket and the only way is to buy another ticket. thinking that it could have been my mistake i booked another ticket and make sure someone proof read my details before paying for the ticket. the next thing i know another e-ticket reach my mailbox and surprise surprise they mispelled my name exactly the same as the previous ticket. How on earth could i mispelled my name twice..i guess only God .. (and the MAS worker )knows. i cant help but yelled at the operators who kept on saying it is impossible that the mistake could have happened. i was refered to the IT depsartment and they took forever to answer my call. so i just give up and plan to yell at some people at MAS office tomorrow

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Resolved hold me in airport and ask me to pay my round trip ticket

Dear Sir,

I am a passenger of Malaysian Airline going to Kuala Lumpur January 24, 2009 I was abled to flight going to Kuala Lumpur. But when Im going back to the Philiipines last January 30 they hold me in the airport for the reason that i dont pay my round trip ticket. The staff of the airlines ask me to pay for my trip. How come before my departure to the Philippines I confirmed my ticket to their ticketing office and it was confirmed and paid? They force me to pay it if not i will be jailed. Because of my fears I was forced to pay for my ticket from Philippines flight to Kuala Lumpur. So much uncomfortable situation happend to me and fears manifested into my life...

Sir, I hope I can hear from you soon I need my complaint to be forwarded.

Thank You

Resolved payment

I have make numerous call to malaysia airline in miri pertaining to usd 80 owed to me due to lost of products during my flight from kl-kuching-miri. Each time, officers been telling me they update their reimbursement and I don't know how much I spent on phone call alone. I been told that they have sent to me which I never received. This has happen a year ago and I have yet received anything except lies form their department in miri, sarawak. Very very bad service!!!And big liar!!!The only option for me is to get legal redress!!!

  • Te
    Terrylim6011 Oct 09, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I just want to complain about mas check in counter staff, name Ana, counter B14, Time:9:50pm, date:09/10/12.she was very no manners and service was bad .not helpful to customer.dont look down ppl because is economy class.

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  • Yo
    yongyewmeng May 25, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have bad experience with Malaysia Airline and hope you can appeal for me
    after I missed the connecting flight from KL to Labuan

    I explained to the check-in counter staff that there is no announcement on
    the change of gate for Labuan connecting flight and no staff to guide me
    upon my arrival to KL. I told them that the departure screen wordings are
    small, difficult to see as the wordings change too fast. They announce my
    name / final call to board the plane but give me very little time (about 5
    minutes) to rush to the new gate only to see the aircraft elevator shaft
    retrieving. I also told them that I was first time in KLIA and not familiar
    as the gate distant is quite far apart.
    The check-in counter staff refers me to the ticketing counter (next to C1)
    and I explain the same to them. Both the counter staff spoke with each
    other on the phone and they did not accept my explanation.

    The ticking counter staff give me 2 options:
    1. Pay RM124 to be put on waiting list on the next flight at 1855
    2. Pay RM427 to get confirm seat on the next flight at 1855
    I chose option 1.

    I check with the both counter staff several times on my chances of seat
    under the waiting list but they told me that I have to wait till 1820 for
    the answer. The queuing service at the ticketing counter is slow (about
    half to serve per passage and no place seat while waiting). They were
    unfriendly towards my enquiry on the waiting list.
    At 1815, the check-in counter staff (Domestic Standby, B18) told me the
    flight is full and give me 2 options:
    1. Pay RM937 for the business class seat (still available)
    2. Put on waiting list again for the next day flight

    I told them that they put me in difficult position and gave me very little
    time to react (only 20 minutes prior to check-in and departure). The
    check-in counter staff said they will close the gate in 1 minute time and
    asked me to decide immediately.
    I have no choice but to choose option 1 as my customer expects to meet me
    at 7.30 a.m. the next day.
    The encounter above makes me feel bad about Malaysia Airline service and
    their treatment to passager

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Bagage Lost

RE : Bagage lost

I am very disappointed about the event happen to me dated on 01/12/2008 for the flight to Hanoi MH752.The bagage lost and that is not only happen to me but a group of passengers well.This really destroy the image of MAS as one of the world class airline.In fact, this event cause lots of damages on me in term of emotion and unnecessary expenses. Even then, MAS should be taken the fastest step to send the bagage out to the victim and should called the each individual to inform them the status of the lost bagage. However, this never happen and i need to wait but do not know when MAS can return the bagage to me. I hope MAS can give me the good explaination and compensation as well.

