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Complaints & Reviews

[Resolved] payment made for holiday package n no show

i got a call from makemytrip call center saying that they have a great deal for me. i pay some money (which i did online through my credit card) and i would get membership to Makemytrip and would get a holiday package with it. I made a prompt payment and i was promised that the details would be mailed to me.

i got just this clipped e mail from them saying we recieved your payment thank you (it was like saying... 'we fooled you!!!')..there was no further communication. No replies to my emails. there was a mention of an 'inbound number' in the first mail sent to me..which seemed like a telephone no ...and i tried calling them. No one answers that phone. their toll free no is there again to fool me. each time i get thru..all i hear... is ...some chatter .select this no for speaking in english...n then it goes on...only...to say..please visit our website... n gets cut.

i have my credit card statement as proof of the said payment. please advice on what to do.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • MakeMyTrip's response · Dec 07, 2009

    Dear Mr. Varma:

    Regret any inconvenience caused. This is a genuine offer and my team will connect with you to share all details on the offer.

    Please be assured the matter will be resolved to your satisfaction.

    Please do write to me for any assistance.

    Geeta Eral
    Head- Customer Delight
    [email protected]

  • MakeMyTrip's response · Dec 11, 2009

    Dear Mr. Varma,

    With reference to your post and subsequent communication with a Shift Thoughts representative, we are treating your case as resolved.

    I trust this is as per your satisfaction.


    Devika Khosla

    MakeMyTrip Care

  • MakeMyTrip's response · Mar 29, 2010


    With reference to your post above, kindly note that the refund was processed to your account on February 4, 2010. While we are following up with your bank as to why the amount is not reflecting in your account, we request you to do so as well.


    Devika Khosla

    MakeMyTrip Care

  • MakeMyTrip's response · Mar 31, 2010


    Kindly note, we have received a confirmation from your bank that the refund for the order number FLT00007085414 with the reference number 018883618 has been credited to your account on February 5, 2010.

    Kindly follow up with your bank and quote the reference number.


    Devika Khosla

    MakeMyTrip Care

  • Np
    N.prabhu Feb 02, 2010

    dear sir,
    i am M.NARASIMH PRABHU and my wife name is M.GUNAWATHI PRABHU and my son name is MN.CHOTU
    i was cancelled the trip from kolkata to chennai on 30th december 2009 at 1830 hrs by air india flight number IC#765. my PNR no. is REPBG7/IC. please refund my money as soon as possible. my contact number is 09863413521 and my BANK A/C no. is 30265421208.
    please reply me and call me in the number 09863413521 .

    thank you

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worst e-ticket format and no return ticket information

e-ticket which they sent has no return ticket information though i booked return ticket open for my parents visit visa . Immigration at hyderabad stopped my parents as printed e-ticket itinerary does not show return ticket information . after 3 hours discussion with Airlines & immigration, airlines checked the ticket on their system and gave the print out of complete e-ticket itinerary including return .
when i called make my trip customer care, they are keep saying no need to show return ticket at immigration . this customer care sucks... I relazed one more time how the quality of indian airlines travel agent support .

I never recomend booking through this site though they offer less fare.. it's a big hassle

refund of money against cancellation

I had booked my air ticket fro Cochin to kolkata on 25th Sept 2009 vide MakeMyTrip Booking ID : FLT00006737520. And cancelled the ticket on 27th Sept 2009 vide Reference ID: IN0909R0079917.
But till today make my trip has not refunded my amount. I have communicated several times thry mail & phone to customer care, but they are dodging everytime and and they not giving any confirmation about my refund money. Every time they are saying their system is under updation, call us after 1 hour. Also I have attached the detail of my booking and cancellation herewith. So pl help me to get my refund money .

cancellation charges charged by them on the name of airline ia actually charged by them

I have bought tickets with make my trip for 4 passengers to goa by kingfisher airlines the cancellation terms mentions rs 750 would be charged by the airline and rs 250 by the make my trip as service charge per passenger. as I could not get through their phone lines for the past 2 days I thought of calling the airline directly much to my surprise tht there are no cancellation charges at all as the base fare is rs 0 and all the taxes I hve paid wld be refunded. now my booking is for 9 oct 09 I cant even proceed until this gets sorted and cant even get in touch with them

fraudulent double charges on credit card

Hello, Add me to the long-list of the miserables who've used a Credit Card on MakeMyTrip.com & paid twice. On 16th June, I tried booking a ticket on Mumbai-Riyadh-Mumbai sector on makemytrip.com for 18th travel date. I was happy at the fares shown on makemytrip.com website as they were the cheapest. I was using a friend's (Mr Virendra K.)credit card trying to complete the booking. However, the site wouldn't take my booking citing problems with the credit card.

