Pall Mall Cigarettes Complaints & Reviews

Pall Mall Cigarettes / pall mall special xl

Oct 14, 2019

I bought a pack of pall mall special xl from the husky location in prince george, bc and the first stick I took out there was no Tabacco at the end and some of there other cigarettes were loose. I am just wanting to let the company know about it so you dont loose business over this cause...

Pall Mall Cigarettes / pall mall 20 reg

Sep 25, 2019

There is mold on my filters. I have bought from 3 different locations in montreal, blue or red packs, and there is mold on all of them. (I know because i use your cigarettes to mix with my canadian legal weed). So yeah i put a picture you should look that up, my corner stores say their...

Pall Mall Cigarettes / pall mall cigarettes red pack longs.

Sep 21, 2019

I bought 2 packs of pall mall red regular pack 100s.when I opened up the first pack the aluminium foil that's supposed to be there was completely gone. I was scared to smoke them what if someone put poison in them? I went to return at 711 store on sleepy hollow road but they refused to...

Pall Mall Cigarettes / pall mall xl red

Sep 02, 2019

One of the cigarettes in my pack has a defect in the filter. This is not the first time I have purchased a package of Pall Mall cigarettes that has had one or more defects in the cigarettes. I continue to buy this brand because I enjoy them. In my area, newfoundland, I can buy "premium"...

Pall Mall Cigarettes / Pall mall double click 23

Aug 19, 2019

Number on the bottom of pack xpq232q7h321 I bought 2 packs of pall mall 23 double click and there ment to have 23 in them but 18 in one and 21 in the other pack I've been a loyal costumer for years I swear by them but I counted them last night and I was shocked that none of them had the...

Pall Mall Cigarettes / pall mall double capsule

Aug 05, 2019

Hello. I recently bought a box of pall mall double capsules from a petrol garage in Romford When I came across a cigarette which appears to have blood on the paper. This is not acceptable and I am extremely concerned about what I could of consumed. This could have been from anything such as a...

Pall Mall Cigarettes / pall mall red 100 cigarettes

Jul 21, 2019

I am a paying customer of Pall Mall for a few years now. I bought a pack of Pall Mall red 100 cigarettes from a Local Quik Trip here in Tulsa, Ok and when I opened pack there was no foil like paper over top of cigarettes. It appeared as if the cigarettes were not packed properly when being...

Pall Mall Cigarettes / damaged in box pall mall cigarettes,

Jul 17, 2019

I'm very disappointed with Pall Mall cigarettes I have been buying it for years now.. this is the 4th time i buy a packet and the cigarettes is damaged inside the box, they have dark big pices of tabaco in and when you light it it just burns out so quick and the filter is cut of very...

Pall Mall Cigarettes / a pack of smokes out of my carton was exploded open still has plastic on it

Jul 05, 2019

I wanna start off by saying I have smokes only pall malls since I was 19 I am 28 now and this has never happened. I grabbed a pack out of my carton and the pack was ripped open already along the side the pack still has the plastic on it and personally I don't feel comfortable smoking a...

Pall Mall Cigarettes / pall mall red 100s. cigarettes

Jul 05, 2019

The week of 7-1-2019. I started tasting bleach and smelling it no matter what I was doing. It took me three days to figure out it was the cigarettes I was smoking. No matter where I was buying them from In town all I could taste was bleach. I have all the packs I purchased frozen hoping...

Pall Mall Cigarettes / Pall Mall

Jul 02, 2019

I've been smoking Paul Mall full flavored shorts for 10+ year. Ive never had a problem put of my cigarettes. Yes I've had stems occasionally. This time the stem was from a 1/4 of the way down all the way to the Cigarettes butt. It cause me to have a head ache. I took a picture of the...

Pall Mall Cigarettes / dysfunctional cigarette found in cigarette pack

Jun 30, 2019

About 10 days ago I bought a package of Pall Mall Special Blue pack of cigarettes. Within a few hours of purchase, I smoked about 4 or 5 cigarettes until I found a cigarette that was not properly made to look like a commercial brand cigarette. I took a picture of what seemed to be just...

Pall Mall Cigarettes / pall mall red 100s

Jun 30, 2019

The last 10-15 packs my husband and I have bought dont want to light and then when we finally get them to light, they go out throughout the time we're smoking them. My name is Brooke and my husbands name is Jason. We have never had any complaints about Pall Mall until these last 10-15...

Pall Mall Cigarettes / pall mall red cigarettes

Jun 28, 2019

I bought a 20 pack pall mall red from pik 'n pay, the pack was sealed, I smoked 12 cigarettes from the pack, I took one of the cigarettes out and found that it had triple layer razla over it and half of it was filled with glue, not only that it looks like it has blood on it, this look...

Pall Mall Cigarettes / pack of smokes

Jun 26, 2019

I bought a pack of pall mall red 100s and ended up with 5 of them that had multiple holes in the filter that looked like bite marks as well [censored] in the part that burns. It's not the first time that it has happened either. I am a bit upset at the fact that I had paid the money for a...

Pall Mall Cigarettes / 2 cigarettes missing

Jun 14, 2019

While I am drinking with my friends I found that 2 cigarettes missing on your sealed package It's just embarrassing.. why would you do that to me as a customer only choosing pall mall green click as a customer. I really embarrassed at the moment of choosing pall mall as my favorite. I am really...

