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Lowe'sjust totally upset

Not too long ago I purchased a refrigerator from the lowes in rock hill, sc, and when they FINALLY delivered it, (in which they were days late from the delivery day they promised us) when they came to my home brought it in, unpackaged it, and they were moving it, they ripped up my floor in my kitchen, and whoops is all they could say, called the store and told them I would be out there to pick up a kit to fix it. What the heck, they should have been more careful, and expecting me to come out there and pick up some kit that was wrong, I did it, but now I am an ex-customer of any Lowes, especially rock hill.


  • Valerie Dec 21, 2006

    I recently had the worst thing in the world happen to me. I lost my Mom to breast cancer. During her last week I was a bit scatter brained and I forgot to pay my Lowes account.

    The payment 15.00 the fee for being late 30.00. Then they decided to cut my credit limit down by 42.00? Where does that come from? Anyway, I wrote them, asked them to reconsider and explained the situation. I even sent a copy of my Mother's obituary for their reading pleasure. I asked them to call me so we could resolve the issue. They closed my account. It sickens me that my business means so little, but trust me, so does yours! Beware of doing business with suck heartless slashers! I am now a Home Depot Consumer or a Ma & Pa hardware pay cash consumer. Years of paying on time to get dumped like a piece of trash. Lowes will never get a penny from me if they were having a storewide penny sale! Oh and my call to Customer Service: We'll I guess they just didn't want to call you back so they closed your account instead.

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  • Wh
    whistleblower22 Aug 25, 2007
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    Verified customer

    I was promised delivery of a ''fridge this morning. When I called at 11.20 a.m. to make sure the delivery team were on their way I was told that they had not left yet but "were working on it".
    There are other things people have to do other than waiting for a delivery to show up.

    I can't work outside because they have my land line number and insist on calling up before they deliver. I had ask for a ballpark delivery time when ordering the goods but they wouldn't be tied down; if they had even told me when deliveries begin (since this is apparently not very soon in the day) I could have done the other things I needed to do first.

    Now it looks as though I might not get anything else at all done today - and I'm wondering if they will show up at all.

    All they have to do is bring in our 'fridge and plug it in, maybe they will balance the legs. I have already emptied my old fridge and there are food items and one medication that need to stay refrigerated. I've moved the old fridge outside single-handedly to save them (and me) time. They just need to show up!

    I've deliberately waited until 12 Noon before submitting this complaint, as their promise was, after all restricted to delivering "in the morning". Now it is Noon and they are officially in default of their promise.

    Despite the hassle I believe I will be making my own deliveries. They have only to come less than six miles and charge $55 to even drop anything off!

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  • Valerie Feb 11, 2008

    My neighbor, to whom I gave the card for "$10 off if $25 is spent" (because I don't typically shop at Lowes) that I received in the mail, and I went shopping for some plastic white Adirondack chairs and plants today. I would have gone to Home Depot, where I usually shop, but stopped at Lowes, at her suggestion, because she said she happened to have the coupon with her. We found only tan chairs and bought them (I paid with my credit card), got the $10 off, and took them home. Once home, I realized the color wasn't the best, so I suggested we go to Home Depot to see if maybe they had different colored chairs. We went Home Depot and that store did have same style chairs but more of a selection of colors, white, green and tan, for the same price. While at Home Depot, we bought $70 worth of pretty plants and two white chairs. I took the plants home, then loaded up the tan chairs from Lowes and returned them to the store. I got my money back from a polite young lady at the return counter. When I asked if I could have the $10 off discount back to use another time (the original mailed card was good until 2-7-08), she said she didn't know if she could do that. I asked for the manager. She called someone who said I could have the $10 back if I bought something that day to use it on. I said I didn't want to be forced to buy something that day and the person on the phone allegedly said he/she didn't have any discount cards available and that was the best he/she could do. Trying to compromise, although it was me being inconvenienced, I said I would go to the garden dept. outside and see if there were any more plants I could use the discount on today and would the person in charge on the phone come out there and talk to me about this issue. I gave the young lady my name and went to the garden dept. to look for plants. I did not find a comparable plant, at this Lowes store, to the one I had already purchased from Home Depot, walked around browsing while waiting for the person in charge to come out to talk and then got tired of waiting. After about 10 minutes, I went back to the return counter, told the young lady that the person never came out looking for me to address my concerns and she offered to call that person again. I declined and asked her to tell that person that this is why I will not regularly, if ever again, shop at Lowes (not to mention that there was only one color choice for the chairs in question) and that I will be contacting the corporate office about the poor customer service I feel I received today. As I was leaving, I asked a staff member wearing a Lowes shirt the name of the person in charge of the store today and he said "I think it's Doug Edwards." So please let your CEO know that Doug Edwards (if that's the person who was on the other end of the phone that day) is not dealing with customer concerns in an appropriate manner and his store just lost a potentially good customer (me), and possibly some of the people I will tell this story to, over $10.00. (When I returned home yesterday, I did email this concern to the Lowes feedback site online. I promptly received a notice in return that the feedback had been received and would be brought to the attention of the management of that store and that I would receive an email from the management within 24 hours).

