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Complaints & Reviews

Poor Quality of the House

Potential homebuyers, I bought a brand new house in Santa Clarita Valley for more than a half million...

Shoddy workmanship

We've lived in a Lennar townhouse for 5 years now and have seen all types issues with the homes in the...

Build with poor quality

Please do not buy from Ryland Homes. They are of poor quality and do not stand behind their product. For the...


We purchased a home last year, (built in 2005)...and have a laundry list of builder defects, which Lennar says they are not responsible for. To top it all of, the Lennar Reps were hateful that we were bothering them about these defects. A leaking roof above my daughters bed is no laughing matter to me when we are buying a NEW home. Shady people working for Lennar and wherever Mr. Lennar is, they probably don't care as long as cash is flowing. IM now stuck unlsee we want to sell for half what we owe or walk away...but you can still save yourself a lot of anguish. If you don't care about quality, then buy from Lennar.

Water Leak - Faulty Installation


Water leaks through the shower tiles and flooded the dining room ceiling. Since the house is 15 month old and passed the warranty period they are not taking responsibility of it. I also had water leaks in the basement which was identified before the warranty period, but still not fixed by Lennar. Don't expect Lennar to stand behind their product. I will never buy a home from them again.

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No quality

We bought our first newly built home from US Homes/Lennar in 2001, now after 9 years we were ready to up grade and put our home on the market. But after the inspection by the buyers we found out our main sewer line was a poor install, the buyers backed out and we need to spend 12000 to 16000 dollars on fixing the problem. When we contacted Lennar they said it would have fallen under the 2 year warranty and we only had 6 years from time of possession to take legal action. I could go on about many other problems with this cooky cutter house that we have corrected over the years but don't have time to write a book! Word to the wise, when you build a new home pay attention to every detail and scope/camera your main line before warranty is up!

Lennar Homes

We had a carpet defect issue and also a seam repair issue where the carpet was cut into and patched by Wayne...

Rude and indignant

My partner and I are strongly considering purchasing a home in Ashburn VA Martin Chase community. But after dealing with the sales person (AJ McCollough. We are thinking twice!! Although its a nice community AJ was extremely rude and indignant once we asked about the warranty of Lennar's Home. After reading many complaints about Lennar, as home buyers we want to feel comfortable with our purchase. No one should purchase a half million dollar home without asking questions!! She was very abrupt, negative and aggressive. At least I can honestly say she is consistent in her behavior, I witnessed her treating other buyers the same. Although the homes are in a great location, it DOES NOT give her the right to treat buyers with such hostility. Such arrogant behavior when someone is just trying to feel confidant in their purchase is absurd!!

Poorly built homes

When Lennar says they have the "everything home" they mean that everything is wrong. They did not caulk the windows or outlets leading to leaks when it rains. My "energy star" home if filled with drafts. The drywall was not taped in the corners or ceiling leading to hairline cracks everywhere. The cheapest materials were used including the upgrades that I over paid for. Unskilled labor was used so the walls are crooked. I can hear every step someone takes upstairs because of poor instalation. The list goes on. I would tell anyone not to buy a Lennar home. I made a comment on my facebook so all can see.

  • Jk
    Jk Tucker Jun 16, 2010

    I have a Lennar "Everything's Included" house. This energy star house does not have adequate air - conditioning, the HVAC vents are all in the wrong place, the stucco is now falling off the house, the stairs are not secure, the molding does not meet, the water takes forever to get hot at any sink, there is no insulation in the walls, the front entry has a large piece of stucco missing that was evident at our walk-through, the shower has no light, the mirrored doors are crooked, the bedroom door does not meet the floor and water comes in when it rains, the upstairs office has no, none, notta, zippo
    air-conditioning. Try to work in that office in the summer...in the desert. Then there's the loan that we were induced to use because of incentives, which we did not receive. We did not receive the landscaping we requested and changes were made to our floor plan.

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4 year old home

In November of 2005, we were negotiating to purchase a new home from Lennar's Parkers Place Subdivision...

Customer Care Does Not Care

Buyer Beware!! When it comes to buying a home from Lennar be very careful. If you are unlucky enough to have warranty issues good luck getting things resolved. The company does not care after they take your money. They need to find blame when you have a problem. Someone else to foot the bill. If they can't find fault with anyone but themselves they will not fix the problem. Bad company when it comes to warranty!!!