Naturally, I gave up, But, soon as I received a call from their call centre (they must've gotten my details from the form I filled on their page). One Mr Avi Jain asked me why I abandoned purchase of the ticket & offered help. When I complained that the site was turning down the credit card, he asked us to try again. When that failed, I requested him to send me the ticket offline; i was willing to pay cash. He blocked the ticket & I was directed to their MIDC, Andheri office to pay in cash & collect the ticket the next day. I repeatedly enquired whether they'd still charged the Credit Card & he denied saying the transaction has not gone through.

Since the fare was cheap, I dashed to their Andheri office the next day morning. I met one Ms Sangeeta Jadhav who completed the transaction & gave me my ticket for 18th June. Their booking ID is IN0906B04541 I was so enamored that I offered to send them a complimentary email for their good service, which I did.

But, little did I know that my nightmare had just begun. When I came back from Riyadh, my friend called me to inform that makemytrip.com still charged the Credit Card with the full ticket amount. I was aghast. When I called Ms Sangeeta Jadhav in their Andheri office, she pointed out that this was routine system error & all I needed to do was send them a fax of the statement to reverse the charges. And then makemytrip.com's true colours started unfolding.

I must've send 10 faxes, but on every call after that they claimed that no fax was received, inspite of we having a Fax sent confirmation. Then we sent the scan of the Credit Card statement. Again, none was received & whenever they received it, it was not opening.

After too much pestering, their Gurgoan call centre asked to send the details now to their Gurgaon office. Again all the faxes sent were not received & their telephones just kept ringing away. I kept blasting away emails threatening to complain to consumer forums but nothing worked. All I kept getting was canned service emails repeatedly asking to send the statement scans again.

Just on curiosity, I googled Makemytrip.com for consumer complaints & what do I find? They are notorious for this double-charging, snagging credit card details, cheating on refunds & what not! No wonder the consumer forum complaint did not work on them; this is their business model - double charge & loot whichever unsuspecting guy happens to give them their Credit Card details.

Honestly, I don't know if I'll ever get back my money. The next credit card statement has come in with interest levied on their previous amount. I hope to get justice & money back. Also, I want to know if there is a way to punish & shut down fraud companies like MakeMyTrip.com.

  • Ma
    MarkCalvin Oct 31, 2009

    I'm also facing similar problem.

    Does anybody has got the emailID of MANAGERS/CEO other high level guys?

    This <Customer(DOT)Care(AT)makemytrip(DOT)com> is just irresponsible.

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[Resolved] my worst experience with customer care pnr no. - yqc4fa

Hello, I have had the worst customer care experience with the makemytrip. I seriously am so much...

[Resolved] extra charges

I recently purchased tickets for Emirates Airlines via makemytrip.com online for 1200 dollars. Unfortunately I was not able to go on my trip so I made sure to let the airlines and makemytrip.com know this. I was sick at the hospital with a doctors note and hospitalization documents. Makemytrip.com charged me 650 dollars to change my date from the 19th of December to the 23rd of December. I was not able to travel on the 23rd again due to my sickness, now that I desire to change my date they are charging me again; this time more than 650 dollars. I am unhappy that I was charged a penalty fee for changing the date of my trip even though I am entitled to a fee waver due to my sickness and hospitalization. If I provide a doctors notice I should not have to pay a fee to change the date of my flight. I am not concerned about the first payment, however, I cannot afford to pay for the second one. I believe it is unfair for me to pay the second payment and would appreciate it if it was waved considering the fact that I was hospitalized and do have official documentation and a doctors notice. I can fax my official documents for proof and review. Thank you for considering my complaint.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • MakeMyTrip's response · Dec 30, 2008

    Dear Customer,

    Regret any inconvenience caused to you. Please write to me with details on this case at [email protected]makemytrip.com

    Assure to help and resolve the case.

