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Is Mar 19, 2019

Good morning,
This message is just to inform the company of my situation! I bought a Trounce sectional couch on August 27 th, 2017 at a Leon store in St hubert, Qc for the price of $1700 not on sale. We searched for along time before purchasing the perfect couch for our needs! We did not take the extended warranty because we take care of our stuff and did not think it was needed for the price we paid. I love my couch and its still looks good but the problem is the wooden structure inside is now weakening and is about to fall apart on the long side of the sectional. We can no longer attach both parts of the couch because of the structural problem! I called leon's about this problem but they cannot do anything because i did not take the warranty and that i understand but what im upset about is that this couch is only 19 months old and i can no longer sit on it until the problem is fixed! Leon's no longer sells this sectional so even if i want to purchase another i can longer and i understand why now! The customer service lady at the store gave me a number for a technical team that could fix it for the price of ?. I can understand if we were overweight or jumped on the couch but that is not the case! We sat and watch tv! I just don't know what to do at this point! Thank you for any help i can get!
Sincerely Isabelle Cote

Leon's Furniture

  • Leon's Furniture Customer Care's Response, Mar 26, 2019

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