LG Electronicsair conditioner dual inverter 1.5 horse

I bought Air conditioner dual inverter 1.5 horse, in 1st of july 2019.

I have issues with it since day one, first the voice was very loud, few days later they came and fix it. And mentioned that the voice was from the quill.

Few days later there was a water leakage in the external unit, the guy from the company came again and he said this issue is from the installation and one who install the air conditioner didn't isolate the tubes correctly.

They fix this issue but yet it wasn't the last one, the voice appeared again, they came again and now the internal unit was not installed correctly, and it need to be moved a few centimeter down. And they put some cream ( Literally my wife cream) in some part in the internal unit to fix the sound issue.

The air conditioner should be fine now right, no sir.

Water leakage but now from the internal unit, the guy from the company said that, there's some part we need to change called (the coil) and i will order it and will come to replace it after few days.

But i refused and i told him no i will not fix it again, and i need a new one or i need my money back.

No one from the company called me till now, and am not able to use the air conditioner in this hot weather in egypt.

LG Electronics

  • Updated by Ayman Helmy, Sep 14, 2019

    4 days now and no one from the company even called me

Sep 13, 2019

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