    Geeta Eral

  • Ni
    Nimai Mar 10, 2010

    Myself book my air ticket from Kolkata to Imphal on 21 Feb 2010 using debit card my booking IDs are FLT00009891196 and FLT00009891810. As per your company has to deduct Rs. 2, 740/- X 2 = Rs. 5, 480/- but the amount deducted from my account is Rs. 2, 740/- X 3 = Rs. 8, 220/-. Rs. 2, 740/- has been deducted extra from my SBI debit account no.10031481387. Your company has to return the said amount to me, therefore inform me about the matter at the earliest on my mobile no. 09886610415 and my email ID is [email protected] Xerox copy of my bank statement is attached herewith. Do needful at the earliest.

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[Resolved] consumer fraud

They seem to be frauds and it seems that they are running an internet scam to collect personal information!...

[Resolved] scam and cheating

This is regarding a little trouble that I am facing with Make My Trip. This is in reference with my booking ID: IN0804B04207. I had booked two return tickets on Deccan Airways for Delhi to Leh (2 May) and From Leh to Delhi in Deccan Airways (5th May) through makemytrip. Our return flight got canceled and hence I had to cancel my ticket. I was informed at the Airport that makemytrip would be refunding the cancellation money to me. After I returned, on 6th May, I spoke to makemytrip representative Swati Babbar, who gave me a landline number, to put in my request for refund. I tried that number for one week but no one answered the call, I believe that is number which is given to the customer just to fool around. On 10th May, I traveled all the way to their Gurgaon office where the receptionist introduced to an executive Gayatri, who again had no answer for me and I was returned saying someone would get in touch with me in next one hour. In fact when I told the receptionist that nobody was taking call on that number given to me, she was not shocked, it seemed that she was aware that no body answers that number. Till 16th May, nobody from Make My Trip contacted me for the same, I then tried calling the number through which you can book ticket with Makemytrip where I explained my problem to one of their executive and he then informed that our refund would reach us in next 10 days. Its more than 15 days now and we have not yet received any communication from their end to inform what the update on the same is.

With this experience, I have realized that makemytrip.com do not have a strong process in place for refunds and they have no resource for consumer redressal, I think they need to take a stalk of the things immediately and work accordingly to improve the process. I would like to request if you could help me out as I have failed to get any answer from them.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • MakeMyTrip's response · Jun 10, 2008


    We certainly apologize for the inconvenience caused. This type of situation hardly occurs. We guarantee you that you wont receive any problem further in future through our services.

    However the booking has already been refunded and the cheque has been dispatched too.

    Waybill No : 30136963640
    Pickup Date 06 June 2008
    From Gurgaon
    To New Delhi
    Date of Delivery 07 June 2008
    Time of Delivery 13:44
    Recipient Jyoti

  • Va
    Vasu Raman Jul 17, 2008

    Recently I am having worst ever airline booking experience with makemy trip. On Jul 11 I talked to some agent (probably based in India) for a booking from Los Angeles to Bangalore between 24-26 Jul dep. They booked it taking my credit card details for 4 seats. Within 10 mts based on the iternarary on checkmytrip, based on their reservation no. I found that teh dep date was jul23, impossible for us ti leave due to a meeting in Los Angeles. I called immediately (10 minutes aft. 'booking') and told them not to go ahed with this booking nor go ahead with charging. They had not yet charged and they agreed for that. Also they told me that they will send an e-mail requesting for my photo ID etc. in an e-mail to go ahead. I told them that I will call back in few hours if I want to go ahead with this booking. Later I called my credit card company to make sure they had not charged and informed them about this episode. There was no charge then, and they made a note regarding that. I thought the matter was over. This was on friday Jul 11, 08.

    On Monday Jul 16, there was a phone message regarding some payment from makemytrip! On calling, I found that they have gone ahead and charged my credit card for 4 tickets on the date which is not possible for me to travel! And will charge penalty for cancellation/change ($200/head=800$ US). I told them what happened! The guy customer service guy was very rude and told me that indeed I have authorised them to charge as I didn't call back!

    I am still dealing with this case! Many hours of phone calls/chats they have same song, since I didn't call them again they went ahead and charged teh wrong date departure!

