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money scam

I purchased 2 pairs of classic leggings from Lane Bryant's stores. Both pairs had ripped with very little use. One pair I wore for an hour and they ripped. I emailed customer service through Lane Bryant's website and a woman named Suzanne Smither said she would send me a return label to send the pants back and that my account would be credited the full purchase amount for both pairs. I received the label and sent the pants back. A few days later I received an email that my account was credited for a completely different item that I had not mailed back. The classic leggings that I mailed back were $26.50 each plus tax. They only credited my account $17.55. I called LB's customer service and was told that they could not handle my claim because they do not handle email. I emailed Lane Bryant customer service several times through the website and no one was able to help me. I spoke to Shawn J. a supervisor for customer service who assured me he would look into this matter and call me back. Now 2 weeks have passed and I've had no response. I called another number [protected] and spoke with Jennifer in customer service who said someone else would be contacting me back about this issue and a week later still no response. I feel cheated by this company as I have spent thousands of dollars and have been a loyal customer for years. All I want is for my account to be credited back the appropriate amount.

  • Ka
    Katherine Hunkins Jul 21, 2013

    I wish to cancel my account protection plan.

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  • Re
    redhatterb71 Jun 03, 2016

    You are going to have to contact Lane Bryant about your request. It won't do any good to ask on this site becuase this is only a general complaint site.

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  • La
    Lane Bryant charges Jun 03, 2016

    On 2/19 I received a phone call from credit notify stating that a 30 day past due was reported to the credit bureau regarding my acct with Lane Bryant. My daughter charged some clothes and forgot to tell me about it. I am the primary account holder and I did not receive a bill nor did my daughter until today.The bill was only sent after I spoke with the credit card company. I have never been 30 days past due on any of my accounts. I am requesting that the past due charges be refunded and this account removed from my credit file as a negative inquire. Thanks for your time

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jean exchange

I went to exchange a pair of jeans for something else . they still had the tag attached with the price on...


I placed an order totalling 58.50 with 4.40 tax and 8.95 shipping. I also had an online coupon email to me from lane bryant the same day i placed the order for 20.00 off a 40.00 order or more. my total should have been 51.85 and according to the confirmation screen it was. when my card was charged they charged me full price of 71.85. Ive called the company and they are supposedly issuing a refund. The customer service was good on the phone but the fact that im overcharged after confirming the correct price is ridiculous. I wont order online again from them.

  • Ma
    mae0418 Dec 22, 2010

    Did you put in the coupon code correctly?

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  • Sh
    Shannon36535 Dec 29, 2010

    It was entered correctly. A refund was given for the 20.00 error due to a computer malfunction on lane bryants end. It all worked out in the end. :)

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online order

I took advantage of an online sale with Lane Bryant. They were advertising did the buy one get one free both online and throughout the store and on top of that had a coupon for spend $225 and get an additional $75 off. I was able to get about $500 worth of clothes for a $165 with tax. Woo-hoo big savings! Right? Especially considering I am a victim of hurricane Gustav and lost half of my clothes and all of my shoes. Boy do I need that!

Well guess what Lane Bryant did to me? I bought one load of clothes in the store. Then I placed two online orders worth about $170 each. One of those orders was shipped. Thank God it is the one with all of the day clothes and not the sleepware. However the order with two pairs of boots (hello I have been wearing the same pair of shoes everyday for two months now) and a bunch of nighties was “delayed” with no real reason other than that. I ordered this on November 28th and they are delaying my order until December 28th. If it is not “processed” by December 28th then they will cancel my order and refund my credit card. Can you smell a rat? Sounds to me like they are going to see how their Christmas sales go and if they can unload everything at a better price then screw me. If not well then okay I can have it. In the meantime they will be charging my credit card interest on a shipment of clothing I have not received. This does not sound very legal to me.

  • Bi
    billy garner Dec 30, 2008

    i ordered a dress from lane bryant online catalog for a christmas present. they said that standard shipping would deliver in 5 to 9 business days. it was shipped on dec the 15th and i was given a fed-ex tracking # with a scheduled delivery on dec the 23rd. on the 23rd my scheduled delivery was changed to the 26th. my package did not deliver on the 26th and i e-mailed lane bryant customer service (there is no phone #) they e-mailed me back with a simple "it was shipped". on the 27th i e-mailed customer service and was e-mailed back "standard delivery is 5 to 9 business days". on the 29th i e-mailed customer service that my package had not arrived and was e-mailed back "if your package has not arrived by jan 15th contact customer service". what happened to 5 to 9 business days? be aware!

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  • Ph
    Phillips Oak Mar 07, 2011

    It may have been delayed for many reasons, such as they were waiting for stock.

    I have been a customer of LB for about 20 years. I have NEVER EVER EVER had a problem. I have only received outstanding service from an employee holding a leather jacket that was going on sale the day after Thanksgiving, to notice of sales, to an employee calling over 20 stores looking for a skirt size. It is people that hardly ever shop at LB that complain

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  • Fr
    Frazzled Employee May 10, 2011

    I feel like this may have been a problem with UPS, Fed Ex, or whoever was delivering the package. I don't know how much control Lane Bryant really has over the speed after they process it and ship it out. Once you receive the package call customer service and you should be able to get them to refund the shipping costs. I have only ever had an issue with the company twice over several years and both times I have been able to call and work something out easily.

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In July of 2006 I went to buy some clothes at Lane Bryant, they convinced me to to get a credit card to save...

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