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  • Valerie Apr 22, 2008

    We ordered a door from the Lowe's in Mission Valley in San Diego.

    The door arrived and the installer did his job. Unfortunately when the home owner came home she found that it was incorrect. Now we have to go through the hassle of reordering it.

    The Pella door that came in 4 weeks later was the same as the one we originally got. The Pella "Rep" said he knew it when he went to pick it up.

    So he took photos of the door to show them what NOT to do. Now we have to wait another 2 weeks to get a third door.

    We have been through this before with Lowe's when we ordered cabinets, so we know we are in for a fight.

    For some reason they just do not communicate with the factory. The Pella "Rep" was courteous when he arrived the first time to look over the door and made copious notes.

    For whatever reason Pella did not follow his notes. They just shipped another door that was manufactured just like the first one.

    We are giving them the two weeks. If they do not deliver our door on that day we are removing the door and casing and taking it back to the store ourselves for a refund and getting a door from someone else.

    I can't wait to see the look on their faces when we walk into their store with a door and want our money back.

    We're done with Lowe's. No more. We are going to get everything at Home Depot or the new True Value hardware store that went in near Clairemont Square.

    Lowe's - You are horrible. You may be in the top 50 in the Fortune 500 but you are in the bottom 50 when it comes to customer service and integrity. You lost a 2 to 3 thousand dollar per year customer.

    You will never again have the pleasure of taking our money.

    To Lowe's shoppers - Be tough and do what we did. By allowing them too much time to try to fix problems they hope that you as a customer will give up and go away. Being tough is the only way to get them to change.

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  • Valerie May 08, 2008

    I live in Greeneville Tennessee. And we have a single Lowes store. And believe me they know it. The people that (work?) there. Could care less about the customer. I am constantly frustrated with the lack of knowledge the employees have. Not to mention, they don’t give a crap attitude they have. The nearest competition is home depot in Johnson City, some 30 miles away. Which would cost me in time and fuel. Lowes has put mom and pops around here out of business. Because they can sell it cheaper than mom and pop can buy it. But is saving a few bucks worth the *** and frustration, that you have to go through? I don’t think so...

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  • Valerie Jun 02, 2008

    First of all, I am so pissed off at Lowe's in Louisville, KY. right now! Don't ever buy carpet from a box store...ever!!! You might think you are saving a bundle but, trust's not worth the hassle of the incompetent people Lowe's contracts out to install the carpet. I really believe that my 2 yr old could have done a better job measuring the carpet rather than the "carpet installer" His measurements were soo way off that they weren't able to install my carpet after 5 weeks of waiting! We ended up waiting another week to get the extra carpet ordered and installed. In the mean time, we had to basically live around the mess of my house which was torn completely upside down (my husband had moved all the furniture) When they did install the carpet, they took more smoke breaks than anything. Such lazy-***! They also booked it out of the house as soon as it was laid, leaving us to clean up their mess! They didn't even sweep the carpet remnants or moving anything back to the rooms like they were being paid to do! Lowe's needs to be a little pickier on who they hire to represent their company! I will NEVER buy anything from them AGAIN!!!

