Leon's Furniturefilthy and incorrect furniture delivered.

Yesterday I had a couch, table, and two "matching" accent chairs delivered to my home. The delivery people informed my husband that they would call during the week to set up a time for a technician to come out to fix one of the legs of my sofa, as it was not able to be sufficiently secured at delivery. Next, I had ordered two identical accent chairs. Aside from the fact that both chairs showed up absolutely filthy, the chairs do not match. Not only does one of them appear to be a darker colour than the other, but one of them also seems to be made from a fabric that is more suited to the outdoors. Upon running your hands on both chairs, it is clear that they are made of different materials. I called the store where I had purchased the furniture, and they were very kind and apologetic and it for me that the chairs that I ordered we're not currently in stock, what would I like to order them anyway. I absolutely do not want to spend a minimum of three weeks waiting around for 2 new chairs that may or may not show up in poor condition. I am beyond disappointed at the level of care that was given somewhere along the way to have such a poor product arrived at my home. I will be spending yet another day Furniture shopping as a result of Leons poor customer service, and very likely will not have my living room as I had intended it to look for Thanksgiving in 2 weeks. I am incredibly disappointed.

Leon's Furniture
Leon's Furniture

Sep 29, 2019

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