LG Electronicsrefrigerator 14 ft

E Aug 02, 2018

Dear Sir/Madam
Good day,

I bought one LG refrigerator on 2015, from an authorized seller called almorshedy, in Egypt, on 20th of July 2018, I found out that freezer is not working.

I shut it down for 3.5 hours and got everything out of it.

Turned it on again and it still was not working

On 21st of July I called the call center and reported the issue, they gentleman asked me to do what I did on yesterday, when I confirmed to him that I did, he did a maintenance request for me, and the technician came same day, and advised after checking that whether the board or the compressor is not working.

He advised he would order the board first, if it worked after changing the old one that would be OK, if it still not working he would order the compressor then.

On 24th I called the call center again, the agent advised that spare parts take 3 working days to be delivered. And confirmed that board order was made on 22ND of July.

The technician came on 25 with the board, installed it, and it still was not working so he advised he would order the compressor now.

On 1st of August I called the call center, it was complete frustrating call, the gentleman advised that compressor is bing imported and would take 35 days (give or take) to be delivered, I tried to convince him that it is not logic and if it is this way, they better change the hole thing or any other solution that I should not wait that long in a hot country like ours, he told me what he can do is file a complaint, I told him no I'll do it myself.

I need urgent solution as I left my home for that and I already live in a remote area.

This is very frustrating and disappointing that I rely on a brand positive that it will not malfunction or breakdown, and if it did I'd find a customer service that I deserve, taking into consideration that it is in the warranty period, and it has been only 2 years I'm using it, and clearly it is manufacturing issue, although the technician tried to inform me it is because the unstable electricity, which is not true, and I already have other LG appliances working normally, and he already seems was not sure and didn't share the check up report with me since beginning.

Your urgent and prompt action are highly appreciated.

My email and phone numbers are as follows:

002 [protected]



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