    I am contemplating some legal action for thi skind of illegal activities by makemytrip.com. Being in USA for 20 years I am shocked to know the kind of crudality and lack of respect for customers by this kind of company In India. And the assumption that they can take customers for a ride causing them thosounds of dollors of loss to make some commissions!

    Do anyboduy have similar experience?

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  • Ar
    arunachalam Sep 25, 2008

    I booked a Igloo nature resort for the dates oct 01, 2008 to oct 03, 2008.

    Makemytrip.com sends me a voucher with the booking status "Confirmed". Before 6 days of my journey [ actually today ], I called the Igloo resort people and asked for the status they said the rooms are not available with their own resort and they can arrange for some other resort.

    When I call the makemytrip.com they said the hotel room is booked and I don't need to worry on that. But after some time the manager from Igloo Nature resort called me and said there is no room is available on oct 02, so I need to stay in a another hotel.

    But still makemytrip.com customer care is telling that my room is booked, if I cancel the room now they will take one night amount for this.

    I can give the booking id which i have done with makemytrip.com if anybody think this is a fake.

    [ My Booking Id is : HTL160190 ]

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  • Ro
    ROMIT MATHUR Nov 10, 2008


    I am facing the similar problem with make my trip. No refund for almost a month and only e-mail and calls,

    i am not sure if i would ever travel again or recommend this company to any one.


    Romit Mathur

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  • Ap
    aparna Jun 03, 2009

    I have same problem. I cancelled my ticket 6 months back and no refund yet. The WORST part is they do not even give any status updates on what is happening. I am planning to tell my relatives and friends not to use makemytrip again.

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  • Ar
    Ariana007 Sep 02, 2009

    The suckiest travel agent ever! They completely cheat you of their money! Do not work with them!

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  • Sa
    SANJH Jun 10, 2010


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  • Am
    Amjed Ibne Khaliq May 29, 2015

    these people are scammers, and the indian govt know this, but the minister for travel in india is part of the scam, l have learned that the indian govt are actually making off this scam

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unauthorised cancellation of tickets

I have booked air tickets for 4 persons (self, my wife and my parents) to go to Tirupati from Vizag. All the tickets were confirmed and fare collected by Makemytrip. To my surprise when we check-in on 20/04/08 at Vizag Airport, Deccan Airways informed that the booking is there for only for 3 persons. On further check by airlines, based on the printout I have, they found that my mother's booking has been cancelled by someone from Makemytrip. I called Makemytrip Delhi; after a lot of time to get thro'' the (useless) interactive voice system, I got their representative ( MrMicheal) who is of no help except keeping me for 45 minutes on telephone for giving some excuse that two names found same hence one seat was cancelled. They did even check with me before doing this not informed me. This is the height if stupidity ( my mother's name is Lakshmi and my wife's name is Vijaya Lakshmi hence one get cancelled ?????) and I had to drop my wife as the flight was full and could not buy a ticket even to get a seat for her. As this being a family pilgrimage trip, traveling with old parents, I had to do this. This had created lot of rift and misunderstanding which I am suffering due to the fault of Makemytrip who are irresponsible & callous. Beware of these people. On top this there is no communication from these characters and my 4th ticket airfare is still not returned.( which of-course does no patch-up what these people have done to me).

It’s a night mare and think a while when you deal with Makemytrip. I do not how and why these people are allowed to do business and how I redress my anguish.


  • Ma
    MarkCalvin Oct 31, 2009

    I'm also facing similar problem.

    Does anybody has got the emailID of MANAGERS/CEO other high level guys?

    This <[email protected]> is just irresponsible.

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[Resolved] refund of the ticket never booked

Hi All,
This is to make everyone of you aware of the day light robbery by makemytrip, the famous airline ticket booking portal.

On 10th of Feb'08, I tried to book an airline ticket from Ahmedabad to Mumbai with GO AIR through makemytrip using my AXIS bank netbanking. Though the amount of Rs 2525 got debited from account but I didnt get the ticket. When I contacted the customer care on 11th Feb, after making me wait for 25 mins on the phone, I was told there is no such booking. After being threatened of CNBC, makemytrip acknowledged the booking and revealed the booking ID FLT1182599.

