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I bought a dishwasher for over $800 dollars and have only used it for 14 months. Now the washer is giving me LE reading. Spending over $800 on an appliance of my hard earned money and now the unit is not even working.
ON top of that I keep receiving mail asking me to buy extended warranty!! What is this selling crappy roducts and then asking consumers to buy extended warranty to repair your crappy products!
Looks like I did not make the right choice of buying a good product. So you manufacture products that break down in one year and then expect consumers to pay hundreds getting it repaired if they cannot affort your expensive extended Warranty?
I will be submitting more feed back on your face book page so everyone knows to be weary of your products.

Reuben R Gounder
9711 S 212th Street,
Kent 98031


May 16, 2019
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      May 19, 2019

    Hi Mr. Grounder.

    I believe I can be of some help.

    All forms of merchandise have the possibility for problems. Some are from broken or defective parts, other issues can be from external problems. In order to keep the merchandise's pricing competitive to the market, most manufacturers provide a one year-limited warranty with the merchandise. LG actually goes beyond that by offering a 10 year, pro-rated part warranty on select parts. Although LG does offer extended warranties directly, many retailers offer extended support too.

    The first step I'd recommend taking is using any Android based or IOS based smart phone and downloading LG Smart ThinkQ app. This app will help diagnose the problem and may provide an easy solution without even needing a service call. If a service call is recommended, this app will also help with that.

    You'll find it helpful to contact your retailer. They can provide you the specific warranty coverage on the unit you purchased. They'll also be the ones to likely help you set up a service call to rectify the problem.

    Hopefully this will lead you to a happy and enjoyable solution to your problem.

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