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It should be obvious, but isn't to many, that these people are solely "scam artists. The gutters are just the"hook" they use to get their sales-holes in your home. If people would read the reviews (that's why we post them), they could probably be put
Out-of-business in a short period of time. If their product is as good as they say, why do they have to advertise everywhere, give huge percentage discounts off labor, and promise gift cards just for having an estimate, which btw they don't ever send. Also, the last thing they want to discuss is the actual price! Why, because it's so ridiculous that they want to avoid being throw out of people's homes. This business must really attract some unscrupulous types. I can say first hand when we needed some additional gutters installed a few years ago, we had estimates all over the board. Finally a family member gave the name of someone they used. They were not only the cheapest by 75%!!! But they did a fantastic job.
People, use your noggin, if clogged gutters was such an immense problem, this would be standard issue on homes bu building code when they're built. But it's not unless you live in the middle of some forrest and even then you shouldn't have gutters. You've been warned about leaf guard.


Gutters were installed about 17 years ago. Had to have larger downspouts installed very soon after to accommodate the water flow during a moderate rainfall. Several years ago they clogged and called many times before finally getting someone to come clean them. This past winter they clogged again. Have called FIVE times over the past month and finally spoke with Jeff to schedule to come Friday. Well, guess what? No one came or bothered to call. So much for their guarantee. Worst customer service ever. Because of this issue I would never recommend.


I recently bought a Leafguard system. I needed gutters so I got a quote for traditional gutters and then the...

gutters estimate

Not surprised by all the negative reviews. We agreed to have someone come out for an estimate. The appointment was for 6:30. We were to receive a call either the Sunday before or earlier that day. We did not get a call and intended to cancel. No one showed up at 6:30 so we thought they forgot. A little past 7 someone shows up at our door and it is the estimator /sales person. I don't remember her name and it doesn't matter as she was just doing her job. It seemed to take forever for her to finish the measuring and whatever else they do. About half an hour later she comes back and sets up her presentation and all I can think is really. I just wanted an estimate. The whole time I'm siting through this hard sell, I'm wondering if these gutters are that good why don't they sell themselves. Now an hour into this appointment we get the first estimate of $10, 284. This is for a 1000 sq ft bungalow. Oh but wait they will take so much off and it brings it down to $8000+. I politely tell her that my husband and I have to talk this over and we will decide later. She proceeds to reduce it down more and I tell her the same thing that we were not making decision tonight. She calls her boss or someone to negotiate the price down. What a game. They went from $10, 000 plus down to $5900. A third time I repeat myself. An hour and half has gone by and when she continues to talk to the boss to further reduce the cost, my husband says all we want is the estimate and that this has gone on to long. Finally she gets off the phone and leaves. This hard sell felt more like being harassed made me very distrustful of this company. To start out so high and then be able to give so many discounts. Do some people fall for this scam and shell out the top dollar. It's taking advantage of people as she was trying to make it sound like the $8000 was a lot more reasonable.

We will not have these gutters installed. There are so many negative reviews about this company. I walked way from this thinking all that was said was a lie. I'll stick with my old gutters that are working fine. I have no waterfall rain problem or icicles in winter.

Gutter Ice Buildup and Icicles

Our problem is the same, we had the LeafGuard Gutters installed in June, 2012. We have gone through the winter snows with hanging icicles and built up ice atop the gutters. It is extremely dangerous when the weather warms slightly. We have had near misses with our pets and ourselves when the huge icicles fall and large chunks of ice slide off the gutters. We did not have this ice problem with our old gutters, thus I wonder how it can suddenly be attributed to faulty insulation.
We now have a constant drip of water on our porch and walkway creating dangerous ice rinks. I am adding photos of the Ice Mess LeafGuard gutters. We did not capture the worst of the ice with our photos. These are a few photos taken after most of the icicles fell and the slide off of ice occurred on the sunnier back yard. The Ice remains atop the gutters and continues to drip and refreeze.
Our sales rep did not once mention or question the quality of our insulation or that there could be an ice problem in winter. He only focused on how "good" the gutters are and what a great buy we were getting. When I reported the problem to the rep he had a ready answer that we have faulty roof insulation, without even visually inspecting the gutters. Also very disappointed and have made a bad investment.