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  • Valerie Jun 09, 2008

    Lowes said that they cut tile for customers I bought some quarter round trim to go between my wall and countertop and only needed 4 pieces cut into mitred corners. This is a very small job. After I purchased it they told me their saw was broken and sent me to another store and their saw was broken and sent me to another store and at that store no one knew how to make a mitred corner and had no idea how to mitre a corner so they of course goofed it up. The sign is very large and states that they will cut tiles for you- ha ha tomorrow I am taking all the trim back including the goofed up stuff.

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  • Valerie Jun 13, 2008

    I purchased a washer and dryer in 12/06. I did not purchase the extended warranty. It is now broke. I called the service centre and the only number of the company that service's them can not get to me for 6 weeks. I called my local Lowe’s store westal NY and I was informed that I had no other options. This is crazy. I did not think my washer would break in that little time. I paid a lot of money for this washer. If this is the kind of service that I am getting from purchasing appliances for your company I will not be doing it again.

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  • Valerie Jun 18, 2008

    On Sunday June I went to Lowes in rock hill, sc, and waited 30 before anyone waited on me, so I may order some windows.

    Well when I went to the cashier, in lawn and garden centre to pay for them, when she tried to pull up my project, my name came up and that was all, she said someone had not put anything in the computer. After 15 minutes of waiting to pay, and her calling back to the windows department, I left and went to home depot. Was very disappointed. It was a $700.00 sale, but no more will I shop Lowes.

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  • Valerie Jun 27, 2008

    I bought slate blue siding for my house and garage. 3 years later I needed to replace 2 pieces. I was told I had to order at least 12 pieces. When I first purchased the siding, it was a stocked item. Now its special order only. Yet they have tan in several shades in stock. What gives? Plus their new checkouts suck big time. Plus try getting a semi to their docks to deliver a load. Mishawaka, Indiana is the worst.

    Also I bought kitchen cabinets and now I wanted to expand and guess what, the cabinets I purchased have been discontinued. It seems everything I purchased is no longer available. oh by the way, they built a lowes store I mile from my home, and my new kitchen cabinets will be purchased from there.

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  • Ju
    justanotherguy Aug 27, 2008
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    I'm sorry about your situation, but blaming it on Lowe's will not get you anywhere.

    First of all, you decided not to pay for the extended warranty. That's YOUR first mistake. The extended warranty is there for a reason. Not everything is immaculate. Do you call up your car dealer the first time your car has a problem after you bought it? No. Things break all the time.

    Second, a year and half is a relatively short amount of time for something to break, but it still can happen. In this case, you should call the company. Lowe's really owes you nothing. They have return policies and warranties for a reason. Home Depot, or any other appliance store, would say the same thing.

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  • Valerie Sep 15, 2008

    I purchased a extended warranty with my Maytag washer from Lowe's.When my washer broke I called to have it repaired.That was a Aug.6.It is now Sept.10, and still no repair.It was to be 6 to 10 business days for the part to come in.Then there was all sorts of reasons for delay.My wash was really increasing.Just think of your families sheets and towels for one week.Then add in all the clothing!I complained to the people who were to do the repair with no results.I complained with the extended warranty people.They were working on it, checking into it.A lot of words for no customer service.But today I was told the part was in, they would come between 3 and 5pm.Hope at last, however it is 6:38pm.No courtesy call to let me know they they are running late.Well, more lousy customer service.I really don't think they are coming anymore, today.I'm a older lady 59, I remember when great customer service was important.We ran our own business, we wanted to provide that kind of service.I guess big companies may be to busy for that.

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  • Valerie Oct 31, 2008

    I have an Harbor Breeze Aero ceiling fan in my spare bedroom that is rarely used. The halogen light is already blown. That's fine- easy enough to change a light...WRONG. You have to unscrew the globe counterclockwise but my entire fan unscrews from the ceiling. First of all the halogen lights are supposed to last "forever". But you know- if Lowe's is going to make a cheap fan the least they could do is make it easy to change the bulb. I guess I will have to call an electrician since Lowe's will not respond to my complaint. It's so embarrassing when we have company. We just built and new house and "sorry your light in the spare room doesn't work you'll have to use the lamp". I should have bought a Hunter and will never buy another Harbor Breeze. There have been more problems with this fan I found when I was researching a way to change the bulb. You can google it and see for yourself!

