Lowesordering special order door, storm door and frame


I had the door area send out a contractor to measure for a new front door May 2017. At that time the Larson storm door that I had purchased from Lowes three years prior was no longer working. The contractor told me to call Larson and they would replace so I could have all done at same time. I contacted Larson and gave the number on the door. She told me that door was 10 years old and that I could not have purchased 3 years ago. I told her I had. She replied that either Lowes is selling ten year old merchandise or I was a liar. I called Lowes and three difference people searched for records of my purchase including the manager Courtney and no one could prove I bought the door there. Having just had surgery and a bad recovery I finally gave up and stopped fighting. A week later my refrigerator died and I went in and put the door on hold and purchased a $1600 LG refrigerator from there but told them to keep my measurement on file that I would purchase the door in a few months after this unexpected expense.
I returned last week to now purchase my door. My file was no where to be found. The man working in that department called the contractor three times to keep getting information from him. The fourth time he called they had closed or the night so I would have to come back the next day. The next morning I came in the store to complete my order. The man working that day tried for half an hour and the contractor would not answer any of his phone numbers. Finally frustrated he asked if another vendor could come measure but I was going to have to meet him next day during my lunch hour since he was busy that day. I did this so I could get this moving along. That evening I once again go back to the store to finish my order. The man working this evening reviewed and printed it all out but said a manager had to sign off on it. He called the manager Jason who said call Tyler and get him to do it. So Allen then called Tyler. He told him I was waiting and needed this signed. I stood there for 20 minutes with nothing. My child with was me tired and hungry and Tyler was no where to be found. finally Allen said we could go up front and find him. On the way we pass the manager Jason working behind he rekey counter looking over the shoulder of another employee. He saw us go by and I slowed and asked Allen cant he sign and Jason made eye contact with me and Allen said no he was busy. I followed him to the front and waited another 15 minutes for Tyler who still never showed up. I finally said forget it. I will take my 1600 dollars elsewhere and left. I filed a complaint that night on the customer care line with Lowes. I was told I would hear back from the corporate office within 24 hours. During the next day I tried to call the manager Courtney but she was not in. I got a phone message from Jason but as he was part of the complaint didn't want to deal with him. I called back last night to corporate office and was told I would not hear back from them. The store would handle. When I asked for the Marketing Directors name and number for that region he said "NO". He said I had to deal with the store and could not go around the process. Carl the supervisor in customer care said that " they have no power over their stores". So now I am still without a door and Lowes will never see me go through their doors again. I am shocked that a company would shrug off a sale and even worse treat people in this manner.

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