Gutter Ice Buildup and Icicles
Gutter Ice Buildup and Icicles
Gutter Ice Buildup and Icicles

LeafGuard Gutter Systems
  • Er
    Eric Parent Mar 04, 2013

    I'm a senior inspector (fifteen years experience) and a civil engineer specializing in building science. The company is correct in attributing the ice problems to your insulation. The problem may actually be more with attic ventilation though. If your attic is inadequately ventilated, any heat that transmits into the attic will remain there, and warm the underside of your roof. This will cause snow to melt and then the water will re-freeze as it reaches your gutters, creating not only icicles, but worse is possible ice dams. An ice dam is basically a buildup of ice along the eave of your roof. This can lead to roof leaks as water that collects behind the dam can infiltrate underneath the shingles and through your roof (assuming you have a shingled roof). The fact that more icicles are forming actually indicates that their product is working properly, as past ice issues would've collected within the gutters, and not poor over the new guards and hang off the edges.

    Please have your ventilation problems addressed immediately, as other issues such as attic mould, pre-mature shingle wear, etc., will likely occur. I would definitely follow their advice as well which is to address insulation issues. However, at least with proper ventilation, any thermal conductivity within the attic will quickly be dissipated. Just remember that your attic has to be the same climate as the outside (temp and humidity).

    One thing to note, is the snow melting more or less uniformly? Or are there patches on your roof of thin/no snow, and patches of thick snow? If the snow is melting only in certain spots on the roof, the problem could be due (at least partially) to thermal bridging activity. This is where insulation happens to touch the underside of your roof or roof trusses/rafters in certain areas. If there is no thermal break (air space), the heat from inside your home will transfer directly through the insulation and warm your roof (which obviously is a bad thing). (Note thermal bridging can occur through any material that does not have a thermal break, however it's likely insulation in this case). Go into your attic and make sure the insulation is nice and even, and not touching the roof at any area. Also measure the thickness of the insulation. I'd like to see at least ten inches (R-30+). If it's 6" (R-20), then it's marginal and should be upgraded). If it's 3.5" (R-12) then it's very low and must be upgraded. However, if you can only do one thing right now, I would recommend increasing attic ventilation first (clear your soffits of any insulation to allow air to enter, and make sure you have adequate top-side vents for the air to exit, thus a natural upwards draft will be created).

    Eric Parent

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  • Er
    Eric Parent Mar 04, 2013

    As a follow-up, I just now looked at the photos you posted. You definitely have some considerable ice dam issues. Definitely have the ventilation/insulation addressed, as this represents a fundamental defect with your roof insulation/ventilation, and can lead to roof leaks along the eaves (where stains appear on your ceilings along the perimeter (exterior) walls) and can cause accelerated shingle wear. Judging by how the ice and snow is forming above your guards tells me that the product this company installed as working quite well, as the ice and snow is not accumulating within your gutters.

    Please post a reply if you need further advice.

    Eric Parent

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Be careful!

From the day that they were installed, two years ago, the gutters did not work properly. I was told that my roof was at fault, but they never explained to me why the gutters were installed if the roof was bad.

Rain water poured over the gutters and under them as well as between the fascia and the gutters. The fascia now needs to be replaced.

In the winter ice dams formed and when afternoon sun melted the ice it coated the sidewalk outside the door with water that turned to ice during the night.

Calls resulted in promises of coming when not busy, or telling me the warranty on installation was up. Not true.

I was told that if one contractor told them that my roof wasn't at fault, they would fix the problem. Eight contractors told me that the gutters were improperly hung and sheathing and flashing were not installed correctly. All declared that the roof was not at fault. LG wasn't convinced, and would sign no agreements on how the situation would/should be remedied. They talked a good game, but never would commit anything to writing.

Fortunately, the magistrate in small claims court understood the problems and LrafGuard now has a a judment against them. They also still have an "A+" rating with the BBB. This is not the BBBof the '50's!

If you live in Colorado, be aware that except for plumbers and electricians, no contractors are licensed. You are at the mercy of your local governments permits and codes. I do not know of a city that requires rain gutter companies to have a permit. You are really on your own when you contract for gutters. Be careful!

I believe that being over 3/4 of a century in age, they had found me a good target.

  • Rc
    RCJohn Mar 04, 2013

    We have the same problem with ice dams and have only had the leafguard gutters less than a year. Eventhough it specifically states in the contract that Leafguard does not PREVENT Ice Dams, it was never referred to in the Sale Reps' presentation. There was never a mention of our roof's insulation, or the possibilty of ice dams or problems arrising in winter. When we talked to the sales rep on the phone, he said we must have poor roof insulation, however, WE NEVER HAD ICE DAMS WITH OUR OLD GUTTERS! (Photos Attached)

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Aware of problems

This company is aware of the "ice dam" problems. Never had this problem in the 26 years in my home. Had Leaf...