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  • Ex
    ExEmployeeLSA Nov 18, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I doubt any of you read your terms and conditions. Many of you don't even know how insurance/warranties/contracts work, but you'll b***h and moan about the service that your not paying for. Next time, don't buy the plan, wait just as long for service, and pay for it yourself. The plan basically is there to pay for the service. I used to work for Service Advantage, and guess what..90% of you have absolutely no idea what you were covered for, or what you were actually entitled too. Thats not our fault, thats your fault. In regards to parts, your plan clearly states "Availability of Services: WhileWe try to complete service as quickly as possible,
    We are not responsible for delays caused by factors beyond Our control, including but not limited to manufacturer’s parts delays, shipping to a regional service facility, or Acts of God." This is DIRECTLY from your terms and conditions.

    I've bought plans, and since I am an EDUCATED consumer, who takes the TIME to know what I'm buying, I've never had a problem getting things fixed through warranties or contracts.

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  • Ni
    Nina Dec 22, 2008

    I went into LOWE'S & bought a saw for my husband for Christmas. I went out to the parking lot & my car would not start. I looked & it was out of gas!! It was the first experience of this ever happening to me. I went back into LOWE'S & asked for help to locate a gas can & as I was walking to pay for it I came across some people that worked for LOWE'S & asked if someone could take me across the street to the gas station. The Manager (I don't know what department) was there his name was Steve Drigds. He came right back to me & said no way because we don't allow store employees to go out of LOWE'S when they are working. I then explained that I had a bad foot & bad knee. He said that is too bad. With tears in my eyes because I was hurting so much & the feeling that no one would help I took the gas can across a very busy highway of 6 lanes & tryed the best I could to get across. I finally did & then I didn't know how to put gas in the container so I asked this guy if he could help & he said no I then asked another guy & he very nicely told me how. I proceed to get gas, pay, & go across the street again & I saw a policeman & he never even raised his hands & I looked staight at him. I put the gas in my car went back into the store & took the saw back & received my money back & I will no longer go into LOWE'S again. TALK ABOUT HELPING PEOPLE IS A JOKE AT LOWE'S.

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  • Ga
    Gaile Davidson Jan 07, 2009

    Lowe's really should be out of business by now. No one in their right mind would let this company contract a kitchen install - and I'm obviously not in my right mind. They've been trying to correct a catastrophic cabinet install for a year at my house - and they've still not got it right. Remember, when you use their install service, you get what they pay for - not what you pay for. Spend a little extra money and get someone who really knows what they're doing - not someone who can barely run a retail outlet.

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  • Ki
    kingpax Feb 21, 2009

    geez all that for 10 dollars --you had about 8 people taking care of you next time put some thought into things before you buy

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  • Ge
    GeniusAtWork Mar 15, 2009
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    Verified customer

    You're defenitely doing something wrong. First of all, a fan cannot unscrew when removing the light pan. Is just impossible unless you did NOT installed it correctly to begin with.

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  • Te
    teri May 11, 2009

    I am writing in complaint of poor customer service in several stores in the South Jersey region. My husband and
    myself over the years have spent thousands at this store. When making a purchase on Saturday our check
    was declined for not enough info. The girl at the register was rude . They had all the info with photo ID the company that verifies info rejected the check, but she couldn't be bothered to call a manger to straighten it out
    (too busy making inappropiate comments). We evan paid by credit card. We checked with our bank no problem
    with the account. Then two days later we purchase another item and are held up 10 minutes waiting on verification with this stupid check verification company who she talked to and would not let us talk on the phone
    and she lied and said it was just a recording. They have definitely lost business. I will go to Home Depot from
    now on and I will put out the word about these inconsiderate jerks .

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  • Es
    Estar Sep 04, 2009

    When attempting to check out at the Lowes Store located at W. 10th Street, Indianapolis, IN, only one cashier line was open. Several customers were waiting to be helped. The man in front of me asked a store employee if she was opening another line and she said "yes." We went to the line she indicated and she began to wait on this man and then told me that I had to go to the cashier next to her who had just opened up. I had to go to the back of the line. When it was my turn to be served, the cashier simply walked away leaving me standing there. The cashier who had told me to move to that line was waiting on customers who had been behind me. I put down the items I planned to purchase and stated "I guess I am leaving." People behind me said the same thing. I have spent close to $25, 000 at Lowes over the past couple of years. I had just finished working a 14 hour shift and wasted an hour in the store. They have lost a good customer through their employees' rudeness.

