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Y Jul 15, 2019


1. LG demonstrate irresponsible behavior towards its customers as I could not find any help to fix my washing machine problem since Nov. 2018. This machine was internationally warranted, however this was not the case. I got the LG product then I suffered a lot to get it repaired which obliged me to buy a new washing machine.

2. LG Egypt told; we are not responsible to fix the problem with your model.
LG Egypt refused to help me getting the need spare parts two times. I have to get the electronic boards from LG Saudi, one was not needed because of misdiagnosing the problem (The board needs to be changed was the bump one not the main board).

3. LG Egypt / CSD does not response well to LG customers, just auto reply without reading, understanding or helping customers. Very bad attitude and behavior in handling customers.

Please find below sample of the correspondences via whats-app. You may refer also to the phone conversation via CSD phone services.

Good morning Sir/ Madam.
Here is Dr. Ahmed.
I kindly request a technician to fix the electronic board for my washing machine LG ASAP ( As per the advice of LG Technician during his last visit).
I got the board from LG Saudi as the model is not availabe in Egypt.
I've already sent you a scanned copy of the original invoice via my wife WhatsApp account.
I followed my messages with a phone call with your customer service center to enhance the process.
Please consider this matter as an urgent and send your technician ASAP.

You refused to verifying the spare part with its serial # and now you have the original invoice.

Thanks for your prompt response.
Ahmed Awad

شكرا لاتصالكم بشركة ال جى للاليكترونيات, نعتذر فقد انتهت مواعيد العمل اليوم من فضلك اترك رسالتك وسوف يتم التواصل معكم غدا خلال مواعيد العمل
مواعيد العمل من السبت الى الخميس من 09:00 ص الى 08:00 م ماعدا الجمعه من 09:00 ص الى 05:00 م .
Thank you for contacting LG Customer Care. Sorry our working hours is finished, please leave your message and we will get back to you during our working hours Working hours from:09.00 AM to 08:00 PM Saturday to Thursday and Friday from 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM.
Thank you

This is a contradicting message as it's now Wednesday 11:16 am and you inform that your working hours is finished !!!

Dear Sir/Madam,
Your technician visited me today to replace the electronic board of my washing machine with the new one I got from LG in Saudi as he advised, however the machine is still not working.
He told me that he is not aware of this machine model and he just discovered that there is another board for the pump and it may be the cause of the problem.

I asked him if he is sure that the main electronic board that we changed is not working he replied not but this could be confirmed once we change the other board of the pumb.

I'n really shocked with this answer and

I do not know if he could diagnosed the problem of the machine correctly and I thought he just follow a try and error. I do not think he is following any structured approach in diagnosing and fixing the problem. This indeed costs me a lot and disappointing me.

Indeed I like and trust LG brands but I would not expect to having such harsh experience to fix a problem with my washing machine.

I would kindly request to help me fixing this problem ASAP.

Hello Sir/Madam,
I've just received a call directly from the technician whereas he told he is going to visit me today and he will perform tow tasks:
1. Trying to repair the pump board
2. Taking the # of the pump board for replacement if not repaired.

He told also that; I have to pay for this spare part. I would like to know how it'll cost me? And what is about the main board which has been changed and there is no confirmation that it was damaged?!

I just want to make sure that this issue has been discussed with higher authorities at LG technical Dept.?

I've been in this masses since Nov. 2018 !!!

شكراً للتحدث الى خدمة عملاء إل چى للإلكترونيات - مصر, لضمان جودة و مستوى الخدمة المقدمة اليكم, سوف يتم عرض استطلاع راى فى نهايه المحادثة لتقييم ما قدم اليكم من معلومات, ونحن نرحب برايكم بهدف تحسين الخدمة.

يرجى الانتظار وسوف يتم الرد عليكم من خلال احد ممثلي خدمة العملاء خلال 30 دقيقه بحد اقصى.

Thank you for contacting LG Electronics Egypt, To ensure the service quality which provided to you, after the end of this conversation there is a short survey which score us on the service provided to you today through WhatsApp, we would be appreciate your opinion in order to better service.

Please wait and your message will be answered by a customer service representative within 30 minutes maximum.

welcome mr : ahmed mohamed with you
sorry for late
can you tell me the number Registered with data

Sorry which number you mean?

Waiting for reply from your presence
The conversation will be closed and please follow up at another time suitable for your presence and we are honored to talk to you

welcome mr : ahmed mohamed with you
we need the mobile number you tell the Maintenance center


welcome mr : ahmed
The relevant department has contacted you but you have not responded
A message was sent back to them

I received a message from the CSD and I phoned them yesterday to explain the whole situation and the CS agent promised to escalate to LG management and back to me.
Please refer to my lat call records.
Thank you

Data has been referenced, and yesterday, and no response has been received from you

Is there any other query

Thank you for your time. We hope this conversation has been assist you. Kindly we need 1 minute of your time to make the survey, this survey will help us to improve our service in the future .
Thanks for choosing LG, Have a nice day …
The link of the survey :

Good morning.
Your technician told me that; you will make an order for the pump board and expecting to receive it within 10 to 20 days and I asked how it will Cost?

Your technician have already took the number of the needed board...

My second inquiry is ; I need to make sure that the main board which you changed was needed as your technician was not aware that this model includes tow boards; main board and pump board. It might be a wrong diagnosis and the main board was working. He told that in his last visit once he discovered the pump board, later he changed his words and assure that both boards need to be changed. If this was the case why he did not realize that in his first visits in Nov. 2018!!!
He just noted only in the receipt changing the main board. When I contacted LG in Saudi Arabia to get the board they informed me to make sure which board the main one or the pump, I phoned LG Egypt and your technician confirmed the main board is the one which needs to be changed and nothing about the pump board!

After all, You showed some understanding to help me getting the pump board and to fix the machine but unfortunately what I understood from your last correspondences that you closed the case and requesred to fill the Survey !!!

Indeed I do not feel that LG Egypt has a sincere responsibility towards LG customers!!!

( رد آلى معد مسبقا ) ... شكرا للتحدث الى خدمة عملاء إل چى للإليكترونيات - مصر

مرحبا بك, سوف يتم الرد عليكم خلال ساعتين او بحد اقصى فى خلال اليوم لكثرة الرسائل الآن ...
يرجى العلم ان البيانات المرسله فى المحادثة تطبق عليها " سياسة خصوصية البيانات " الخاصه بشركة إل چى.
برجاء ترك استفسارك ورقم الهاتف المتعلق به او المسجل لدينا .

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