I contacted their customer care several times(read 30 times) during next 12 days, and every time I was made to wait for at least 20mins just to get the answer to my query "When will you refund my money?" and every time, without any exception, I was told "Mr Chandwani , Just wait for X hours and the amount will be credited to your account." and that X just increased from 24 hours to 20 days. Even indianrail website (a government concern) returns money within four days, and these shameless robbers take 20 days to respond and even after that they say they cant tell exactly when the amount will get refunded.
Even till today, I have not got my refund.
It simply shows shear inefficiency and callous attitude towards customers and I believe they should be realized what we, the customers, can do. They cannot get away by cheating, I should say robbing, a customer.



The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • MakeMyTrip's response · Jun 16, 2010

    Dear Rahul,

    Please share your Booking ID in order for us to retrieve your booking history and assist you further. You may email the same to [email protected]


    MakeMyTrip Care

  • Pa
    Pasunuri Rahul Jun 02, 2010

    respesctes sir,
    I wanted to booked a ticket of jet airways from hyderabad to guwahati which is scheduled to depart on Tue, 27 Jul '10 (09:20) .So I did it on 09-03-10 .
    but after entering my card details the web page redirected to a page which was not respoding.but when I checked my balance I came to know that the money has been deducted from my account & I didnt get any ticket.I already experienced the same problem before so I waited for it.But unfortunately the money is still not refunded.
    Here are my card details
    card number: 6220180920100132009
    card type: SBI
    And i have done the transaction through the account :[email protected]
    It has been 2 months but i am still not refunded with the money.So i will be very much pleased if you refund it as soon as possible ...
    thankingh you,
    Pasunuri Rahul,

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  • Ji
    JImmy Jun 22, 2010

    I booked a trip to India via Make My Trip (MMT), it involved a change of 3 flights. I had to cancel that booking but intended to use it within expiration period of 6 months, moved to another city but still planned to go back to previous city just to utilize the tckt. So, I was going to take 4 flights to get to India and another 3 while returning. But I was willing to do that to avoid mental trauma of talking with MMT (previous experiences had already left a bitter taste) However, few days later, my health got really worse and because the path to recovery is a long process, I asked for a refund based on my health documents. For 3-4 weeks they refused saying I wasn't hospitalized so I wasn't eligible. Then I was asked to talk with their person in NYC, he showed his concerns but then for good 3 weeks assured me I'll get a refund check ASAP. Then he backed out saying the airlines will instead give me a direct tckt to India so I don't have to travel 4 flights. He assured me that it is MMT's responsibility if things go wrong. I called several times on their toll free #s, each time a different reply with a patent "I apologize for the inconvenience, someone will get back to you within an hour/few hours" but that never happened. On the last day of the ticket expiration date, here I am writing the review. The mental trauma of dealing with these guys, losing your money- it's not good. IF I had known I won't get my money back or a new tckt, irrespective fo my health, I'd try to travel- it'd be a headache for the co-passengers and airlines to look after me, who cares! I was trying to be a good citizen by not bothering people around me. Anyways, I've lost my money, time, energy and lot of sleep waiting nights for their calls. I've voice recordings of all convos, their stupid/insensitive idea of searching who my dad is, including his professional work ID in our email convos when I never told them to do so (and my dad doesn't work there anymore but the company was still scanning his emails so imagine a woman's embarrassment that her dad's ex-coworkers know of her personal health issues) So anyways, taking this matter to the court now. I'm sure they're used to going to the court, being a big co, will have the resources but still, I don't mind doing everything I can to reach out to public and tell them to stay away from these rogues. Their exec tells me "you can email us your feedback on this ID" I'm like, who writes to OSama saying "you killed too many people, here is my feedback for the damage you caused in my life" Seriously????

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  • Ri
    Rijo Baby Dec 01, 2011

    I also agreed with the complaints against make my trip .. I had not get the tickets and also I am still waiting for the money in another country after only I get the cash I can come only

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  • Go

    They inter-changed my first and last names while booking my ticket to India and hence I lost $600.00 towards cancellation charges and I was made to pay $1, 020.00 more for booking the same ticket on the ground that fares went up. Ever since, I have been demanding refund of my loss as it was solely and squarely due to their fault, but they don't respond. This is a fraudulent company, cheating the gullible travellers and pocketing money by hook or crook. Beware og Make My Trip and be wary and keep away from it.