Scam artists

I bought Lennar's home and it was closed November 23, 2005. We had a number of warranty issues with this property, due to poor construction well below Lennar standards. The warranty department was unresponsive, or slow at best, and bordered on hostility at times. They demanded that we sign off the unrepaired open items when the normal warranty period expired. These issues culminated in a refusal of the first Tenant to renew their lease and strained relations with the next Tenant to the point we had to release them from their contract. I am suffering significant loss due to these problems.

Warranty issues included an inoperable dishwasher that took forever to get repaired, ill-fitting doors that were hung so poorly that one could insert a finger in the crack and see sunlight from inside a closed door, and other issues discussed below.

The present issue at this time is the air conditioning system. Problems with the A/C surfaced in the pre-closing walk-through on November 11, 2005 when it was noted that the A/C does not cool. The home is a rental property and was occupied in December 2005 and the A/C worked until August, 2006. It failed on August 15 2006 and we reported the issue on the Customer Care/Warranty process on the Lennar web site. We got no response until Lennar acknowledged the request on August 22, a week later.

We emailed Lennar once again on August 28, 2006 (still under warantty) that the A/C did not work. Lennar's system says a representative from Christian Plumbing and Air Conditioning went to the home on August 29, but the Tenant says no such repairperson ever showed up, and because we had rekeyed the house there is no way Christiansen could have accessed the house without the Tenant there to let them in. On October 10, we reported that the repairs reported in August had not yet been done and the work was accomplished until a week later on October 17. The technical details of the A/C problems can be sent, unfortunately can't be attached here.

The same problems resumed and our request for repairs of January 2, 2007 was not answered until January 9, 2007 when the Lennar warranty rep said it was out of warranty without regard to the variable parts/labor warranty periods on the A/C. On March 3, 2007 the new Tenant complained bitterly about the A/C. Christiansen Plumbing and Air Conditioning responded six days later that the defrost board was out, with parts under warranty but labor was not, and finally did the work on or about March 16, 2007.

This did not remedy the problem so we had to send our own A/C technician, A K Air, Inc., who found a Freon leak and re-welded the copper pipes to the outside unit. He also found the defrost board out of order again, as well as a number of other issues. The unit needed a new compressor, possibly because it had been running on low Freon and lack a Freon filter dryer, which permitted trash and debris to circulate freely in the system. It may also need replacement of the 4-way valve. The Freon filter dryer was missing. Since the zoning controller was not working, he changed the system from a dual zone to a single zone, and realigned the zoning controller for a single zone.

It was the opinion of our A/C technician that the crew that originally installed the A/C were poorly trained. The welding of the copper Freon pipes to the exterior unit was rough and leaked. The unit had no Freon filter dryer, which exposed the system and compressor to damage from bits of trash and debris in the roughly welded system – the poor workmanship of the installation suggests it is likely the copper pipes had a lot of trash and debris in them. The defrost board was defective and the zoning control board was not properly installed. It is not clear that the 4-way valve is installed or working correctly, and it can’t be tested properly until there is a proper compressor to provide the needed pressure. In either event, the 4-way valve may have been factory installed or it may have been shipped with the York unit to be installed in the field – their factory rep says York works both ways.

Overall, the warranty service system was inept at best and was possibly conniving. Constant delays of a week or more to respond to simple repair requests appear more like efforts to drag feet until the warranty expires than an effort to cure construction problems.

We are asking for a full reimbursement of the $4, 369.99 it cost us to replace the system, plus the approximate $425 to replace the 4-way valve if it is found damaged after the system is replaced and pressure is available to test the 4-way valve.

After, we bought a brand new house. Should we expect to spend close to $5000 for repairing cost only in the beginning of its second year? PLEASE HELP! Please let us know what we can do! and we will do it!

  • Ho
    Hoping for justice Oct 17, 2009

    So sorry to hear you are having problems with Lennar. Join the club. Don't give up fighting because that is what they want you to do. We just filed a complaint with the Better Buisness Bureau. Try doing that. Maybe if they get more cmplaints it will help all of us dealing with Lennar.

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  • Da
    daveinsc Mar 27, 2010

    I am so thankful that people like you post these problems with this company. You may have saved me a huge headache and money I have been saving for years to buy a nice home in the southwest. I have read far to many complaints about Lennar, and I have yet to read any positive reports about them. I am sorry that you have lost so much money for a faulty a.c. unit, and problems with the company. I hope you will get your money back. You probably know this, but the Better Biusiness Burea is great at helping with problems like this. I know Lennar lost a sale due to the number of complaints they have, and I doubt I am the only person who decided to go with another builder.
    Thank you for your post.
    Dave W.

