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Complaints & Reviews


I bought a lgg4 from AT&T. I paid $700.00 for it and I'm still paying on it. Less than a year after I purchased it the phone started shutting itself off and on so I used my insurance thru AT&T and they sent me another lgg4. Shortly after this phone started doing the same thing so I researched on the internet and found out this model had a boot loop defect from the factory. I then contacted lg and sent the phone in for repairs. I got the phone back and it is not fixed still. Now lg wants me to send the phone in for another repair when they didn't fix it the first time. I am very disappointed and I'm stuck with a $700.00 phone that doesn't work and I don't trust lg to ever fix it. I believe they should replace this defective phone with a different model. Please reply. Thank you Sonya Couch at [protected]@gmail.com

refrigerator lmxs30746s - french door

11 months old and the fans stopped working. Called service, it took over a month to get service. Finally they show up and basically use a blow dryer on the fridge to unfreeze the fans.
7 months later the fans stop working again. LG tells me they will charge over $500 to come out and assess/fix. They say it is not related to the fan issue, without even looking at it.
I decided to go with an independent since I was afraid of waiting a month again.
Well, I called 6 service companies. No one wants to work on LG.
Parts are scarce.
Finally, the circuit board has been replaced, fans...but it still is not working. I am now 1 1/2 months without a fridge. So basically $3000 for a years worth of fridge.
I would like to get reliable service & parts, or preferably a new fridge for my lemon.


On Thursday night July 20th our ice maker had stopped and i thought it had frozen up. The next night I checked out the ice maker and realized that the hole refrigerator was out and by then the food had already started to spoil.
I called the Dept store where i bought the fridge and warranty and they told me to call the warranty co. They said to call LG. LG set up a service date of
7/25/17 and to call the service co on Monday 7/24 to get a time frame. On Monday the service Co said they could not come out for 3 weeks. Called LG back they set up for them to come out 7/26/17 after several call's they finally showed up 7/26/17 and we were told that the compressor is out and on back order until mid August and no Guaranty of getting one then. We are out a refrigerator and several $100 in food.and no fix as of yet.

lg g3 google tv 55ga6400

Google stopped supporting their channel line up server so if reset your tv, you are unable to use the built in tuner because although it says you can skip the channel lineup in the setup, you constantly get the "Unfortunately, Videoinput has stopped". When contacting LG, they say you can replace the main board, but have to pay for it. They apologize, but there is no accountability that they sold a product that is useless for one of it's main purposes. Yeah, all the smart tv features work, but you can't watch regular tv? If only I knew that google not supporting their channel line up that I never used was going to happen, I could have replaced the main board while it was still under warranty or better yet, not purchased this TV.


We bought a several thousand dollar fridge two years ago and this is like most others on here. The fridge stopped being cold, the freezer didn't live up to its name either. We had 7 repair trips come out, including 3 different actual repair men, the compressor was replaced twice and every piece I believe was replaced. Guess what, we still don't have a fridge that works and its been three weeks.

Do you know how much eating take out cost every day? How about replacing all the food in the fridge multiple times cause your told "this time it should work" and nope, throw all the food out again, and then again...

How much of a fridge can be replaced, well I've seen all the parts laid across my kitchen floor several times, its a lot. But the thing doesn't work. LG steps down in customer service, they will give you the run around, give you multiple numbers to call. And finally after you've spent over $1000 in repairs they want you spend another $400 just to come out to view it before they charge another repair fee.

I have to admit, LG knows how to get every last dollar from someone and cost their customers many nights sleep and anger. They truly need to change their name cause when dealing with them, Life is NOT Good

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Is there any compensation for this companies lack of product reliability? I bought a very expensive LG that lasted 15 months. After I paid the $400 fee for "after warranty" issue I now am still waiting for the part 3weeks later. I had to buy a used appliance for my renters. WHAT IS THE problem with the USA letting this junk in the country????

One part was bad and took 2 weeks to get in. The next part is backordered and will take another week. What junk they make. and they do not service anything!!!