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  • Sm
    Smart Sep 24, 2009

    May 2017 floors were installed in my home by Lowe's located in Newburgh, NY. During installation by contractor's they broke a pipe in the bathroom. The pipe was incorrectly fixed which caused cracking in the Marble floors that were installed. Lowe's was contacted by myself in December 17, 2017. On 1/12/08 Contractor Danny came to my residence and removed several tiles from the bathroom. On 1/21/08 Uptown Contracting Company was scheduled to come to my home to repair the broken pipe. This company never showed. On 1/23/08 a complaint was filed by myself. I called Lowe's Corporate Office on 1/23/08 and spoke with Ruth she administered complaint # [protected]. Approx. two weeks later the pipe was fixed On 2/4/08 Contractor Danny put cement on the floors and stated he would return in 48 hours to tile the floors. He never returned. To date we have no floors and Lowe's did not return our money.

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  • Re
    Reneejander Nov 22, 2009

    ok, believe it or not 700 dollars, while it may be a lot to you, is not that big a deal. Before blasting an entire company, I would consider a couple of things; first, is it your one store? Probably not, because as a sales associate they are REQUIRED to sell a certain amount, or they get fired or demoted. Second, there could be a simple reason your order did not go through, we are dealing with computers after all. I can tell you, though I live over 1000 miles away, it was not that Lowe's did not want yourbusiness. You probably had a new cashier (they are the hardest to keep) who didnt know it was a simple process. Or, you were pre-approved for a credit card but your sales associate had walked off from the computer, probably to walk you up front, and never saw it therefore your sale took a few extra keystrokes to make sure it went through. Bottom line, make sure you take everything in. Just like the waitress who didn't refill your tea? Well, make sure she was dropping the ball and not totally slammed before you leave off that tip.

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  • Ha
    HateThem Nov 30, 2009

    I ordered 9 pieces of sheet rock and 1 piece of plywood (which took over 45 minutes they were short handed on a sunday as usual. Delivery was $49.00 ( I found this out after waiting over 25 minutes for someone at the pro desk who never did answer) and I was willing to pay it even though it was $45.00 less for the same delivery and materials at McCoys because I was told they would bring the materials in my house and being a woman I couldn't handle carrying all of it by myself. The morning of the delivery no delivery. It wasn't until the afternoon he finally called and said he was going to drop it in the driveway. I said I paid to have it delivered inside and he said he was only 1 person and it would be an additional $2.00 a sheet and I would have to wait for anther delivery day until they had 2 guys. After speaking to the store manager the only thing she was willing to do was refund my money and credit me back. If you're looking for customer service don't shop at Lowes in Killeen or either in Temple (their delivery charge was $69.00). Go to a real lumber yard. I learned my lesson.

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  • Rt
    RT REV THERECA TUCKER Feb 28, 2010

    It doesn't matter if it were $10.00 or $.10 the fact is it was your money... whether a discount or not, and you were right to complain... the email is a standard email they send everybody, I hate to say. I too did the same thing and got the same response... from the corporate office... as for kingpax you must be independently wealthy to not worry about throwing away $10.00 or still at home where mom and dad would just give you $10.00 bucks

    Tampa here is what we have been dealing with...

