LBC Expressrefund of the damaged iphone

P Oct 08, 2019

Hi! Iam filing a complaint against LBC savanna branch Makati, I send an iPhone 6plus on 8/26/19at their branch unfortunately the phone was damaged upon pick up. I submitted a complaint with photos on 09/10/19 after the investigation I was approved for a refund of 10, 300 and will be processed within 1-2 weeks it almost 4 weeks now but no refund receive yet and I have returned back the damaged phone to the LBC savana but now they were asking me to send the charger of the phone because they cannot validate the phone. I am really frustrated, I have followed everything that I have to submit and now they were holding the refund just because they cannot validate because of they don't have a charger for an iPhone. The charger was included on the package when i send it but the amount declare is only for the iPhone. I am willing to cooperate and send them back the charger as well but no one is now responding to me at LBC savanna branch and how can i be guaranteed that the refund will be processed esp now that they have the phone. All I am asking is an assurance from your company that I will get what I deserve. Cause they keep running around the bush about the refund, one day they said it will be released then the next day it will be just requested and then another day they dont have it yet and they dont have any idea when will it be released. Pls reach out on me this is my mobile number [protected] or [protected] By the way here is the ticket # for this case: [protected]

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