Lambert and Lambertlambert and lamber is fake and not who they say they are


I f I had a scanner Then I would love to post the papers report I recived back from them cause it looks like only one person signs that report not a team. and looks like mine equal the same as all the other people that they have rip off also, That is weird if your graded fair and everyone that is turned down all of are reports read we only had an 84 ? that is very odd and plus people is being graded on not having a prototype or even a drawing that it does state on there main pages of web site you just need the basic information do not send a prototype or anything, however they score you for that but I don't see how it would matter cause your still going to get the same score that everyone else gets an 84, they will be turnd over and its not that hard to get all there reports from 5 years back and see how much money they have made and not to know of what type invention people had but how many people was turn down with in the past 5 years and how many were not is the main subject line. they are rip offs and you half to look there on the net but people has there address and they can call for them to be investagated on how much money Lambert and Lamber has made from how many people were turned down with just a report and was told go some other place, and I bet all reports that were turned down if it was good there score was an 84 also.


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      Jun 28, 2011

    Received my report, hey, didn’t make the mark, but the related patents didn’t match? The report was inconclusive, submitted my application 7 march 2011, as to date 28 June 2011 I’m still waiting for either a refund or a conclusive report, communication is slow and I don’t seem to be getting anywhere, I’m disappointed such a high rated company can leave me feeling so cold. Let’s hope things get better?

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      Feb 02, 2013

    I submitted an idea and got no response. I would like a refund

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      Jul 19, 2013
    Lambert And Lambert - rip off
    Lambert and Lambert
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    Lambert and Lambert charged me 199 dollers to look at an idea I had but they never did they sent me patent info on something that had nothing to do with my idea saying it already existed and kept my money they scamed me can you please help me get a refund ? Thanks

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      Dec 12, 2013

    I have had the same thing as Richie (also in 2011). The supposedly related patents didn't match my design but went in a whole different direction. Then in their evaluation summary, and later correspondance, L&L kept using the wrong terminology for my product - terminology that didn't apply to my product, but did apply to that different direction. So they did an apparently-thorough evaluation without even knowing what the product was for!
    For $200 I would expect better attention to detail, especially when that detail is the whole crux of the idea!
    I emailed them and their replies showed they hadn't read my emails properly either - I'm guessing they just assumed I was another disappointed inventor with a gripe, and so replied without actually bothering to read them.
    Jesse's point is a good one. They have a more credible approach than the other scams, but that doesn't mean they aren't a scam. $200 a pop for a standardised "evaluation" is not a bad earner, and I have never seen any actual evidence that they do what they claim to.

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      Apr 17, 2014

    Once you submit two ideas, you get the clear picture of their business model:

    "We believe that you have a very innovative invention;one that clearly
    and effectively provides a twistable rubber band device for working out.
    Furthermore, we are impressed with the ingenuity of your design, most
    notably your inclusion of varying resistances."

    "We believe that you have a very innovative invention; one that clearly
    and effectively provides an anti-over steer system. Furthermore, we are
    impressed with the ingenuity of your design, most notably your inclusion
    of active airbrakes to compensate for any possible over steering."

    They just arbitrarily include related patents, slap that standard reply, and presto, easy money! Shame on me for being fooled twice...

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      Apr 19, 2014

    Thanks for quoting their response letter. I got the exact same wording in response to my submission!...

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