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I bought magic jack trying to save some money. That was my first mistake, when I was not recieving good reception I bought a new phone, my second mistake. I also told other people of this product and how I thought it was a good deal, I will now tell them hoe poor the service is. I will also instruct them to check-out the complaint web site. The only way to fix this horible service is to refund me my full purscase price of $40.00 dollars. I feel this is a complete scam

Severly un happy


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      Nov 25, 2009

    This guy is right. I did the same thing to save money. but, I also wanted to use it for a fax machine that I use once in a while. Sad to say but, the magic jack does not work at all with a fax machine and the house phone has such reception ( sending and recieving) that I get frustrated and just use my cell phone. I paid $40.00 for magic Jack adapter and $19.00 for an annual subscription. It was a waste of time and money.

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      Oct 14, 2010

    I am in South Central Wisconsin and called South Central Missouri with excellent quality. I got a call from Buffalo, New York that was utterly impossible to understand. That may have cost me $800 because they are a buyer of an item I have for sale and now they must think I am in West Africa running a scam. I asked them to email me but they are having second thoughts. Thanks MaGIC jACK. Y'all sucketh.

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      Apr 06, 2011

    We bought magic jack for same reasons saving money but this product sucks. EVERY call i get disconnected, echo, beeping, i can never finish a conversation it cuts out all the time. I also went out and bought a new phone. This is seriously the worst service ever the money i saved is not worth the headache i go through trying to talk on the phone. do not buy this product it is horrible!!!

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      Aug 06, 2012

    Was having echo, stuttering, etc with MJ using year old Hp Pc.Got a new Gateway PC and MJ works like a charm.I was blaming MJ and it was not their problem. Bob

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