  • Ki
    KIMBEZ Nov 29, 2011

    [email protected]
    Tel : 0086-0755-366944858
    Beneficiary Bank: HSBC HongKong
    A/C number: 098-361355-838
    BANK CODE: 004
    ADD of bank: 1 Queen's
    Road Central, Hong Kong

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  • Al
    AlanChuah Jul 13, 2013

    Malaysia Airline flight from Kuala Lumpur to Guangzhou plane has down graded from two ailes to single aile. MAS is going back ward from bigger plane to small plane for 4 hours flight. Next time we should boycott and take other airlines.the flight was very uncomfortable and not worth paying.Better take Airasia.

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  • Kl
    KL Lee Nov 04, 2018
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    MH1471 lgk to kul 22.55.
    Screen show gate 3 and mas is gate 5.
    No attendant, no info until 23.00 walk in selambar and tell me don't know where is the flight. Radar not showing.

    MAS !


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Resolved excess baggage charge

When we booked our luggage in we were over our limit, this has never happened to me before, I have travelled...

misuse & theft from by check in baggage

I traveled from guang zhou (can) to chennai (maa) via kuala lumpur by malaysia airlines on 10.08.08 along my 3 colleagues.

all our baggage where booked in the name of one of my colleague in guang zhou by malaysia airlines inspite of our request for a separate bookings. while collecting the baggage at chennai, malaysia airlines representative at airport informed us that my suitcase got damaged during handling and property irregularity report were made (attached).

While checking the goods in the suitcase, to my surprise I found at my new camera & apple I pod were missing. my suitcase was badly damaged on one side by using a knife or a blade. I suspect that some one would have trapped the items during in - transit at kuala lumpur airport.

difference in the baggage weight during booking and dispatch were noted by the malaysia airlines representatives at chennai. I lodged a complained with m/s malysia airlines based on the property irregularity report and I have no response as of now. they were only interested in doing the repair work for my bag and not bothered about my goods loss.

I am sending repeated mails and some times get response as "under investigation".

  • Ch
    CHEFTB2 Feb 02, 2009

    I have forwarded my Complaint to all authorities at Malaysian Airlines, but have still not recceived any feedback, forget expecting an Apology from Malaysian Airlines.

    This mail is to express my Utmost Disgust & Dissatisfaction of your Services experienced on 22nd January 2009.
    This may seem to open up a Pandora of complaints, but in spite of being frequent flier with MH, this experience has been very unsatisfactory.
    We traveled on the 22nd January from Mumbai to Kuala Lumpur for a Conference at KL. The flight was MH 195 ETD 2355 hrs, Seats 32 J and 32 K and had the following concerns:

    * There were quite a few mosquitoes in the cabin. Though the Stewardess brought us soothing balm from her personal possession for the mosquito bites, it did not quite help.
    * The condition of the Flight was poor with broken arms and scratched TV panels. This was brought to the notice of Senior Stewardess.
    * In spite of the Flight being very light, there was shortage of Non Vegetarian food and by the time the trolley reached us the food was over. We declined eating Vegetarian food and were served Bread rolls and Butter with some Salad only. Unfortunately we FOUND A STRAND OF HAIR in the butter and completely lost Appetite with the whole sequence of events.

    We had a delegation of 47 Passengers traveling for the Conference booked by our Mumbai Office and were worried if they would be subjected to the same experience. During my last Conference to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, MH had lost the Baggage of 5 of our Delegates and this was the second bitter experience, faced by myself.
    Being in the MICE business, we do travel often with various number of Delegates, and such experiences deter us to suggest Malaysian Airlines to any of the trips from India.
    We have a Flight back on 28th January at 2005 hours and would certainly approach the Duty Officer to lodge our Complaint and feedback.

    This experience certainly needs a serious view from the Higher Authorities at MH, since we feel that the Services are deteriorating day by day.

    Hoping to hear from you on email
    Thanks and Regards


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  • Ja
    Jaydi54 Jul 06, 2009

    Hello buddy...same thing happened with me, , , can you send me the details of the authorities you complained..


    [email protected]

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Resolved horrible attitude

The flight was at 12:30. I was very tired when I got onto the plane. The speakers had announced for everyone...