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magic jack customer service refused to honor their 30-day money back guarantee

Magic Jack customer service refused to honor their 30-day money back guarantee. The product did not work as promised, and they also refused to return $40 in pre-paid international charges.

I was doing mission work for my church, and needed to call Haiti. I am very disappointed in their deceptive marketing practices, and have to resort to getting my credit card company to "charge back" the funds.

Buyer beware!

product not received and charged $103.91 on my visa - april 29

I ordered a free 30 day trial of magicjack on the internet March 30/2010 On March 31, $4.13 (the price from the internet).was taken from my Visa account No magic jack was ever received After 3 weeks, I called and asked that my account be cancelled.
On April 29 an additional $103.91 was taken from my Visa account..
I want it put back in because i had no product to try. I have read their customer complaints, most of which portray Magic Jack as a scam Some American customerswere satisfied with it
My email address is [protected]
My phone # is [protected]
please help my get my money back
Ivan Lloyd

  • Cl
    Claudio Murillo Jun 03, 2016
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Los MagicJacks funcionan perfectamente. Actuamente resido en Costa Rica.
    Mantengo Mi MagicJack acå, para comunicarme con Parientes y Amigos en USA.
    No he tenido ningun problema. Es increible, Su eficiencia. Los que se quejan,
    es porque no estån familiarizados con el aparatito éste. Yo cometi el mismo
    error, por lo que ahora rectifico. Dios Bendiga y Proteja esa Empresa de la Florida.

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on my calls there is a constant beeping that frustrates my callers to no end

On my calls there is a constant beeping that frustrates my callers to no end. And, voices drop off so sometimes you only catch a few words in a sentence being said. i have chatted with their online "customer no-service" and they all tell me to do the same thing--disable my security--as well as other things that don't make sense and don't work. they also say they have done something to the magic jack phone number i have and it should now work. i am sick of them having me do ridiculous things that don't work. i am returning my MJ. I got it from office depot, so luckily there is a 30-day return policy.

classic bait and switch tactics

I just tried magic jack. They bait you in by saying they won't charge anything if you're not satisfied. It echoed so bad, I couldn't even use it to check my phone messages. I had to pay to return it, and they kept $10 even though I hadn't made 6 minutes in calls, and returned it the day I received it.

