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Years ago I took my 1991 Suzuki Samurai for a brake check cause the pedal did not feel right... They told me the front was ok and all

they needed to do was take a screww off the back to get drums off but noooooooo. I then had the notion to take it to somwhere else and the rotors and drums were so bad that I told them to pack it up and I went to

get the whole set of braks and etc and had my brother do them now the pedal is firm and now stop correctley and this brake check was originally done at the milwaukie, OR store.


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    Perry665 Sep 02, 2009

    On Aug 8th I was traveling and had a nail in my tire we stopped at Les Schwab in Logan Utah and they just plugged it, that is no way to fix a tire, a plug will come out just like a nail and cause possible serious damage maybe even death. it ended up costing me 50.00 to replace. They could not fixed the brand new tire Les Scwab ruined I will be informing the BBB and get Gephardt on the SLC UT news. We will be sure to let all of our family and friends know of this incident.

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    TedI67 Dec 18, 2009

    Don't get ripped off at Les Schwab in South Jordan, Ut. They put on the crappiest brakes ever and charged enough for them! After continually having to go in and try to have them adjusted, we took the car somewhere else to find out they installed the most inferior brakes possible and charged a ton for them! My new teenage driver had to put his foot to the floor to stop and the stopping time was very long. Not what you want for your new driver! DON'T GO THERE! They also lost a hubcap and the tire caps. The alignment was not correct either!

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    A&G Towing Aug 16, 2018

    Was told my truck would be done 11:30 it is now 1:10 complained to store manager he became very rude and argumentative like wanting to have a standoff in store with me .They say their motto our business is earning your trust that's complete bullshit they do t do the right thing or stand behind what they claim to!

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    yee4444 Aug 21, 2018

    Beware of hub bolt over-tightening on wheels. The boy tightened the bolts with power tool but when he went to use the torque wrench it was already beyond torque amount. Appeared it was just a show. I had a flat and could not get the bolts off!! 100ft lbs? I know speed is important but not at the cost of quality.

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    Gabe Soto Oct 14, 2018

    Your west valley store in Utah should change it's logo ...To nickel and dime you to death...Forget About doing the right thing!.

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    Cedric Ward Oct 31, 2018

    Without going in to specifics, Randy fixed my wheel problems in an excellent manner. I commend him and his workers for their attitude and excellent work on a difficult problem. Randy gets the best compliments I can give.

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