  • Sd
    S Del Jul 25, 2017

    This happened to us too. After a two week appointment for the refrigerator not working they had to cancel the day of the appointment and then scheduled it out for two additional weeks. They don't understand why this is a problem. Never ever will we buy an LG product!

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Bought frig in June ice maker did not work nor is any water coming out. The man finally came out last week July replaced ice maker still no water he says it is probably my line not getting any water. I had that checked there is nothing wrong with my water line. Why should I have to wait to fix a product I paid 1500 dollars for. It should have been right when it came to my house I don't think that as much money as I paid for this item I should have to deal with this.


In July of 2015 I purchased a LG refrigerator. In March of 2016 the freezer stopped working. Ice cream and popsicles turned to mush and the meat started to defrost. So I moved everything to the basement freezer. I called the repairman and he came to look at it. He had no idea what was wrong with it because he could not find anything that would have caused it to stop working. He ordered parts for it at $358 and 2 weeks later came back to put them in. By the time he came back to fix it the refrigerator part of it had gotten warm and had stopped working. I lost about $200 worth of food. The repairman was shocked that the refrigerator had stopped. He said that in the 15 years that he has been a repairman he has only seen this happen 3 other times. So we then had to wait 2 more weeks for a new compressor to be installed. Once that was installed, he was not sure that that was going to fix the problem. So because it took so long to get parts and have everything up and running we ended up having to go out and buy a smaller refrigerator to put in the garage so that we could have some cold food and ice. This was finally repaired at the end of May 2017 and the freezer is starting to act up again by not keeping things frozen. I have reached out to LG and I have reached out to the store that I bought it from and all I am getting is smooth talk. LG finally said that they would give me $175 for compensation after I contacted the local TV station and their call for action and getting the Consumer Protection complaint department involved. I will never buy another LG product as long as I live, even if it is the only company left on the planet. It is inexcusable to not stand by your products when they cost as much money as they do.

  • Vi
    Vicki Lapidus Sep 02, 2019

    Purchased an LG French Door refrigerator April 22nd 2011. Model #LFX28978SW. Everything was fine until this year. If I leave the doors open after the warning beep the refrigerator shuts down . No lights nothing works. I ran down stairs and flipped the switch on my breaker box and when I came back upstairs it was running. This happened twice. I called repairman and he has deduced that it is probably one of the circuit panels but does not know which one. Could someone please advise me on which circuit panel to purchase. Replacing all of the circuit panels would be so expensive I would probably just have to throw this refrigerator out and purchase another Please help!

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  • Vi
    Vicki Lapidus Sep 02, 2019

    Would really like some help here.

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  • Jw
    jwwbrennan Sep 13, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My experience indicates the only way to deal with the company and the problem is by searching 'class action LG refrigerator' and try to join all the others in their attempts to get a worthwhile response. It would also be helpful if everyone who has LG problems left honest reviews everywhere available. It may not help the reviewer at this point but wouldn't it have been nice if someone else did that before your purchase?

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amc lg - synergie electronics

Pls see attachment . This complaint is regarding AMC for our 5 Air Conditioners. The Air Conditioners were taken brand new in 2013. Now the AMC provider says that company has stopped manufacturing the parts, thus rendering the airconditioner useless . They have come up with an exchange scheme where we have to pay Rs 30000 and get a 3 star rated air conditioner in replacement of our 5 star air conditioner of Rs 35, 000.

amc lg - synergie electronics
amc lg - synergie electronics
amc lg - synergie electronics
amc lg - synergie electronics
amc lg - synergie electronics

lg v10 smartphone/ repair dept.