  • Ma
    majicjack sux Dec 05, 2010

    i caught majick jack trying to charge me with no renewel then they wanted more info after they charged me! SCAM check this log out lol
    Your Issue ID for this chat is LTK43605770951X
    Jose: Hello, how may I help you?
    jason: i just payed for a 5 year and still cant use the majick jack]
    Jose: Please wait while I check that for you
    jason: it was a renewal
    Jose: okay
    Jose: please hold on for a seconds as i check your order here in our data base
    Jose: thank you for waiting
    jason: k
    Jose: i already found your order and it says here that your 5 year plan is not yet applied on your magicjack device
    Jose: may i have your full address please?
    jason: why not?
    jason: the money is out of my acct
    Jose: yes however for the 5 year plan service it is not yet been applied on your magicjack device
    Jose: we need to apply it for the service
    jason: when??
    Jose: may i have your first 4 and last 4 digit number of your credit card please?
    jason: no
    jason: already did that
    jason: if its this complicated i may just want a refund
    Jose: we need to verify your information for the 5 year plan service
    Jose: please do not worry as we just need to apply the 5 year plan on your magicjack account
    jason: go ahead
    jason: ive never been asked for first 4 AND last 4 this is strange
    Jose: after that your magicjack device will automatically activated
    jason: so if i didnt caht with you i would have paid for a inactive acct?
    jason: chat
    jason: ???
    jason: ok you know what
    jason: i only want 1year
    jason: and if thats to much trouble i want a rfud
    jason: refund
    jason: i never had a problem when i bought this
    jason: seems like renewals are a issue huh?
    Jose: I really understand you, we need to apply the 5 year plan on your magicjack device for the service
    jason: im NOT giving you moresecretinfo
    Jose: do you  want to cancel the 5 year plan or do you want to apply now the 5 year plan service on your magicjack account?
    jason: cancel
    Jose: okay
    jason: refnd my money
    Jose: alright
    Jose: please hold on and i will cancel your 5 year plan service
    jason: this is a joke
    Jose: thank you for waiting
    Jose: i already cancel your 5 year plan
    jason: why no email of me buying this?
    Jose: 12/05/2010 [C]anceled Order Updated [N]ew Pending to [C]anceled
    jason: i need a reciept
    Jose: please check your 5 bank after 2-3 hours for the cancel order
    Jose: please do not worry as you will be sending a email regarding on the cancel order
    jason: im woried when my money has been taken then somone demands more credit info!!
    Jose: I understand
    Jose: please do not worry as we secured our clients information here in our data base
    Jose: just check your bank after 2-3 hours for the cancel order and refund
    jason: who can i call at majickjack
    jason: i need to talk to a person
    Jose: please be inform that we do only chat support here
    Jose: Is it okay if I transfer you to a Higher Level of Support to assist you further on your concern?
    jason: so the process is that i paid for it-you need more info to apply it-if not you dont get paid??
    jason: yes
    jason: transfer me
    Jose: okay
    Jose: One moment please...
    Jose: I am transferring you to one of our top 10% agents as rated by our customers. Please hold while I transfer you.
    Please wait while I transfer the chat to the best suited site operator.
    You are now chatting with 'Molly'
    Your Issue ID for this chat is LTK43605770951X
    jason: ok
    Molly: Hello . My name is Molly. To better assist you, let me put you on hold while I read your previous chat/s. Thank you.
    jason: ok
    jason: and what is this extra 5 dollars you put on
    jason: plus the 1.00 charge??
    Molly: Please wait while I check that for you
    Molly: Thank you for waiting.
    jason: ok
    Molly: Jason, I can see here in our data based that the five year plan and the has been cancelled, and you will have an email confirmation on its cancellation within 24 hours.
    jason: so my refund will take 24 hours???
    jason: why did i pay for it-you took the money- and now you want more credit card info??
    Molly: The charges will be removed since the order was cancelled
    jason: i dont understand this process it doesnt make sense
    jason: when i bought this none of this was necessary why now?
    jason: hello??
    Molly: Order Number: TS06115717
    Molly: Order Date: 12/05/2010
    Molly: 5YR6995 1 $69.95
    Molly: REGULATORYFEES4.8 1 $3.36
    Molly: Total: $73.31
    Molly: That is the  5 year renewal on your account.
    Molly: But it has been cancelled.
    jason: ya because jose could not answer why you need me to keep giving you personal info
    jason: once again why>
    jason: where is this based?
    Molly: I'm sorry for the delay. I'll be right with you.
    Molly: Jason, your issue is that you want to have a refund on the five year plan and you have it now.
    jason: no my issue is of security now
    jason: and scam
    jason: i demand my credit card info be removed
    jason: i will save this chat for records
    Molly: Yes, that will be done as well.
    Molly: We are here to serve you.
    jason: and i am going to file a complaint because i cant get a answer
    Molly: I will make a report on that matter, requesting your credit card be deleted.
    jason: this is deception
    jason: i was told there was no phone{lie} well i just found the numbers thanks

    dont let them fool you they have 2 contact numbers DO NOT BUY!!!

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  • Mi
    Mike Whatley Nov 21, 2011

    Moe: Hello, how may I help you?
    Mike Whatley: Hey Moe! I need you help with free shipping if I order. Y'all say "Hurry, less than 10, 000 magic Jacks are eligible to be shipped for the Free Trial Offer Today, Monday, November 21, 2011. This offer is not available in stores and will expire" I want free shipping as promised, but when I place my ored it says I will be bill $7.95 shipping charges. Can you help?
    Moe: Please wait while I check that for you
    Moe: Mike I am sorry to say that there is the no free shipping is offered by the magic jack if you order for the magic jack you need to pay the shipping charges.
    Mike Whatley: Well why does your web site include and I quote again "Use our Phone Service for free, make all the free calls you please. 100% Risk FREE - you pay nothing. (Hurry, less than 10, 000 magic Jacks are eligible to be shipped for the Free Trial Offer Today, Monday, November 21, 2011. This offer is not available in stores and will expire."?
    Moe: Please wait while I check that for you
    Moe: We provide 30 days trial period offer.If you are not satisfied with magic jack then you can return your magic jack within 30 days trial period.
    Moe: It is for the free trail offer not free the shipping charge.
    Moe: You can make free calls using magic jack to any US and Canadian numbers including Puerto Rico, Virgin Island from anywhere around the world. All International calls magic jack to magic jack are absolutely free, but for calling to a non magic jack number outside US and Canada, you need to purchase International prepaid minutes from our website.
    Mike Whatley: So If I don't like it shipping is free. Conversely if I do shipping in not free. Humm, sounds deceptive.
    Moe: It is for the free trail offer it mean you can use the magic jack till the 30 days without paying something but you need to pay the shipping charges.
    Moe: If you order for the magic jack .
    Mike Whatley: Why would MJ do this to their customers? I have had a regular MJ since 2008.
    Mike Whatley: Could you advise you marketing department saying shipping is not really free if you keep your new MJ?
    Moe: I will forward your valuable suggestion to our management I hope they will surely consider this as a new facility with magic jack.
    Mike Whatley: Thank you Moe,