    We shopped around in the appliance section for quite a bit before we had to actually hunt a salesperson, after doing so we discussed getting a chest style freezer delivered and asked about getting some plywood delivered at the same time. We were informed that this would not be an issue, when the guys delivered the chest freezer they could deliver the wood on the same truck. We just needed to go to lumber and get the number for what we needed.
    > So off to lumber we went and after about 30 minutes of wander around we finally sent my son to the cashier to ask for someone to come assist us in lumber to get us the numbers( seemed no one was in the lumber area at all). We then took the numbers back to appliances and placed the order, expecting the next day delivery as advertised. Yet another surprise...sorry we were told, you will have to wait until the day after tomorrow. We smiled said ok made it clear that we could not accept delivery before 2:30 so we could have someone available to assist the delivery person in getting the lumber in the the house.
    > Delivery day came, at 1:40 we got a call from the delivery driver, he was on his way, we explained that delivery was to be made after 2:30. Deborah had to go to work at 2:00, I am disabled and my son would not be in from school until 2:30.
    > The driver informed us that his truck stopped at 3: 00 and he was on his way.
    > He arrived, he was alone, he got out of his truck unloaded a forklift put the plywood and deep freezer on the forklift and proceeded to unload the wood and freezer into the snow and dog poop in the front yard. He said his job does not deliver indoors. His job is driveway, sidewalk or garage delivery.
    > It took some convincing but Deborah was able to get him to get the freezer in the house, he did so begrudgingly thumping it up the stairs, setting it in the kitchen floor and leaving without set up to see if it worked.
    > We were not only livid but furious. Deborah had to call in late for work, to get the lumber in from the snow, on her own, and once she brought the wood in we found the two sheets warped and the final sheet broken.
    > We called the store manager BRIAN, who was matter of fact about it, I will talk to him I will get his side of it, we will bring you another piece of plywood, but make sure we have access to get the broken piece..
    > I just feel this is very poor service...on all points and it seems that someone should be aware of it. Im not usually in the habit of making complaints quite the opposite I like to commend the better habits. This just could not be over looked.
    So redelivery has been set for after 10:00 Saturday... we waited until 4:30 pm all day no phone call, no messages, no delivery of the new piece to replace the broken piece and In the mean time we got to looking at the receipt and realized we had been over charged as well.
    So back on the phone with "Brian" who says come on in we will refund you the money and then ring it up at the sale price.

    It is now 5:00 we leave to head off to Beavercreek to Lowe's where this 12 yr old looking rooster haired boy with the "Oh God just hurry up and get out of her so I can text my bff and gf look" comes up and he is "Brian" We again explain we still have not gotten our delivery, he wants to know if we have a truck... no that is why we asked for delivery, and look dud not not a spelling error I meant dud I am using a cane does it look like I am going to carry plywood?
    Well they could still deliver it today, that is funny when they delivered before they said the truck stops at 3:00... do off to the refund part... they go to the register, because now there are two of them... and began to do something it took two of them to do, when suddenly they turned the register screen around and said it will be $169.00...??????????????????? EXCUSE ME NO NO IT WILL BE $17.00 THAT IS WHAT YOU OWE ME!!! Oh we don't do that we sell it to you first at the Sale price and then we refund the money back into your account in 7-10 days... WHAt? or we can give you a gift card for the $ 17.00 for use in store only. AT THIS POINT I DO NOT WANT TO SHOP IN THIS STORE EVER AGAIN>>> NOW I CAN UNDERSTAND IF IT WERE MY MISTAKE, IF I BOUGHT THE WRONG STUFF AND RETURNED IT, IF I DIDNT LIKE THE COLOR AND RETURNED IT, BUT THIS IS THEIR MISTAKE, THEY WROTE IT UP WRONG, THEY RANG IT UP WRONG, THEY DELIVERED IT WRONG, THEY BROKE PART OF THE ORDER THEY STILL HAVE NOT MADE THAT PART RIGHT AND NOW THEY WANT ME TO BUY IT AGAIN... OR TAKE A GIFT CARD. We took the gift card just to get out of there, we still have the broken wood which they will come for Monday after 2:30( of course they will) and pick up the old wood...that is broken in two directions...
    I even contacted the main customer service... their comment was not much different than Brians... "we will talk to the store manager regarding your concerns" perhaps they should get "BRIAN A COLORING BOOK"


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  • Vi
    vinlow Jun 16, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Harbor Breeze made the fan not Lowe's. Harbor breeze is a product Lowe's sells. You need to be contacting them and complain about them not Lowe's. Same if buying black and Decker from Wal-mart if it breaks are you going to bad mouth Wal-Mart or Black and Decker...

