LG Electronicstv

N Aug 01, 2019

If you want to avoid a mess, never order anything directly from LG's website. Just after submitting an order online, I read some reviews of LG and decided to cancel my order. It would not let me cancel the order online, and the main number they give you for customer service is very unhelpful. After getting dropped and redirected all over the place, I was finally told they could not cancel online orders directly. Instead, they gave a support email address to submit my cancellation request. I get an automated email back saying my request has been submitted, and then nothing happens.

I called two days later and worked through another maze of transfers to finally talk with someone who explained that my order had not been cancelled. She assured me she was able to resolve things and get the order cancelled. Three days later, I get an email and the order has been shipped. Best they can do now is have me return the order, but now I am not sure anything about their process will work. We shall see if I ever get my money back.

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