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  • Po
    Poochie2 Apr 09, 2012

    I TOTALLY agree. I purchased my Lennar home in 2005 and just recently found out I, too, have a freon leak in the a/c pipe. I called John Moore out to assess the problem and they told me the unit was poorly installed. He also said the house has a dual zone (which he described as the cheapest and quickest method). Who really knows how long my family and I have been exposed to the freon leak. It was recommended that the entire unit be replaced ($8, 000). Right now, I can not afford to do that so I left with having to get a window unit to make it through Texas summer heat. I might be able to get any help with my situation but I am determined to make as much noise as I can about the poor quality and service of Lennar.

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  • No
    North Dallas Texas Jul 16, 2014

    I have been having problems with the A/C unit in my Lennar house since I bought it about 5 years ago. The house is approximately 2200 sqft two story with one A/C unit with a dual zone system. The house doesn't get cooler than 78 during the Texas summers. I have had several A/C companies look at the unit and the duct work. They all agree the dual zone system was a cheap way of qualifying a smaller A/C unit for this size of a house. I have two options but a bigger unit on or put an addition small unit. Either way I'm looking at around $4, 000-$6, 000 to fix a problem that should have never passed inspection before the builder sold the house.

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  • No
    no lennar Aug 15, 2018

    Unfortunately I own 3 Lennar homes in Orlando area and I have hated every second of dealing with anyone associated with Lennar. Only reason I have bought Lennar is because of the very good communities they developed in Orlando.
    But buying process is horrible and the MOST stressful you can ever imagine, all sorts of delays, no help, sales agents who actually should be in jail based on all the lies they tell, zero construction oversight thus leading to all kinds of shoddy quality.
    On my brand new home from 2014, I have had 2 replace both downstairs and upstairs AC units twice already and had looong list of things that were done wrong that lennar promised to get fixed within first year and never did. Keep calling keep chasing and you get no response.

    I only bought Lennar because of the location and overall community, but I would advise people to look for other options and keep buying a Lennar home your very LAST choice.

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Awful company

The home is very poorly built. I have made a complaint to the BBB, here and Houston. My sinks in the master bedroom and the upstairs bath room are cracking. The lock on my front is not work well. It is cold in the master bath room and closet. When a certain spot is stepped on, it sounds like the person is going to come down. I am at a lost as to what to do.

My daugther and I purchased this home, to have a safe place for her three girls to live. The home is a disappointment to us. We are in a position that we can not afford to move.

  • Ho
    Hoping for justice Oct 17, 2009

    Our master bath vanity top cracked also. They replaced it with one that didn't match the original. They would not fix the problem! Now we have two diferent vanity tops in our new home. Hate this company... If there is such a thing as karma it will come back to them some day.

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  • To
    Tommy Tucker Oct 27, 2010

    HOPING FOR JUSTICE, let me just say "Ditto."
    I believe in Karma too and that karma truck is backing up at their door as we speak.
    This company's founding principles is based on caring for their customers. Lennar does not care about my problem which is faulty design of the HVAC system. I've been asking Lennar to help us since 2006 and have not received a response. Our litigation has now produced a court date for January, 2011.
    There is another site called Pissed [email protected] There are so many negative posts on that site. I posted 23 pictures of our Las Vegas home. I have issues with our stucco application, unsafe stair rails, shoddy constructin throughout and inadequate HVAC. I wish you good luck and good karma. You are not alone hoping for justice.

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  • Bill Kearney Jan 11, 2012

    I understand what you are going through. I purchased a home from Lennar almost 6 years ago and we still have a boarded up front door. We are stuck with $100k in construction defects. To make my story even worse is the fact that I worked for Lennar. Contact me with your story and I will post it on my website that I am currently putting together. Be careful with "their help". We spent 5 years in litigation and all that happened was more expert costs, and lawyer costs, to the point that we received nothing for our construction defects.
    I want to hear your stories. We all need to hear your stories in hope to make it right.
    Contact me at: [email protected]
    MyLennarLemon.com (under construction)
    “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has."
    - Margaret Mead

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Keeping Escrow Monies

Be very aware of Lennar Homes!!! First, they pre-approved me for a loan and told me that it would be easy to...