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  • Za
    ZAIF AHMAD QAISAR Nov 29, 2012

    Dear Mr.Deep Kalra & Mohit Gupta
    While booking ticket on 24 Nov.12 from Mumbai to Ahmadabad and Ahmadabad to Mumbai during period its has been failed and ticket not booked.But Rs8, 410.00(Eight thousand four hundred ten rupees )has been deducted from my HDFC account with refrence (HDFC transaction deduction list)of
    24 Nov 2017 NF2600720843056-MAKEMYTRIP COM 1124154247 24 Nov 2017 8, 410.00 .

    Please refund the same amount to continue with the same faith and service.
    Best Regards
    Booking failed and 8, 410 rupees deducted from account-NF2600720843056
    COMPLAIN MAIL REF. Successful! Reference ID is 121126-002453

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no refund!

We bought tickets from makemytrip.com agent name was Vijay Singh in september 2007. Tthey gave us ticket # over the phone. We went to the airport an hour early from our departure but they did not let us on the plane may be they oversold the tickets. After we called our agent they told us to stay at the airport and they will book us on another flight. We sat there for 19 hours and finally they told us you have to buy ticket again .because those tickets are garbage. After all that we came back without flying. We asked them for refund $2900 we paid and they said Jet airways got the money. We checked with our credit card company jet airways took money from our credit card since we never authorized them. We authorize makemytrip.com. Jetairways been sending us person to person even we talk to there head of jetairways name Ruby Chadda been telling us she will call us back, but its been four months we have not got our money back. Such airlines suppose to be thrown out of the U.S.A.

  • Ch
    chanana Jan 27, 2008

    Don't trust jetairways & makemytrip.com. They are not refunding my money $2900 plus damages. I am not going to stop until i get my money back. Beware!

    0 Votes
  • He
    Hevenz Aug 13, 2008

    talk to your bank and ask them to file a dispute...

    0 Votes
  • Sa
    Sameer mathew May 27, 2009

    I'am searching for Ruby Chadda. She was my friend in School.
    I want to contact her As soon as possible. I want your kind cooperation in helping me to contact her. She can contact me at [email protected]
    Waitong for your reply.

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scam and cheating!

Last Year, in October,2006, I bought a return ticket from Miami to Mumbai, at $1222. They were paper tickets which were supposed to be sent to my Florida address. Since the paper tickets never came to my house (they said it was sent by USPS, and they do not take customer's sign for verification), I asked for a cancellation. MakemyTrip said that if I canceled and bought new tickets through them, they would ensure that my refund is obtained at the earliest, and without any deductions.
Today is 25th Dec, 2007, ie., 1 year and 2 months, and I still haven't got any refund from MakemyTrip. I have called them minimum 50 times, and everytime I am told that it would be refunded in just a few more days. I have $1222 locked up with them for 1 year 2 months, without any interest, and without even a confirmation of when the money will be refunded.
I intend to apply to Consumer Court for refund of $1222 + extra because of the late refund and the money lost due to interest + reimbursement for mental stress.. That time, $ was Rs.45+, while $ is now Rs.39 only.

If any one has any better ideas, please let me know. I can be reached at [protected].

  • Ji
    jitender Jun 07, 2008

    Now I will be more careful in dealing with agents and jet airlines...Thanks!!

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  • Sh
    Sheel148 May 04, 2010


    The business ethics of the company makemytrip.com is wrong. It is impossible to trust the officials when the communications are in conflict? Tue, May 4, 2010 4:27:20 PMMakeMyTrip Booking Reference FLTINT100091532410. The communication says tech error and failed booking...but the officials say that you deposit the balance money of Rs 85000/- to obtain the booking. There is no confirmation of the booking...no itinery ...only booking reference...and Rs 5000/- booking amount is withdrawan from the account.

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  • Ha
    HAUHNAR Apr 29, 2011

    i had booked my kingfisher flight ticket for my travel on 19th april from bangalore to kolkata on march 2011, but due to some reason i cancelled my booking through the airline, i informed makemytrip on da next day..waited for their response for four day but did not receive any information and then i called the customer support representative again. and while i was enquiring about my refund status i was not able to hear what he was saying, so i said"sorry, i didnt get u can u repeat again" and guess what he did..the csr hung up on me.what a shame!!!and then i called again 4-5 times but they never returned my call, i was told that all csr are busy. WHAT ###ING SERVICE WAS THAT!!!