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want to cancel my subscription

My Magic Jack (MJ) incoming calls were dropping after 30 seconds. Their tech support (Branden and Haley) made so many changes to my PC (none of which solved the problem) that it is a wonder I can still connect to the Internet. I was blown off with a "I will reset you on our side") and dropped, with a wish for a happy life!?! When I try to get get back on for live chat help, I find that they have arranged that the entry path is not there. I have been blocked from complaining about their totally incompetent tech support. When I go back on the site, I have to look at the insipid father/daughter ego the mean time, I am stuck for 5 years with 30 second incoming calls. And PC magazine rated them highly? Need to cancel my subscription. VERY dissatisfied.

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a piece of mess/junk/trash/rubbish

Everyone this is a piece of junk!!! Save your money!!! Lies!! Lies!! Lies!! They want know the truth if it bit them!!! Customer service who!! What!! Where!! Save your money!! If it looks good!!! Sound good!!! Buyer beware!! I want my money back but of course i'll have to travel to the moon and back and still want get my money. The biggest rip off in america!!! Magic jack do unto others as you would want other do unto you!!! Refund all the money!! You know you are wrong for this!! To the right thing!! You will have to face your maker!! God bless all of your souls!!!

will not refund money

I just tried to get a refund from MAGIC JACK, well I was informed that the trial period has expired and I get NOTHING! My $86.85 GONE. My husband bought it for me as a gift and the 30 days had gone by before it was gift giving time. I have sattelite for my internet and folks there is nothing on the MAGIC JACK ad that says anything about sattelite.It will not work with sattelite because there is a milisecond or so lapse. I explained to the lady I have not even taken it out of the pkg and they DON"T CARE. What a ripp off!! Do Not buy these things! Not a good company to do business with!

  • Ha
    haina Dec 16, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have a relative who's MJ did NOT function properly cos she was located in a Rural area, hence my earlier advise to one of the complaints..
    My knowledge is the 30 day period starts from the day you order NOT the day they ship or the day you receive and start the trial.
    A sure way of gettinga response I know was my cousin lodged a complaint with her local TV Consumer Watch people and she got her REFUND in full..Maybe you can try this out for your area..I don't know..Best of luck though

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customer service

Shouda Wouda Couda.. OMG! people, sure wish I would have used Google search, and typed in Magic Jack, before...

warning: not recognized by my usb

I bought my (two) MagicJack phone lines over two years ago. I used my MagicJack to replace my house phone and...

