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Republic Tobacco / Republic Group Customer Service

Republic Group, Inc.

2301 Ravine Way
United States - 60025

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 800 288 8888(United States)
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+1 847 832 9710(United States)
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3750 avenue Julien Panchot, BP 80424, 66004 Perpignan Cédex, France

Republic Tobacco / Republic Group Complaints & Reviews

Republic Tobacco L.P. / 4 aces 200 gold king size cigarette filter tubes

Hs256 on Aug 7, 2018

I've been using 4 Aces tubes for about 3-4 years now. I have recently purchased 2 boxes and they both are bad batches. They will go half way up the roller and stop then tear at the tip. Not only wasting tubes, but also wasting tobacco. I even purchased a new roller thinking it was my...

Republic Tobacco L P / tube cut menthol tobacco 1 1/2 oz bag

Tammi Nishimoto on Jul 6, 2018

On July 3rd 2018 I purchased this bag of tobacco from the Reno/Sparks Indian Smoke Colony located on Glendale Ave. The upc#077170632751 and in non-ink form on the bottom right corner of bag are these numbers 95% 5% 17481 E or 5 0928 and just above the upc says Tax Class J TP-NC-632 The...

Republic Tobacco / Republic Group / gambler silver pipe tobacco and gambler king silver cigarette filter tubes

kathy1234! on Apr 24, 2018

On April 4, 2018, I purchased a bag of Gambler silver pipe tobacco and 3 boxes of Gambler king silver cigarette filter tubes. The bag of tobacco was full of sticks and very very dry. It would not roll in the tubes, kept ripping them. When we told the store they said we had to contact the...

Gambler Tobacco/ Republic Tobacco 2301 Ravine Way, Glenview IL 60025 Glenview Phone: 800-288-8888 / tubes and tobacco

SGarafolo on Mar 31, 2018

I had just purchased 3 boxes of the gambler king size red box tubes (my 1st time using the tubes) and a 8oz bag of gambler tube cut cigarette tobacco. The tubes were pretty good to use except some crushed (23 to be exact which is alot for a box) and ripped (43 to be exact some in more...

Republic Tobacco Co. / gambler tobacco

Alden Allison on Mar 27, 2018

I have been buying your 1lb bag of Gambler Tobacco for over 20 years. The last six bags have been horrible with the last being the worst. There is so much filler (small flakes and powder) in them. I usually get 2 1/2 cartons of cigs from one bag. The last one was so bad I couldn't even get...

Republic Tobacco / gambler gold tobacco product

April Porter on Aug 29, 2017

My father found large chunks of plastic while trying to roll cigarettes I find that totally unacceptable. This product should have been checked properly for foreign objects. This company should make sure their customers are satisfied so they will continue to by this product. My father will...

Republic Tobacco LLC / gambler tobacco regular

Hours wasted on Apr 17, 2017

I was rolling my cigarettes this morning and when I poured the end of the bag on my machine a screw fell out of it.n ow I'm concerned that there may be metal chips in my cigarettes I have rolled. I am throwing away all of the cartons I have rolled with this bag. what a waste of time...

Republic Tobacco / Bagged tobacco had unknown debris in it

tracyfogle on Feb 8, 2016

Today is Feb 8, 2016 To whom it may concern... (because i cant find an actual link to notify the company) On more than one occasion there has been foreign matter in our bags of tobacco. My husband got something in his cigarette and about puked, coughing so badly. In August, the 17th of...

Republic Tobacco / Gambler Pipe Tobacco (for rolling cigarettes)

CristieB on Nov 13, 2015

I bought it from will not return this bag and I have found bugs, yes real bugs in three bags now! It's disgusting, I've obviously been smoking them, ugh. I've never even seen these types of bugs, they have hard pointed and sharp bottoms or stingers and one even stabbed me on my toe, before...

Republic Tobacco / damage peace.

Johnny Crafford on Jan 22, 2015

The service is great and the Tabaco is fresh and good to smoke, is Just that this Rolling Cigarette broke and it must not be they're false only the Companies that send it and, Is this peace that broke on the Handle. Is the swift Cigarette Machine. Any Question let me know my E-mail...

Republic Tobacco Lp, Top Brand / Terrible quality

T.H.123 on Mar 27, 2012

I purchased a 3oz bag of "top" premium cigarette tobacco - menthol. The tobacco is overly dry, and had many stems and alot of very fine (dust like) particles. It was difficult to use in the cigarette machine. The worst of all, there was absolutely no menthol to this product at all, not...

Republic Tobacco / Stay away

Arnfree on Jun 7, 2011

Yes, we know this, however, smokers will try nearly anything to quit, save money, change and try to fit in. That is how we came to be. Many smokers started because they were unaccepted. Guess what, they still are. Unhealthy, smelly, grumpy, so go ahead, kick them while they are down. An...

Republic Tobacco L. O. / Gambler machine

R L Truver on Jan 24, 2011

This could be a good product if key parts where made from steel instead of cheap plastic. The machine is made in china so installing good parts would not drive up the cost. If this were my company I would make a better machine, it just to have a better reputaion.

Republic Tobacco / Less product for same price

I recently bought 3 pouches of drum tobacco and the first thing I saw was they changed the bag . Not a big deal . It's the second thing I noticed! They decreased the amount of tobacco in the pouch !! It used to weigh. ( 1.41 oz or 39.97 grams ). It now weighs. ( 1.14 oz. Or. 32.32 gram...

Republic Tobacco / inferior product

i've been a dedicated TOP tobacco user for 11 years. The papers that come with your product don't fit into the rolling machine I have. Where can I find papers that fit. Where can i find sleeves for the roller that won't stretch out. I roll between 500 and 1000 cigarettes per wk and the cost of supplies is killing me

American Blend Gambler Tobacco/Republic Tobacco L.P. / Poor quality/Decrease in tobacco


I have been purchasing American Blend Gambler Tobacco for 2 years now and I have noticed that lately the quality is very poor, the bags are only 1/2 full, but yet the price increased. Either fix this problem, or I will purchase from another manufacturer. This is very unacceptable. You are...

Republic / Top Tobacco / poor product


i purchased what i belive to be a sub-standard package of top tobacco. has the taste of chemical here is the upc code 077170465373. hopefully it's not dangerous i'm throwing it out! just thought someone should know it's not the normal product. probably packaged the turn of 2008- 2009

Republic Tobacco L. P. / BAD Quality

I have been using your "Gambler Light" for about 3 years now and have noticed in the last few months the quality has gone to the dogs.Where I used to get about 2 cartons of cigarettes per bag, I now have to push it to get ONE.WAY TOO MANY stems, dust, lint and who knows what else.PLEASE, improve your quality control.

Republic Tobacco / Top Tobacco Can / Severely Dry Tobacco


I've been purchasing your product for several years and the last 5 new, just opened Cans I've bought have been severely dry. I will continue to by Cans of tobacco, just not Top brand if this problem isn't resolved. A free FRESH can would be greatly appreciated. pobox48, 84530. Thank you for your time.

Republic Tobacco Lp / Gambler Filter Tubes / defective cigarette tubes


The cigarette filter tubes in the Gambler 100's brand have no adhesive on half of the paper sleeve resulting in tube unable to hold tobacco. Approximately one quarter of the box of 200 tubes were defective and unusable.