poor construction, poor service

Purchased a home through Lennar in a new home community in early 2008. Though could be related to timing of construction, we were informed that our settlement would be 3 weeks later than originally scheduled date with a two day warning - resulting in coercing current landlord to let us reside in apartment a month longer. At walk through of new home a list of concerns were provided, though only half of issues were resolved by move-in date. Since there is a one year warranty on the home, we had a 60 day walk-through prior to our one year walk-through to help correct any concerns. We were never contacted for 60 day walk-through, nor were our neighbors. When we presented this concern, the new home reps accused us of not following policy and submitted a consumer survey & list, though we were never directed to. Most of us continue to wait, over 7 months later, for initial construction concerns from settlement to be resolved. Directions on how to access mail, arrange utilities for a home with new construction, info on homeowners association, and a list of contracted builders for home were unclear or not addressed by Lennar staff. Be weary of working with this company!

  • Tr
    truthindfw Sep 18, 2009

    If YOU didn't close when they told you to Lennar would have penalized you!
    The take away incentives, cancel contracts, etc when a home buyer has a problem.

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Terrible company

My wife and I began searching in Lakeland, Florida for a new home when a job change forced us to move. On the surface it seemed as though Lennar Homes, the Hampton Hills subdivision, had everything we were seeking. In reality our deal with Lennar was a nightmare and I could not be happier that we did not end up buying a home from them. Consider...

1. Lennar builds generic homes. Want to change a color? Sorry, but you cannot. Want tile instead of carpet? Not an option. The simple fact is that when you buy a Lennar home, even if you sign on the dotted line well before construction begins, you are buying a stock home. They try to make it seem as though this is the way to go but it is extremely self-limiting when you spend about $200k and cannot even do minor modifications to the home's design.

2. Lennar uses deceptive advertising. My wife and I were led to believe that the Nehemiah funding was a Lennar deal. It was a federal deal. We were led to believe that our home would start about one month after we signed on to buy it. At the 4 month mark, when construction still had not begun, it was starting to lose its allure.

3. The "Everything Is Included" is another deceptive advertising practice. The packages are very generic and they do not use the top-of-the-line products. Everything is "contractor grade" unless you buy one of the largest and most expensive of their homes. But even if you spend over $300k for the home you still cannot even pick your colors, options, or layout.

4. Lennar caters to the first home buying crowd. Savvy buyers will pick up on this and will not buy from them. This, for whatever reason, seems to lead to a lot of rentals in the area. Perhaps because the new home buyers end up in over their heads and have to rent to stay afloat?

Last but not least, most of the Lennar homes have really small kitchen cabinets. The model we were looking at had 14 and all of them were small. It had a medium-sized pantry which would have been filled with pots and pans that would not fit into the kitchen.

The bottom line is really simple. Your home is your biggest investment. If you are going to buy a new home then why settle, especially as much as you are going to end up spending? The answer to your home dreams is NOT Lennar. There are simply too many other builders out there that are superior in quality, customization, and overall buying experience.

Lennar's business plan is also flawed by the way. We signed the contract on May 4. By September the home was still not built. Because they build in their neighborhoods in stages you may have to wait awhile. What kind of business plan allows paying customers essentially walk away from their purchase? The answer is a really bad one...

  • Ja
    james Nov 20, 2008

    I love my Lennar home. I work with real estate and no other builder in the area has come close to matching quality and upgrades that Lennar in the price range we bought in ($203, 000). We bought an inventory home, But it has a nice color through out, plus tile in all wet areas (up and down stairs). also has rounded corners, many arches, sprinkler system front and back, fully installed alarm, garage door openers, celling fans in most room, built in microwave, zone hvac system, 2 water heaters, fridge, landscape package (flowers and plants along front of house, 2 trees in front. Fully sodded front and back. Oversized garage. most lights have 2 switches (living room has 3 so you can turn it on off from which ever way you come). Built in desk. Solid wood cabinets door. Blinds on all windows (thats $900 upgrade alone over most builders). Texture paint.
    Everything i listed is standard in every home in the community. Now i happen to get a front load washer and dryer as an incentive as well. Their is no other builder builds a 2700 sqft home in san antonio with all that included. And for those in other states, yes i said 2700 sqft for $203k. San antonio is a great place to buy a home lol

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Terrible quality service

Lennar's no-questions-asked, no-SSN labor installed HVAC vents five feet off the floor, put a security keypad directly on top of a light switch, couldn't get the counter/cabinet assembly plumb, and botched nearly every corner's molding (at ceilings) or quarter-round (on floors). We got lucky and managed to get them to fix most of those.

