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I would like to file a complaint regarding the staff of LBC in targetmall branch.
Name: Rodalyn Salise
Branch: Target Mall LBc Branch Sta RosaLAguna
. I am a regular customer of lBC, I am also staff of online shopping company and I am incharge of sending parcel, cargos in our customer, that's why I go to lbc to ask the shipping rates,
am asking the shipping rates of the item but she answer me rudely.
She said "ayun oh pakipcituran nalang busy kasi ako"
I am asking because I want the accurate answer regarding the shipping rates because I will told our customer the exact shippingcos t of the item. but I didn't get the right answer.
I don't care if she is busy, she has so many customer, I am a customer also she should approach me in a proper way even though she has so many works to do.

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