LBC Expressattn: team head aubrey pangilinan / incident report - 7/22/2019

E Jul 22, 2019


I wish to report an incident which happened yesterday, at around 11:10 AM, July 22nd, at the LBC branch in Pandacan.

I was there to have two CD's delivered and while waiting for the staff to process my parcel, the ceiling/flourescent light metal cover (pictures attached for reference) detached and fell straight to my head. Shocked, I then said "putang ina, ayusin nyo yan!" amongst a few other words as a result of my frustration, disbelief and anger toward the incident.

One of the staff, whose name I later found out is MARLON TIAMA, was telling me, "easy ka lang brad, nagmumura ka kagad eh." Instead of offering assistance to me to sit me down, or even apologizing for the incident, he was very arrogant and had a smirk to his face; instead of thinking that my actions were a result of the ceiling FALLING TO MY HEAD. I wasn't blaiming any one of them directly, it was obviously the circumstance that prompted me to react that way. Imagine, the metal ceiling falling to YOUR HEAD, and then the audacity of this person to tell you "easy ka lang brad."

It was at this point that I demanded to get his name for my reference, but he simply ignored me. The two other staffs were the same; instead of checking in on me, they both continued to do whatever they were doing at that time. Thankfully, there was another customer who was there who witnessed the incident and had shown compassion, and it was he who suggested I sit down as it is possible my blood pressure had risen up; it was at this point I could feel the effects of the impact of the blow, I felt dizzy, I felt like vomiting, and I could feel a pain in my lower back as a result of the trauma and impact to the head.

After having paid the amount of the parcel, and I suppose with Marlon Tiama realizing that his actions and words were wrong the entire time, he walked to me to apologize and checked on my head. It was at this time that he admitted that they have long been complaining about getting that ceiling fixed. In his own words in Tagalog, "ser matagal na ho namin yang inirereklamo." So this, is a clear sign of NEGLIGENCE in the part of LBC and whoever is in-charge. (Note: there is a law on this which I Googled; I included a screenshot to this mail)

Another thing that needs to be mentioned, is that the customer prior to myself was a SENIOR CITIZEN. Yes, isa po syang LOLA. Imagine, she was standing at the very same spot I was in a few minutes earlier. She could have been the recipient of that blow to the head, and could have (God forbid) even killed her!

The 3 staffs can attest to this, as they were all in agreement that, and I quote, "buti nalang hindi si Lola yung nabagsakan." Granted, it was me who was the unfortunate victim of the incident, but this could surely have been avoided had their requests been HEARD and ACTED UPON. It was pretty obvious that somebody was just waiting for an ACCIDENT to happen first, and then act on it afterward.

Before I left the LBC Pandacan Branch, Marlon provided me a piece of paper with information which included his Team Head, AUBREY PANGILINAN, with cellphone number 0917 103 7961. I also left my contact details (full name, cellphone number, email address) and kindly had requested that their Team Head contact me.

As I was really starting to feel dizzy and had this vomiting feeling, I then left and called a taxi to take me to Medical City to rule out any concussion or internal head injuries/bleeding. I have my medical certificate attached to this email as well. No one amongst the 3 offered to take me to the hospital.

A day later... (Today, 7/23/2019)

1. I still feel dizziness and might be prompted to have a CT Scan later in the afternoon

2. Team Head Aubrey Pangilinan NEVER offered to contact me as a courtesy to check on me

3. I am still amazed on how no one among the 3 staffs offered to take me to the hospital.

I have had two prior incidents with LBC Pandacan and their total incompetent customer service but I always dismissed it. This time, I will not let this pass. This branch's total negligence put its customers at risk (and worse, permanent brain damage or death). Again, it could have been that poor LOLA who was victim as she was there at the very same spot 3-5 minutes before me! Put yourselves in my shoes. That Lola could be your MOTHER.

It would be interesting to see how LBC approaches this incident. I was absent for work last night as I was very disoriented and was in no shape to report for work. I have notified my managers about this incident, too.

Again, I am attaching all relevant photographs relating to this case. The 3 other staffs can also serve as witness.

I would like to be contacted and will await for someone to contact me as Team Head Aubrey Pangilinan appears to have no plan and probably dismisses this as something that isn't fatal.

My cellphone number is [protected]

My name is Emil Rex Cruz.

Married with 1 daughter.

Thank God despite the hard blow I can still think straight.

Again, I will await for a COURTESY CALL and nothing less than that.

I have interest in seeing how LBC will treat this incident. I have CC'd other persons of interest too in this email for reference.

Thank you and whoever reads this, please be sure to forward it over to a Manager who would treat this as a priority.

I will also look into forwarding this email via social media in the event that this will not be given attention.

Have a nice day -

Still alive and staying alive,

attn: team head aubrey pangilinan / incident report - 7/22/2019
attn: team head aubrey pangilinan / incident report - 7/22/2019
attn: team head aubrey pangilinan / incident report - 7/22/2019
attn: team head aubrey pangilinan / incident report - 7/22/2019
attn: team head aubrey pangilinan / incident report - 7/22/2019
attn: team head aubrey pangilinan / incident report - 7/22/2019
attn: team head aubrey pangilinan / incident report - 7/22/2019

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