Lennar Corporationnew home construction

M Jul 25, 2019

I moved into a new Lennar home in the Raleigh/Durham area in May, 2019 (specifically Holly Springs). It was a big mistake. The house took 2.5 months longer to build. And throughout the building process I, and the independent inspector I hired, found numerous mistakes that involved the foundation, framing, electric, plumbing, windows, flooring, appliances, door locks, HVAC…(I can keep going.) Finding the mistakes isn't necessarily bad - it happens when a new house is built. But Lennar told me they would address them, and over the half the time their promises weren't kept. And some of the items are obviously important - like the foundation (its cracking and I've had leaks in the basement since framing started.) They would tell me issues were fixed, and it was a complete lie. They even lied about fixing items the inspector found. I can deal with mistakes, as long as they're corrected. But I needed someone I can trust to build me a "home". I didn't get it with Lennar. My advice to anyone reading this is to stay far, far away from this builder. They are clearly more interested in quantity then quality.

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