LG &Premium& Dryer DLE2532Wdefective lg &premium& dryer dle2532w

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What happened?

The Drum separated from back housing rendering the LG Dryer completely useless. The service tech said LG should cover since this was a defective design. LG refuses to cover since it's older than 1 year.

Purchased a 'premium' LG Dryer. 4 months after purchasing there was a problem with the dryer. Called LG and stated that it was noisy, but service tech they sent out did not find anything wrong so he replaced the motor.

5 months after the warranty was up, the dryer completely stopped working due to a safety switch failure which I had repaired out of pocket.

4 months ago, the drum completed separated (which was probably why the dryer was always noisy, and cause of lint accumulation which burned out the safety switch).

Letter to LG: (this is the 3rd attempt to have LG repair and the latest)
Customer Service Product/Model No. : Laundry Dryer/DLE2532W
Dear LG Service Representative, I'm writing you regarding a defective 'premium' LG dryer I purchased. On 05.31.03 I paid $770 for this LG dryer at Best Buy On 11.26.03 I had Warranty Service performed because dryer was noisy and vibrating, MR. APPLIANCE could not find source of problem but replaced motor. On 12.01.04 dryer stopped working and I paid out of warranty service to replace relays that protect dryer from catching on fire. On 05.05.08 the noise became substantially louder and I tried to get service without success - but the service technician stated this should be covered under warranty since this was a known defective design, where the drum becomes separated from back housing. Please note too that this was a problem I called in 6 months after purchase, and probably the cause of the lint build up killed the dryer that I paid for repair out of pocket to repair a relay. Please let me know if you are willing to cover costs of parts to repair this $770 defective LG dryer like should have been done to begin with. Thanks in advance for your help. Sincerely,

LG Response:
We are delighted to hear from you as our Valued Customer. We sincerely regret that you have experienced difficulties with your LG Product. While we constantly strive for better ways of keeping maintenance to a minimum, occasional failures can occur. The manufacturer’s limited warranty is designed to take care of any failures in the early life of the unit. Once this warranty has expired however, the consumer becomes responsible for any repair. Your unit is now out of the manufacturer’s warranty and we are unable to assist you with the expense of this repair. If you have other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us again either via email, or by calling our customer service division at [protected] at your convenience. Adolfo C E-mail Administrator Customer Interactive Center LGEAI

In summary:
If this is how LG treats their customers who are willing to pay TOP Dollar for their "Premium" Products - then Buyer Beware! I will never and would advise folks to never buy their products. This dryer is a pc of junk.


  • Aw
    A.Wood May 18, 2011

    I agree with Jeff, we also purchased the same dryer and 2 years ago it started thumping. Upon inspection the drum is split open on the seam just inside the door. The dryer has very low hours, this is definitely a known defect that should be replaced under a recall. There are literally thousands of units with the same problem, and LG has no liability? Where is the BBB.

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  • Cy
    Cyndni Mar 09, 2012
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    We bought ours used and on day 2 it stopped working. I discovered the lint trap tray is the actual culprit. It has a rubber trim and I noticed ours had a small section missing which caused lint to fall into the unit. My husband took it apart and there was TONS of lint...piled up on the heating element and all inside. A wire was even singed. It cost us $150 more to have it fixed and it was a total fire hazard! BIG TIME fire hazard!! It also melted the wheel that spins the barrel.

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