I paid over $900.00 for my 1st LG phone. Always had Samsung and never had an issue with them but I listened to the salesman at Verizon and bought an LG. BIG MISTAKE. I've had the phone less than a year and it started running hot to the point it would shut down and the phone wouldn't charge. I sent it in for repair. After two weeks, I get it back and it's now saying " invalid battery" and shutting down. So I send it in again (30 days now without my phone) I just get it back and according to the paper with it, they did nothing for it. I power it up and within two minutes it's so hot it's burning my hand. It got so hot it fried my sim card. It's also typing random stuff on its own but not letting me type anything. The back button is also staying lit. I call repair again and she's telling me to do all this stuff to the phone and I'm trying to explain to her I can't because it won't let me type and it keeps shutting down due to heat. So she tells me I have to send the phone in AGAIN. IVE already been without it over a month and I have to re send it. They will not send a new/refurbished phone. Nope, I must resend it. I had one small issue with my Samsung phone and the sent me a NEW PHONE I RECEIVED IN TWO DAYS. I'm not asking for a new phone, just one that WORKS!. Why doesn't LG. Stand behind their product like Samsung does? How many times am I going to have to send the phone back? 10? 20? Do they just want me to give up? I wasted almost a thousand dollars on a piece of junk. I'm going on two months without my phone and also paying for service I can't use. Between new batteries and chargers LG is draining me. Also having to re package and drive to a fed ex store to drop it off is a hassle. This phone has been one of the biggest mistakes I've made. I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER LG PRODUCT. I really thought spending almost $1000.00 on a phone woukd mean it would last. This lg didn't even make it a year. LG also ships the phone in a cheap cardboard box which arrived crushed. That might explain the issues. I always send it in a hard non_- crushable box with plenty of padding. LG doesn't, cheap box, one little thing of small bubbles wrap. No protection. PROVE ME WRONG. STAND BEHIND YOUR PRODUCT. or will I have to re send it again? And how many times? Before LG fixes the problem?

lg g4-h818p : global fault

Dear Concerned,
I and a fond LG user but all my interest is ripped apart since my phone went dead about a month ago. Upon inquiring from other sources I have found that the particular model had inbuilt problems acknowledged by LG which lead to over heating resulting the dead set.

As regards to my set: It model is LG-H818P, IMEI A: [protected], and IMEI B: [protected], S/N: 605CYGW142479, Genuine Leather Brown.
The set was purchased in UAE via Souq.com and ordered delivery on 11/06/2016 where the order no was "[protected]".

Having the set hardly used for an year it has expired due to unknown reason and displays "LG". The phone do not restarts or move to any other screen and battery has to be pulled out to turn it off.

It now feels I had the wrong trust in LG and worst choice made in purchasing the set and the set betrayed in the middle of no where. Please advice how to make good of the problems faced and get the set running again.

I am in Pakistan now and had complained to LG Pakistan but the did not entertained as they do not offer this mobile set support here.

I am counting on you to bail me out of this trouble or advice me never to trust LG and use your product again.

I look forward to a healthy response from your side.


gpad 10.1

I Barely dropped my tablet from about 4 inches off my carpeted floor with a case and screen protector and it spider cracked all over the screen...this is the 3rd lg product ive owned and all of em have had the same issues . Love the products but the screens suck. My boyfriend has had a Samsung tablet and phone and he has dropped them both seems like a hundred times and their screens are still perfect. Wont buy LG again becasue its gonna cost me a $100 to get screens fixed is there anyway LG the company can help out this single mother.


Dear Team,
Good Day,

Kindly assist regarding this LG refrigerator model : GR-B652Y5B
This was bought couple of years ago. We didn't use it except for a month then it was closed and kept stored. It is like a brand new.
Then from 9 months we started to use it again here are the issues we face :
1. The entire refrigerator is working as light and door alarm.
2. We asked for LG maintenance someone came only cleaned it with hot water "No Use"
3. Again we called the call center they advised to change the temperature of the freidge and the refrigerator "No Use".
4. Again we called the call center someone came to change the heater because the No Frost fridge had frsot "No Use"
5. Then the tech. man who came called ys on phone and advise we might need to change the Fan. Yet the fan is working and good.
Now the refrigerator is only like a storage we need to eat, to drink water and keep our food good. Everything we put in it is destroyed.
Since LG is unable to fix this model which very obvious it has a manufacturing flaw.
We need a barnd new Refrigerator and you take this unknown piece back to your factory .
I am waiting a very quick reply as my patience and tolerance ran a long time.
Thank you

lg refrigerator lfx31925st

I purchased this refrigerator about 3 years ago and it has broken down. I was tricked into purchasing a 1 year warranty with the promise that it would be repaired. It has been 6weeks now and the refrigerator still doesn't work. This is terrible customer service. They have lost a customer for life I will never consider purchasing anything from LG again and I don't recommend anyone else does either.

