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H Sep 03, 2018

I have bought a "TF580WB" on april 2018 (TF 580WB : Iran represative (Goldiran) model No).
After unpacking the product and quick test of main functions there was no problem with the refregerator and I packed it again in order to use it 4 month later.
This month I wanted to use the refregerator so I found that there is a problem with the bottle container. (See the attached video). this problem is due to bad shrinkage of refregerator door. (door shrink molding).
So I called the goldiran costomer services and they told me this is not a guaranty case because you have bought the refrigerator 5 month ago.

Is it really good reason!
This is a big molding fault and they told me you should inform us less than two month!

Hamed Noueidarban.

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