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  • As
    aswani kumar mishr Mar 02, 2014

    Dear Make My Trip Team,

    I have booked 3 ticket for Mumbai to Sirdi on1st March. I have receive mail today morning.
    I have booked a ticket on 6.45 PM need a clarification if i will book a ticket for 1st march & i will receive mail on 28th Feb. 2014 mid night. How will i go to catch my bus. I want my ticket to be cancel or adjust my tickets in other trip. It is such a irritating services of make my trip pathetic service.

    Kindly let me know on priority basis.

    If i will not get proper clarification i will escalate this matter to higher authority.
    one of the worst service i ever face in my life as of now

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  • Ha
    Harsita Dec 15, 2014

    I purchase 7 ticket delhi to coimbatore . I stay in kanpur . From make my trip total deal 123500 with return ticket . i paid full amount which she asked but some time later Ms.jyoti said to me your ticket are conformed But. You need to pay 10500 Rs extra to receive your ticket . We paid toatl amount she asked Rs 123500 but then booked my ticket and asked for more money of rs 10500

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nightmare experience!

MakeMyTrip.com - www.makemytrip.com

I had one of the worst experiences with MakeMyTrip.com and the below details might be lengthy to read but its important to emphasize to the Makemytrip Management on the mental and physical torture a Makemytrip.com Customer had to go through thanks to irresponsible actions from Makemytrip.com.

On 1st Nov'07 I booked an air ticket via MMT for the Mumbai - New Delhi sector for 2nd Nov07. I received the e-ticket in the mail with PNR details etc. Since I had booked it via my cell phone and was around the airport I actually went to the Airport counter for a printout of the ticket.

I was shocked when they told me there is no person called "Tarun Mishra" booked on their morning flight and even the PNR number as per them was invalid. I then called up the Makemytrip Call centre and was told the Flight was shifted to 9 AM Indian airlines instead of the 7.20 Go Air as mentioned in the itinerary details sent by email to me. Was MMT waiting for us to call them about this change ?

I feel cheated and extremely disgusted on how firstly we were not informed on the change in flight and secondly how can you change a flight after sending an itinerary ?

We finally had to buy a new Mum-Del air ticket from the GO Air counter for Rs 13600/- besides the Rs16000/- we had already paid MMT for the Mumbai-Delhi round trip. We were told we need to scan the new ticket details to MMT and in 10 days we'll get the refund of Rs13600/- which I hope we do get without any further physical or mental torture.

Had we not gone to the counter the previous night and instead had just taken the print out of the email received by MMT directly on 2nd Nov for the flight we would have never got the flight and would have lost alot of business due to such careless and irresponsible actions from MMT.

I read an on-line interview of Deeps and following is a transcript from the same. We want to be the brand of choice and the first port of call for anyone wishing to buy travel online. Clearly, customers will check others, but top of mind recall is a big thing. Also, repeat customers in the domestic business are significant and we will be leveraging our customer database for that.

My question to you is after reading the above experience do you really thing Makemytrip can be a brand choice? Can it be the first port anyone can depend upon when wanting to buy travel online?

  • Ra
    Raj Nov 09, 2007

    Can you please provide me your pnr no. So that we can have a check on it. And promise you the best service.

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  • Ra
    Randhir Mishra Nov 09, 2007

    Has anyone found an escalation process for MMT?

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  • Ar
    Arjun Singh Jul 06, 2008

    This travel agency is run by cons. They quote one fare and change you another on your credit card. The customer service is arrogant and incompent.

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  • Va
    Vasu Raman Jul 17, 2008

    I am reposting my recent message as it some how missing here after I posted it!

    On Jul 11, 2008 I asked makemytrip.com agent to see if I can get a ticket for 4 in teh tiem window 24 jul-26 Jul to travel from LAX to Bangalore and back on aug 22. I gave my credit card details forteh possible payment. After I was told on phone the code to check teh iternrary I went o makemytrip.com and found that the dep date was 23 Jul, impossible for me to leave from here (Los Angeles) due to a prior commitment. I called within 10 minutes and talked with the same agent and requested that person not to proceed with this reservation any more. Not to go ahead and charge. There was no charge at that time, as confirmed by my credit card company. They agreed not to charge to my credit card and not to proceed with this reservation until I call back again. I thought the matter ended there. This was on Friday, Jul 11, 08.

