LG Electronicsreplacement arrangement

K Oct 02, 2019

I purchase a LED TV on 25 July. 2019, delivery on 29 July. 2019, and found the LED panel display issue, call for CS to arrange an on site testing, and finally the engineer report the TV had technical issue, and will give me a band new TV replacement.

Service invoice date is 9 Aug 2019, but till now, 2 Oct 2019, CS keep replay me they didn't have any stock can replace, I had watch a broken TV over 2 months, and that is a 2019 model, 49UM7400P, how come a new model will out of stock over 2 months.

I'm very disappointed and angry for LG Hong Kong, I would no longer to wait for the replacement, i need a refund right now, and buy another band, at least i can watch a fully function 4K LED TV.

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