defective mj

I was in MJ tech support chat box for about the 100th time in 2 years. I went there again today here is the exact text- Sonny: Hello, how may I help you?
billie: hello
billie: yesterday i talked to an agent named amelia
Sonny: Hello Billie
billie: this is what i told her
I have had my MJ almost 2 those 2 years I've spent hours in this chat box trying to get it to work never does, sometimes it works, most times not. Now it has started something totally different...people call and I can't understand them...their voice is all broken up, I try repeatedly to call them back but it keeps doing the same thing...I've dont the fix...I've done the upgrades MANY MANY times...I've tried and tried many times to get you to send me a NEW one. I think mines defective and always has sister JUST got one, shes my neighbor and has the same internet provider ..hers works perfectly. I don't understand WHY you won't send me a new one you've made millions on the sale of MJs yet from the first week I had mine it didn't work, why won't you send me a new one??? I'm on disability and this is my only phone, my only way to call out.
Here's the reponse- Sonny: Please wait while I check that for you
billie: she had me unplug my MJ and plug it back in then do an upgrade, then make a few calls, at the time it worked...BUT i said it it goes back to not working can I have a new replacement MJ she said yes, well im ready for that
billie: because its right back to not working...i even went and got my sisters mj and tried it it was perfectly fine, i have and have always had a defective MJ
billie: i mean this is going on TWO years 2 years of a MJ that works MAYBE 3 times out of 10 thats unacceptable to me
Sonny: Please click this link and run it
Sonny: You will get "No Device Found" after running recovery. Please unplug your magicJack, wait 60 seconds, and plug it back into another USB port.
billie: ok
billie: done
Sonny: Is magicjack uplugged?
billie: yes
billie: no
billie: i plugged it another port
Sonny: Please plug in now
billie: ok, and?
Sonny: Do you have dial tone on magicjack screen?
billie: ready to call yes
billie: what do u mean dial tone on the screen?
Sonny: Please try a test call
billie: it doesnt work
billie: no dial tone
billie: but it says ready to call
Sonny: Please replug your magicjack without using the USB extension cord that came with magicjack if you are using any.
billie: ok i tried again ( im not using the ext) had a dial tone but it wont make the call
billie: sonny did u read all that said...up there in the box?
Sonny: Yes
Sonny: I am transferring you to one of our top 10% agents as rated by our customers. Please hold while I transfer you.
billie: amelia said if it messed up again y'all would send me a new one
billie: are u going to do that?
You are now chatting with 'Ashton'
FPRIVATE "TYPE=PICT;ALT=Chat Information" Your Issue ID for this chat is LTK4190104657432X
Ashton: Hello Billie. My name is Ashton. To better assist you, let me put you on hold while I read your previous chat. Thank you.
Ashton: Thank you for waiting.
Ashton: I can process a replacement magicJack device for you. Replacements magicJacks are now $9.95. This is a shipping and handling charge and it will be charged immediately.
billie: thats not fair
billie: i told MJ right from the get go..that something was wrong why do i have to pay anything
billie: for 2 years ive tried and tried to get MJ to replace my defective mj
billie: i mean i dont get it do u think im trying to get something for free heck ill send back this mj...ill do without any phone if thats what u want
billie: i feel i shouldn't have to pay anything its defective always has been
Ashton: I understand you, Billie. Unfortunately, that's how the replacement is being process.
billie: so u dont stand behind your product...your company cant absord shipping fees?
billie: this is TOTALLY unfair
billie: im willing to pay the shipping to send it back why arent u willing to pay the shipping to send me a mj that works
billie: ?
Ashton: Actually, You will no longer need to return the defective magicJacks.
billie: its in NO way my fault that you sent me a defective MJ
billie: i paid good money to have this and it has never worked
billie: properly
billie: i expect YOU to send me a new one at no cost...i will accept nothing less
Ashton: Unfortunately, we really can't do that.
billie: well does your comapny ever read the comment made by customers on the int?
billie: there alot of people unhappy with mj...
billie: is there a number i can call?
billie: surely u have a coporate headquartes?
Ashton: Unfortunately, we only engaged through this chat.
billie: do u have a corp. headquarters?
billie: is there anyone else i can talk to? i mean im getting the feeling you dont care about a concerned customer...
Ashton: We have located here in Tallahasee, Florida.
billie: im telling u i paid for this i paid shipping to get it its never worked yet u want me to spend more money...what kind of business are that the customers dont matter?
billie: u dont even try to make it right?
billie: i dont understand that honestly
Ashton: We are only following the policy made by magicJack.
billie: well they need to change that
billie: its unfair anf im suprised there hasnt been a class action lawsuit againt this company
billie: NO other major comapy doesnt have a telephone number for people to call
Ashton: For more information please refer to this link.
billie: can you tell the powers that be that my mj is defective?
billie: u are telling me u send out defective mjs and take no responsibilty to the quality of them?
Ashton: Have you tried to check your internet speed when you purchase your magicJack before?
billie: yes
billie: my sister and i have the same isp
billie: her mj works perectly
billie: perfectly
billie: we both have the highest spped int this are offers
billie: *this area offers
Ashton: Please try to check it again.
billie: sigh
Ashton: Please visit the site below and click on the yellow star then take note and provide me your upload and download speed.
billie: dl-7.76 upload 1.40
billie: show that mine twice what the average int is
Ashton: Okay.
Ashton: Are you using a router?
billie: no
billie: ive also bought 2 diff new phones because thats what a person in thei chat said to do
Ashton: So, I guess with need to try to troubleshoot your magicJack since you don't want to be charged for replacement.
billie: ive done everything i can on my end i feel i should receive a new one free of charge
Ashton: Unfortunately, we can't issue a replacement for free. You really need to pay for $9.95 so that we can process one for you.
billie: man ive spent hours in here doing all the stuff y'all have told me to do HOURS if your company wont do anything theres nothing i can do except post my experience on ebay and the internet and with the better business bureau at least maybe someone wont have to go thru what ive went thru your company REALLY needs to change its policies...its a rip off btw i read the service agreement...
billie: i read where it says even if my mj is defective they hold no resposibility for it...excuse me, but from where i sit that are letting the public buy defective mjs and not standing behind them
billie: aston i realize...u can do nothing im not stupid i know ur just an employee but someone needs to inform the powers that be that this is horrible service
billie: unacceptable EVERY major comapany stand behind their products but y'all dont
billie: how do they get away with that
billie: i just dont get it