Of course, that was BEFORE they got our money. Three windows were installed off of square and cracked from the strain; they refused to fix them, saying it could have been something hitting them, despite the fact that all three cracks began in corners and extended inward. A crack opened up in the counter - after the warranty expired, of course - at which time we found that rather than re-doing the cabinet/countertop, they had just wedged some shims between it and the wall.

Ten months after we moved in, the rainy season here in south Texas began and we learned that a huge patch of our back yard turns into a mosquito breeding pool because of improper drainage. After we called them repeatedly, they came out, dug, put in a few square yards of sod, and told my wife she had to sign off on the work order before they could finish. She did, and we never saw them again. They now refuse to do anything, saying that they've completed the repair.

A few months after we bought the house, we found a leak in the garage. This started out well - they sent somebody out who fixed the leak and cut out and replaced the damaged wall. Unfortunately, "fixing" the leak involved smearing caulk or something on it and hoping it held. We found water damage in exactly the same spot last month, and I went up to the roof and found out that the ridiculous repair job had failed; the caulking had cracked and the leak had opened up again. They're refusing to fix it because it is now out of warranty - apparently, if they pretend to fix it once, they never want to hear about it again.

The guy who deals with this stuff is condescending and rude, and takes three days to even acknowledge communication. I'm done trying to deal with him. If I can't find somebody at the company who will actually take responsibility for their work, we'll see what the BBB and Texas Residential Construction Commission have to say.

Shoddy Construction

I closed on my new Lennar Townhome on 2/23/08. Agreed that a walk through was done prior to closing on the...


Rented townhouse from an owner of a newly built townhome subdivision built by Lennar Homes. Received called from landlord several days ago about Lennar Homes refusing to do any more business with him until landlord got rid of several owners/renters (as landlord owns several properities in subdivision) for various reasons, even though owners/renters have 12 months leases already in play. After speaking with other owners that are being evicted they are all minorities. One other renter whose being evicted states that she is being asked to leave because Lennar homes does not want the owner to rent to section 8 renters. Reason given for wanting me evicted is because Lennar states there have been 6 complaints from other owners in subdivison about too many people living here and complaints about the music coming from home is violating the noise ordinance. However, there are no townhomes attached to my home except the office to the subdivision. And that there are only me and my 3 children living in my home. I do, however, have a few visitors in my home currently due to a death in the family. I am not on section 8, so I feel that something had to conjured up to find a way to evict me. A lawyer has been contacted. I feel this is a direct attempt to out renters who are minorities.

  • Di
    disappointed renter Sep 20, 2008

    And no I wasn't given any information about any of these 6 complaints before this contact from my landlord.

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  • Bill Kearney Jan 11, 2012

    I understand what you are going through. I purchased a home from Lennar almost 6 years ago and we still have a boarded up front door. We are stuck with $100k in construction defects. To make my story even worse is the fact that I worked for Lennar. Contact me with your story and I will post it on my website that I am currently putting together. Be careful with "their help". We spent 5 years in litigation and all that happened was more expert costs, and lawyer costs, to the point that we received nothing for our construction defects.
    I want to hear your stories. We all need to hear your stories in hope to make it right.
    Contact me at: [email protected]
    MyLennarLemon.com (under construction)
    “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has."
    - Margaret Mead

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  • Di
    DiddlyDoo Jun 08, 2013

    As of 2013, Lennar Homes (www.lennar.com) is secretly repairing failing roofing and/or landscaping mistakes which create flooding/pooling of water which they left behind in the aftermath of completing new development at POTOMAC MARK PLACE and ROANOKE SPRINGS DRIVE in Ruskin Florida 33570.

    The only way to have them repair the roofing tiles and/or correct landscaping to properly flow/channel rain water AWAY from one's home is to have a LAWYER send them a letter requesting it.

    Homeowner's in this neighborhood were required to sign a NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT with Lennar Homes, in return to having the rework completed at no charge, despite the fact that Lennar Homes screwed up in the first place.

    What's truly sad is that the window of opportunity (warranty) on the majority of these homes is nearing expiration. Homeowners have a right to know and have the shoddy work by Lennar Homes repaired asap.

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[Resolved] Poor construction and warranty policy

We purchased a home that is just over 4 years old built by Patriot/Lennar Home Builders. Three wks. ago 4...