led. haier 55" 1080p.60hz

On June 28, 2017 our 55" flat screen went black...still a sound, but no ability to bring up a picture. We...

lg dryer

Dryer model number DLG1502W 7.3cf TL gas with front control. We purchased a new LG washer and dryer on March 19 2017. They were delivered a week later. There are only 2 of us that live here and use the machines. Two and a half weeks ago I put a load of washed laundry into the washer and the clothes never got dry, they stayed wet. I ran the dryer again on the appropriate setting and found that the dryer was not putting out heat. The repair man just informed me that the part that ignites the gas, as it's a gas dryer, there is no gas is getting in, allowing the dryer to heat up. We have had these machines in our home for all of 2 months and 2 maybe 3 loads of laundry a week we find ourselves without a dryer for another 2 weeks. Im angry and upset that we spent, including the extra warranty, a total of $2044.46. This is completely unacceptable and will certainly keep us from ever purchasing another LG product in the future. I now find myself taking my washed clothes to the Laundromat and spending approximately $20.00 a week to dry them. Insane considering we have a brand new machine sitting in my laundry room, broken down.


Less than a year and the ice maker just stopped. We called them, service was supposed to come and fix. They never did, and we kept calling. Now they are saying we are out of warranty, and want to charge us $350. Our initial call was within the one year period. This a bait and switch. I will never buy another LG product. Don't sue them, their service is horrid at best.

black stainless steel finish on all kitchen appliances

We purchased a package deal from our reputable local appliance dealer. They have been helpful and replaced...

I am complaining about refrigerator model gr b702gspc

Dear All,
Indeed, I had a huge problem about the above product. The problem is that the fan stops to work . I called the customer service whereas they informed me that during 48 hours one of their specialties will visit to diagnostic. The fan changed after two days . After finishing the tachnical worker told me that there is another problem. They sent another worker who reported that the Refrigeration will not be repaired. After debating with me, they told me that it needs to be replaced by new one .

Two weeks ago we live without Refrigeration. I have the purchasing invoice which authenticated by the merchant.
I tried to follow the dilemma with call center . Call center headed by Mr Joseph who refused to hear me or receive my calls .
He received my call only one time last Saturday and he promised to urge the concerned department. Following several times to know when the problem will be solved, the silly answers from Call Center 19960 employees were phenomenal. In the middle of the day exactly at 2.11 pm the telephone operator at call center left me on hold for 23 minutes to make me annoying and close the line from my side once I asked to speak to Mr Jost.

I repeated the call Ms Kariman told me that Mr Joseph is so busy and he can not reply you and tell you the process will start after the Muslim feast at the beginning of next July. How come, I said . Because my family enforced to leave the home whereas they couldn't drink or feed because of the big default in Refrigeration.
Ramadan month that a Holy month, we suffered a lot . Ms Kariman said if you aren't satisfied, you can complain or go to the top management in New Cairo . She said in aggressive way .
Finally, I would like to ask your agent in Egypt to solve this problem as soon as please because we suffered for more than two weeks and we have children.

Thanks in advance and forgive me for so many words .
If you have any comments or feed back you would like to feed me or share with, I would be grateful.

Yours Sincerely,

Essam Omran Mohamed

tablet warranty

I bought a tablet from AT&T that never worked right and always crashed a lot. It, 's performance continued to get worse. I barely used it for anything because of performance. I bought a molded rubber case to protect it and nearly all the time I had it, it was stored on a shelf in my bedroom. No physical damage ever happened to it while in my possession and certainly it was not near any water. It was returned under warranty and they claim they can't fix it because of water damage. Unless they damaged it at FedEx or at LG with water, there was no water damage. They are liars and scammers. I am reporting to consumer protection and BBB. I was suspicious right after I received a note when they got it back which said remember it may be something you need to pay for. That thing was treated very well while in my possession and was never near liquids. I fear if I get it back with water damage that they did the damage to avoid the repair. What [censor] they are.