Attention to future buyers of this the service agreement, they do NOT back up any defective MJ, there is NO corporate number to call, they keep that from the public, to get tech support you have to stay in that chat box for hours, because it's not "one on one" chat they are helping many at one time so u sit and wait 1/2 the time they give u a resonponse meant for someone else, when ever they do decide to come back to you..horrible horrible company and customer service!!!


Purchased magic jack last week, and like anything else if it sounds to good to be true it probably is.sound quality is piss poor, breaks up really really bad. called tech support, and they were great, did all they told us to do, including downloaded their upgrade, nothing helped. So were stuck, can't afford cell phone, and why pay for a home phone that's rarely used. The problem isn't magic jack, it's the phone company's outrageous rates leaving magic jack to prey on people like us.

  • Dw
    D.W.H Mar 22, 2010

    I am very negative about this product

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  • De
    Destinee Rankin Oct 23, 2018
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My phone line is hacked. I keep getting calls from people stating that I called them saying that I was the IRS. Then magic jack said I needed to pay to have my number changed. Unbelievable. Software from magic jack is not secure.

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free trial

I signed up for the "free" trial today. The order is not processed, however, they have already taken the money from my account. They state the money will be billed for 31 days. The first 30 days are a free trial and then on the 31st day you are billed. I paid by debit card and at no time on the order entry page was I informed that if I pay by debit card I would be billed immediately. The live chat is a joke. I was given no assistance because there is no record of an order. Meanwhile, I have been billed and charged in full for what should be a "free" trial.

  • Br
    brandi_b Mar 29, 2010

    The same thing happened to me. I am currently working with my bank to dispute the charge and hopefully they can help me reconcile this issue since there is no customer service for Magic Jack to turn to.

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worst piece of junk i've ever owned

Worst piece of junk I've ever owned. My daughter, son and sister purchased their MacgicJack the sand time I did... 10/08. Each of them has thrown the unit in the trash and went back to Vonage. I hung on until 06/09. MagicJack has tried repeatedly to make the unit work, Spent hours on the phone. They stalled me for over 30 days so the money back guarantee would expire. Now they say, "Sorry".

  • Dr
    Drake F Mar 29, 2010

    Mine working fine on late model notebook computer. Runs 6 Uniden wireless phones through a splitter (for the two base stations, each with two satellite units) Try changing computers.

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It works fine for me, with 2 MAJOR exceptions...

#1 - "all lines are currently busy" ... this means you cant call out, and nobody can reach you (not even your voicemail) if you are trying to call during peak hours.

#2 - No customer service? When I click the link for Live Chat on their site it redirects me to their FAQ page... ? No telephone number to reach them and no address either...

Besides that, the service is pretty good. I guess you get what you pay for in this world...

  • Sa
    SamySam Mar 14, 2010


    I disagree; the online service rep was very nice and gave the proper directions to get the device to work. I had issues setting MagicJack up because I didn’t follow the rom update posting. Now it works great, never had a busy line and used it at multiple locations on different network’s and PC`s. It set sup without a flaw. I will never pay a phone bill again.

    If you want my opinion, get one. If u use an Internet PC at home and you live alone or with room mates. There is no reason what so ever not to own one. 20$ a year with on physical attachment, its a no-brainer. Think about it, there is no dough in my mind, this is the evolution of lan line telecommunications.

    I never experienced the lines being busy but I did experience it with Vonage at 20$ + tx monthly and a yearly subscription to get the hardware for free. There where also activation fees. The router was a nice touch to Vonage but they also had the usb key.
    The key was a nice feature to Vonage but adding 60$ + Tx for the hardware and a 20$ monthly bill didn’t compete with MagicJack.

