Lambert & Butlerl+b crushball 20 pack


I bought a packet of lambert and butler crushball (menthol) earlier today from Sainsbury's in meole brace, Shrewsbury, shropshire
This is the brand that I normally smoke and have no problems or issues.
However today when I tried opening the packet the lid was stuck solidly and I was unable to get in to the cigarettes to smoke them.
I bought these on my way to work (a night shift) and I work in the NHS so I was unable to leave the building to go and get some more so have worked a 12hour night shift needing a cigarette.
I don't live in Shrewsbury and would be too much of a divert on my way home this morning to take them back to the shop.
If at all possible I would like at least a refund, I didn't obtain a receipt as normally don't have any issues with cigarettes. Barcode5000431020788, codes on bottom of pack are :nmk nr6 qes 21a, , 6e146p71246.
Sorry to be complaining but was very disappointed. If I have used the wrong address please forward correct address for me to complain to.

Kind Regards
Shane Francis

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