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  • Zo
    Zoie Jun 17, 2010

    Regular Part Timers are struggling for hours now, because Lowe's has cut their hours down to 10 hours a week. But Lowe's continue to give more hours to the Seasonal Students. These Seasonal Students have more rights then your Regular Part Timers who are there all year round. The Seasonal Students come and go as they please and when they graduate from college they will be gone. Here I'm struggling to make ends meet, because I can not find a full time job. How am I suppose to live on 10 hours a week on the pay they give me. I know for a fact that they pay some of these Seasonal Students more then your Regular Part Timers. If the Seasonal Students get kicked out of their system and come back, they will be categorized as experienced and get more money each time they come back! If they can not afford to pay the Regular Part Timers then they should start laying off their Seasonal Students. Not cut the hours on their Regular Part Timers who are struggling for their lives! Most stores are not even hiring their Seasonal Students back. These stores are more loyal to all of their Regular employee's then Lowe's! I have no choice in this economy!

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  • Zo
    Zoie Jun 17, 2010

    She is nick name the Princess by most of the employee's at Lowe's. The Lowe's store manager allows it to happen, because his is an idiot! She came in as a seasonal employee. She was too lazy to pick up an insert that had fallen onto the floor, so she stepped on it and shoved it under a skid. Now she has head cashier rights no thanks to the big idiot store manager. We are suppose to clock in with our vest or apron on, but no in her case. She clocks in with no vest or apron on, because she is the princess. When she is late she will decline the punch in an make some excuse why she was not able to punch in on time. She is power hungry and treat some employee like ### in front of customers. Customers are in disbelief. She is impatient, rude, lazy and dishonest, but the big idiot store manager will keep her! She love to sit in customer service and do nothing. She will walk around the store and do nothing when she is acting head cashier. Basic getting paid from Lowe's for doing nothing! Lowe's really know how to waste money on this employee, no thanks to the store manager! There is this fact that she will steal the head cashier keys when she can get the chance to do so. That way she can just stand there and look pretty and now she has the power, because she has the keys. But Lowe's will keep this employee, The Princess!

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  • Ch
    Chase C Jul 06, 2010

    Head Cashiers has no concerns about their Loaders getting Heat Stroke. They (Lowe's, Managers, Human Resources, or Head Cashiers) do not give Loaders enough time or frequency to allow them to get their core temperature down or allow them to drink enough water to get rehydrated. Lowe's makes this great speech about "Safety" and how important it is. Concerning this matter they lie, lie, and lie. They prefer a person to pass out and still will not admit to it, because they have idiots in charge of their stores. Lowe's apparently do not care about their hard working employees getting Heat Stroke and Collapse! Come on people wake up and think of what you are doing! We are talking about 90 degree temperatures and a heat index of 100%. How Stupid can you be!

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  • Ki
    KixStar Jul 06, 2010

    Lowe's doesn't "allow them to drink enough water"?? Is there a manager standing near the water fountain with a timer?

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  • Lo
    Lori Z Jul 07, 2010

    I just found out that a Seasonal-Student is paid a lot more than the Part -Timers. The Seasonal-Student started in 2017, less than 2 years ago. That person is being paid $10.60 an hour. I work all year round and have been with Lowe's for 6 years. I'm still getting paid under $10 an hour. It's almost a dollar more than I get paid. I'm struggling to see how to pay my mortgage and utilities! What's wrong with this picture! What is Lowe's thinking. Lowe's steal hours from the Part-Timers and cut them down to 10 hour per week and gives them to the Seasonal-Students. Seasonal-Students even are given more than 10 hours a week. They will not be living out on the streets, like I will be very soon. They still have a home to go back to! Not happy at all concerning this matter. Lowe's treat their loyal Part-Timers like dirt or ###! Lowe's treat the Seasonal-Students like gold! : ( Lowe's need to pay your Part-Timers more! A lot of Part-Timer are very upset of the whole situation!

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  • Ja
    James T Aug 04, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I purchased a $159 Extended Protection Plan for my Whirlpool Washer. The paint is peeling off. A Lowe's service technician and a customer representative from Lowe's Service Advantage said it was misapplication by the manufacturer. However, Lowe's is breaking their legal contract with myself and calling is "cosmetic damage" (please reference Lowe's EPP contract). WARNING! Do not purchase an Extended Protection Plan from Lowe's! Purchase one directly from the manufacturer. I wanted to file a small claim against Lowe's; however, the filing costs were over $100.