    On monday Jul 14, there was a message in my answering machine by makemytrip peple regarding a payment! I called back and explained everything. The lady who was relatively polite transferred me to a customer service guy. This guy was very arrogant and impolite. Instead of listining to my complaint he simply said since you didn't call back again, we went ahead with the reservation and charged your credit card! I told him they were not authorized as I had very clearly instructed them not to go ahead with the reservation even before they had charged! Only reason they did was they had access to my credit card details, but no authority to charge!

    I told them to verify my claim by checking the recorded conversation to check my claim! Insted of doing that they send me an e-mail ticket at wrong date! This was the first e-mail ever from them!

    I have informed my credit card company regarding this unauthorized charge by makemytrip.com and also am exploring other legal action to expose these kind of practices by makemytrip.com ! They are adamant on charging penalty for cancellation or take this ticket with wrong dep. date. Do any other have same experience like this?

    People pl. beware of giving your credit card details to these guys! Irrespective of your approval they charge causing you lots of headache. I am in USA for 20 yrs. and such action by a company will be taken very seriously. I am sure teh same is going to happen to makemytrip.com once this kind of scam is exposed!

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  • Ra
    Ravi Kharka Sep 27, 2008




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  • Ra
    Ravi Kharka Sep 27, 2008


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  • Ra
    radha chandrashekaran Jan 02, 2009

    I agree with you that NEVER EVER BUY OR MAKE YOUR BOOKING ON LINE WITH Make my trip. THEY ARE THE BIGGEST CHEATS POSSIBLE AND PLEASE PASS THE WORD AROUND. I am sure you can hear the frustration in my voice. I recently booked a refundable ticket on Indigo from BANGALORE to CHENNAI AND BACK BANGALORE on the 18th of december and return was on the 26th of December. To my shock when I arrived 2 hours before the flight, I found out that they booked my departure city wrong. The departure that they had booked was from Chennai to Bangalore and back for the 18th Dec and return on the 26th from Bangalore.
    I called them from the airport as I had time and they told me they were positive that I had made the mistake. In my print out I never checked the departure dates because on my computer it was right when I booked.

    In their confirmation email to me says on the top BANGALORE/CHENNAI/BANGALORE but below it was Chennai to Bangalore and back. When I complained that it was their mistake, they agreed and asked me to book another ticket to Chennai and that they will give me full refund back for both my tickets as it was their fault.

    I arrived in Chennai and forwarded all the details of E tickets to them and they promised they will immediately take care of it for me. I am back in Bangalore and I have called them many many times and spoke to two of their mangers, Mansish Sharma and Tushar Kapil and both of them said that that after checking with their technicians said that it was my mistake and they WILL NOT REFUND my money back.

    Now this is the icing on the cake. I had booked refundable ticket and they knew that I had taken another flight to Chennai and back and they say that they will not refund me because of noshow in Bangalore on the 26th. ARE THEY SO DUMB!!! Writing this email is making my head spin. Now I have to go to the higher authorities and it taking up all my time. Can someone tell me how to use the consumer court to complain about this injustice caused.


    I have lost 5500Rs and extra Rs 7400 on my other ticket because of no fault of mine.

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double charge for booked ticket

I booked a passage New York- Delhi- New York for my son Mrigank studying in India using Make My Trip, the carrier involved is Finnair and the reservation code is YYWL62. My Credit Card was debited twice for the price (USD 991). After following up a number of times Make My Trip refunded a part of the excess amount realized but are not responding to my mails for settling the balance amount- being the exchange difference (as the dollar had depreciated against the rupee which is the billed currency for my credit card). I have claimed the amount many times and even though they verbally assure that it is being settled I am yet to receive any amounts even after 2 months!!!

  • Ub
    ubi Sheikh Feb 20, 2008

    They charged me for a ticket that was neither confirmed nor sent to me. Now they are telling me that it is somehow my fault and that they will only give me half of what I paid to them back... Bottom line NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THIS UNSCRUPULOUS COMPANY and SPREAD THE WORD.

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[Resolved] refund not given on time

In November 2006, I booked a return air journey Mumbai-Kolkata-Mumbai through makemytrip, which claims to be...

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