Leon's Furnituredelay in the delivery of order # 09018cabyrd and 09018cacffs

M Sep 08, 2018

This is to convey my concerns about the delay in the delivery of bedroom set, two sofa sets and dinning set against the order # 09018CABYRD today. The delivery was originally scheduled for today (8th September, 2018) at the date of purchase on 1st September as we made many plans based on this delivery date.

We received a call from Leon's on cell phone ([protected]) this morning confirming the delivery in between 3 - 6 pm today. We went to the delivery address before 3 pm today and waited until 6:15 pm but there was no delivery or any update from Leon. Please note that the delivery address is a newly built home and we were just sitting and waiting on the floor for more than 3 hours.

After 6:15 pm, I called Leon's store in Calgary and at that time I was told that the delivery wouldn't be made today as there were some issues with the delivery truck. I was then told that the earliest delivery now could be made on Wednesday, 12th September and it wasn't acceptable for us as we have informed Leon that we would need this furniture before 12th September is any case otherwise we would not purchase it.

The lady from Leon's I was talking to on phone was extremely rude and she wasn't listening to my concerns or complaints and rather trying to justify this delay. I finally made her transferring my call to the manager, Hue, after 5 - 10 minutes trying to explain my situation to her.

The manager also wasn't listen to me and didn't have any answer to my question that why I wasn't informed by Leon's truck driver or anyone from store if the delivery wasn't being made today!!! Why I was informed when I called Leon's myself!!!

After arguing with manager for 10 - 15 minutes he committed to call me next day to see that whatever they could do...

This has been a frustrating situation for me and my family and I need compensation from Leon's on this. I hope to receive a call from Leon's senior management on this issue on my cell @ [protected].

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