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  • Sh
    SHAUNNA-ANN Dec 29, 2010

    I work at lowe's all year round. I help them out when they are in a bind with call off's. I have been with lowe's for 8 years. I had to work two jobs to make ends meet. Now, when I got laid off from my full time job and lowe's business has been down, they still hire back the seasonal - students. These seasonal - students do not have a mortgage, car, utilities and food or any others bills to pay. They still live with their parents! It is just play money for most of them! The meager hourly pay and unemployment does not cut it, when it come to my bills. I'm trying to keep a roof over my head. Apparently, lowe's do not care for their regular part - time loyal employee's. I did not start yesterday! Apparently, being there 8 years does not even matter to them!! They do not care if you loose you house! Even target did not hire some of their seasonal - students back! If you can not afford to pay your regular employee's, you do not hire the seasonal - students back. That's why you hired them as "seasonal". Lowe's has no heart for their regular part-time employees!!! Lowe's only really need the seasonal-students in the summer, because that is when they make their money! Is lowe's really that stupid???

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  • Bo
    Bonita Panther Jan 27, 2011

    wow, i felt like you were talking about a ### inmy store lmaoo its the same all over a very bad culture

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  • Cl
    CLS1 Feb 28, 2011

    2017 ogletown road
    Newark de 19711



    The overnight manager at lowes "kim mynok" is the cruelest pettiest individual who has ever been in a supervisor position at this company. she picks on her overnight crew if she does not like them and lies to upper management about their work performance in order to get them fired. she is verbally abusive to everyone and especially picks on a disabled employee named steve kondus. steve kondus suffered a stroke a few years back and works hard to provide for his ederly mother! everyone works hard overnight's with the exception of kim mynok and her assistant mike trata. these two so called supervisor's sit in the back room the entire shift and put 99% of the work load on everybody else!

    As I have already mentioned kim mynok is verbally abusive and holds unprofessional grudges against people she does not like. she does everything she can including moving freight in to the wrong bays to make the people she does not like look bad. this has caused people to get into trouble and lose their job!

    Mike trata, her assistant does exactly what she say’s including the harassment of employee's she does not like. he does this so that she will give him a good review and a raise, not because its justified!
    Let me restate that it has nothing to do with work performance.

    All of the night crew associate's work hard with the exception of kim mynok and mike trata.
    The most important thing I am trying to get accross is that kim mynok is abusive and unprofessional to her subordinates and deserves to be fired along with mike trata post haste!

    Going to upper management does not help because they listen to kim mynok and mike trata not the associate!

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  • So
    sophia2030 Mar 03, 2011

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  • An
    annacross Apr 18, 2011

    I have a problem with this lowe's on west colonial. They are not professional people, I must admit there are a couple there but not many. You can never get any help on the sales floor. The management sucks after there was no help in the department i was in I went to the front to get someone to help me. The young lady got me an manager and she was not any help at all she had no knowledge and seemed to be very confrused. Again this was a manager she was very breif and short with helping me which really didn't help at all. But as I left out the door I looked around and saw alot of red vest satnding around the front door talking and laughing with the manager. There were two cashiers working with lines long. But we had about 5-6 people at the door talking. This is why I hate coming in lowe's poor customer service. I must say out of the whole lowe's store there are two young ladies that always stand out with great customer service is Taniesha and Sara. When they are not there I don't like going there. Two of lowe's best assets, very nice ladies wish everyone was like them.

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  • Pa
    Paul in Summerfield, NC Aug 16, 2011

    Lowe's sent my Husquevarna lawnmower to be fixed by a company called Seed Planters Supply in Huntersville, NC (740.992.0330). It has been 6 1/2 weeks, numerous phone calls, follow-ups, etc. and I still don't have my mower back. I have even talked to the owner (Rob) on at least three occasions including this past weekend when he said, "I'm looking at your fully repaired mower and I guarantee that it will be delivered on Monday." Well, it's now Tuesday morning and still no mower. I will never buy a Lowe's EPP policy again nor would I ever deal with Seed Planters Supply.

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  • Ro
    rookie2848 Nov 17, 2012

    Working with her in North East MD store and you are telling the truth.

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