    MagicJack's 50$ funny looking usb device includes, a local 514 phone number, unlimited long distance US and Canada calls, Voice mail, call waiting, caller ID, and voice mail sent to my email address, a web interface for all my user options and one year of service. 12 months later just pay 20$ for 12 months year.

    MagicJack rocks.

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bad product, incoming calls

Well i saw on this blog that some people believe we are just irrate people who dont like magicjack. But i have to say i tried to give magicjack the benefit of the doubt. I bought it over 5 months ago and continue to have problems receving calls. If you are on the computer when someone tries to call, then the mj screen takes about 30 seconds to come up, while the phone rings non stop without stopping. About the time it start ringing intermittently, the mj has already sent them to voicemail and i have to call them back. This continue to occur all the time . I have tried go online for help and the technician has tried numerous things that dont work, and i still have the problem. I tried to update the mj but it still dont do anygood. I am afraid to give anybody my number since it is becoming a hassle to keep calling someone back. I am going to try that new company that mj hates because evidently it works well. Dont buy magicjack cause you will have a headache and they dont have a phone number for customer service which means they have something to hide. Mj is reaping what it is sowing it will be bankrupt by next year!

  • Bl
    Blueroses Jan 02, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    So what is the "new service that MJ hates" ?

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  • Je
    Jeffww Aug 29, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Just got disconnected from magicjack acct. for overusing the service which is either an error or a fraudulent attempt at profit. We use the acct. about once a day with some days making no more than 4 or 5 calls...but the average over the year is about one call per day. Numerous attempts to gain further information with Magicjack chat function were useless and they would not explain further what exact breach of terms was violated.

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hijacked computer screen


Whenever I open my computer, anticipating the gorgeous picture I put on my destop, I am assaulted with a big Magic Jack ad immediately! Not one of my other many programs has the audacity to perform this extremely rude behavior.

And it won't go away! I can't see any other window because this ad is right on top, in the middle. Uggghhh!

When I contacted MJ, I got a very arrogant not-so-custumer-service-rep who asked if I read the TOS on this. Wasn't she surprised when I said, "yes" and could you show me where it described this rude behavior? Because I would not have accepted this.

Later, after she pretended to escalate me to another rep (herself) she admitted the lie. It is not mentioned anywhere in the TOS.

I give this company a very low score on the integrity scale.

  • Sa
    Samiam44 May 06, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have been trying to connect with someone on the phone to see about the prices and options that are available through magic jack and so far the same person answers all
    of the options offered on the phone, you never get to talk with someone and I have always been told the person I am wanting to talk with is not available.I have never asked to speak to one particular person, so I don't think this is for us.

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phone # assigned actively belongs to someone else

Magic Jack has set themselves up for a 911 debacle. The phone# I have is actively registered to a company in...

misleading claims

If you don't get the telrphone number you want when you sign up you fan forget ever getting it. I bought 5 years of service over 2 years ago because they promised I would be able to port my existing phone munber over shortly. Check and see what they are still saying about number portability today. As for their online service, forget it. Once when I contacted them on their ridiculus online Chat service about progress toward the above my Magic Jack was still working. However, they still told me I needed to install an update. I did as they requested and as a result the USB port I had my Magic Jack plugged into quit working altogether. When I asked how to fix it I was told to "REFORMAT MY HARD DRIVE". When I told them they had to be kidding they ceased responding to me. No way would I trust these people with anything that my life might depend on. They are all SELL and no service. Buyer beware!!


When I purchased this a year ago, it worked off and on for a short time. Often, people on the other end could not hear me and quite often I would have to reboot computer to get it to give me a dial tone. When the service cut out with the little sad face for renewal, I got online to renew, only to be met with some customer service reps from India (judging from their poor grammar and syntax) who said that my "case" was being reviewed and to be patient. I has been more than a month and still nothing. I have had no less than five online chats with these people and probably should file a lawsuit just to make them live up to their agreements.

Pitiful product. Stay away.

selling your email address

I created an special email exclusively for use with my magic jack account, and now I am getting spam email from other companies.
My only conclusion is that Magic Jack sold my email address.

This special email address is a special "Address Guard" feature of my paid Yahoo email account, so it is not subject to spam or advertisement; so the only way I could have gotten spam was from Magic Jack selling my email address.