Poor Design- Beware

I looked over the website for this product, and, having tried other gutter guard products, all with limited...

Flo-Free Leaf Guard

Rip-off for gutters

Gutters for a house at $43+ a running foot. Seems lot an awful lot of profit there. What a rip-off!!


I love my LeafGuard. It is everything they said and more. How nice to be

worry free. Another company came to my house and showed me a picture of LeafGuard with leaves stuffed in it. LeafGuard had already told me about their clog free warranty so when I asked the other guy why someone with this problem wouldn't call LeafGuard to remove a clog he couldn't answer me. Obviously, having dealt with many home remodeling companies as I

improve my home, I have become very aware of the devious sales tactics used

by many competitors. It's sad, because some people will believe them and

buy an inferior product when they could own LeafGuard. Do your homework is all I can say. Any company that can offer the Good Housekeeping Seal like LeafGuard did, earns my approval and I'll spend my money there. If

Good Housekeeping researched the product and gave them the ok, that's all

I need to know.

Bad business

Leafguard (gutters) of Greater Charlotte refuses to refund my $2300 deposit even though they never did any work at my house. I cancelled the job 3 days before they were supposed to show up. How does that sound to you? Don't use these guys, don't trust these guys.

The contract they use does not mention that the deposit is non-refundable. They just don't refund your money.

$2300 for no work what-so-ever. They don't return phone calls. They say that they will but I never get a return call. I think it's unfair that I have to hire a lawyer to recover my deposit.

  • Li
    lindy1 Jun 23, 2019

    This is what you call a predator company! When they come for free estimate NO mention about the 15% cancellation fee, if not concealed within 3 days (paperwork doesn't come until 7 days after signing). Also, no mention of ice icicles or dams, until paperwork arrives??? So what gives, this company STEALS YOUR MONEY FOR NO WORK AT ALL, NO LOSS OF PRODUCT EITHER(just a few pages of paperwork)! The estimator came on 10th of may and I canceled on the 22nd May. So they made an easy free $2, 000 off my friend and my home. BUYER BEWARE, LEGALIZED THIEVERY! This company needs to be put out of business!

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Already have leafguard? May I suggest you inspect the job. Make sure the gutters are installed the correct length (not to short or to long). Make sure the interior brackets are put in as agreed (every 2 feet) not every 3 or 4 feet. Make sure the brackets are installed uniform and straight. Make sure there are grommets in all the screws used. Makes sure the brackets are undamaged or bent. Make sure there are no open or unsealed holes left in the back plate that buts the fascia board. Make sure the end caps are on true and square to the home and the gutter (use a “T” square to check). Make sure the downspout holes (in the gutter) are a true 3 inches by 4 inches and the downspouts are not squeezed or bent to fit the opening. Leafguard is NOT a member of the BBB’s “Honor roll”. The pacfic NW BBB discontinued that program many years ago. When I signed my contract with the company, it was a C-, not an “A” as the salesman stated.

Get up on a ladder and make sure u have a quality product and a quality instal, If Leafguard says the screws go into truss tails …make sure they are in the tails. If they claim to use 4 inch screws, make sure it’s 4 in, not 3 inches. Check all the work.

In my case the installers left a mess on my roof and siding. Did property damage. The company played hard-ball, pushed the limits of making the customer jump thru every legal hoop to get a response or performance.

Waste of money

We had leafguard installed on our newly constructed house 6 years ago in the Seattle area. Service was fine...

Not a complaint

Half of these reviews don't even make sense, i have leafguard and its not something that you order and that comes in... it is made at your house they have a truck that has a machine on it that makes the gutters the same length as your house... also they are made out of aluminum if you try to lift the top up it doesn't break if anything it would bend. People are so quick to talk down about things that they don't make sure they are complaining about the same company i would bet you most of these complaints aren't actually leafguard.

  • Da
    David Cadro Mar 10, 2015

    Yes, these customers have complaints. Lifeguard has not owned up to what they say the product does and when it snows or has ice storms yes you do get ice dams and ice falling on your steps and side walks. The company does not want to fix the issue it is always you have a roof problem. It is not their product. Nor did they mention that the system does not work in the ice or snow. So I agree do not buy this product. And they do not stand by customer satisfaction.

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