Pall Mall Cigarettes / mobile app and website

Jun 04, 2019

I recently called customer service because i was not able to sign into my account from the app or website. Customer service imformed me that my account has been permantly frozen, and was not able to tell me why. l've never had a problem in the past. And can't imagine why this would have...

Pall Mall Cigarettes / pall mall red capsules

May 22, 2019

When I bought this packed the outside of the packaging was in tacked but some of the inside [censored] were crumpled and 1 had no end to it this has happened a few times and when they are so expensive to buy you expect good quality. This must be happening when they are put inside the packing...

Pall Mall Cigarettes / pall mall 20 red capsule ks

May 17, 2019

I've paid £10.30 at a shell garage in Cardiff, Newport Road for 20 Pall mall red capsule king size. One of the cigarettes is mangled at the filter. I was smoking away and it tastes awful! Not happy at all. I've chipped it out and will supply a picture. I Know I probably shouldn't be smoking...

Pall Mall Cigarettes / pall mall blue xl

May 07, 2019

Cigarettes came out of the pack half the cigarette paper came apart and missing Tobacco . Please get back to me sascha.[protected] or [protected] I have never had this happen before and the whole pack of cigarettes is the same as the two pictures attached. They were bought at...

Pall Mall Cigarettes / pall mall double capsule

May 03, 2019

I opened a packet today i purchased from sainsbury's local in ferryhill @ £8.90 and all the packaging inside was torn and missing, by the end of my shift at work 4 hrs after i opened them all of the cigarettes i had left had snapped/split as the box wasn't structurally strong through the box...

Pall Mall Cigarettes / pall mall ashtrays

May 01, 2019

Hi, I am not one to complain but we were given an ashtray for buying pall mall blue king size cigarettes. I am a religious buyer to your product, we buy 4 packs a day... However the ashtray got really dirty so I washed it. After I was done I realized tons of water was dripping from the...

Pall Mall Cigarettes / pall mall smooth amber filters

May 01, 2019

On Monday 29/03/2019 I purchased 3 packets of Pall Mall Smooth Amber 20's from Cignall Tobacconist at Greenacre NSW 2190 Australia with each cigarette costing around $1.00 each. The filters are faulty with the outside of the filter disintegrating in my mouth. This is totally unacceptable...

Pall Mall Cigarettes / defective cigarettes

Apr 23, 2019

I found this completely defective cigarette in my pack today. I've been a faithful Pall Mall Red XL consumer now for 5yrs. I've dealt with numerous issues with improper burning, lit ends falling off without warning (including one that burned a hole through a blanket!!), weird...

Pall Mall Cigarettes / R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company / pall mall pouch of tobacco

Apr 15, 2019

On April 12, 2019, I baught a pouch of Pall Mall tabacco and didn't have a decent smoke through the whole pouch! burnt up very quick, also burnt up the side of the tube. The whole pouch was a waste. With the price of tabacco, its nice to have a good smoke!!! Very disappointed! Not sure if...

Pall Mall Cigarettes / R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company / camel red royals

Apr 15, 2019

I would like to file a complaint about because for the past week I have been having my cigarette filters falling apart. About 3 or more a pack and I smoke about two packs a day. Which is becoming quite costly. So I would like this issue to be rectified and to be compensated for lost of...

Pall Mall Cigarettes / R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company / camel crush menthol

Apr 12, 2019

STALE 🤮 I have been to 6 different places in Alexandria, VA and all are selling STALE Camel Crush Menthols - this has been happening since December 2018. They are so bad that I throw them away. Occasionally I would get lucky and there were the 50 cents off packs available and those were alway...

Pall Mall Cigarettes / R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company / pallmall click on

Apr 06, 2019

Everyday I buy a packet of pallmall click on and I keep finding that there is no menthol ball in it . It is very disappointing to buy a packet and find that there is no menthol ball in it. Without the click the cigarette just taste horrible . My previous packet had about 4-5 cigarette...

Pall Mall Cigarettes / R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company / pall mall bold xl

Mar 25, 2019

Hi I'm very disappointed i buy pall mall everyday and the last 6 months i have been getting half of the cigarette i have a picture to show you i wouldnt complaint if it was once and a while but its everyday and i tired buying cartons same deal it would be nice if you sent me a free pack or...

Pall Mall Cigarettes / R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company / pall mall cigarettes click on/boost

Mar 22, 2019

Filters just keep falling off for no reason have had 3 boxes with min3 and max 8 just fall off contact on [protected] this seems to be happening in every box i have purchased this week and is a huge annoyance as im loosing at least 3 per box out of 20. This is unnaceptable...

Pall Mall Cigarettes / R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company / faulty product

Mar 11, 2019

I purchased a box of pall mall red Saturday 9th of March in circle k in macroom that morning and was very disappointed that several did not have the menthol click at all. The menthol cigarettes are more expensive and I'm very disappointed that that's not what I paid for. I'd appreciate a refund or a non faulty box. My contact number is [protected].

Pall Mall Cigarettes / R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company / Pall mall cigarettes

Feb 26, 2019

Hello, I recently purchased a packet of Pall Mall rich blue - twenty pack and on my last drag of my cigarette it caught on fire. It was the butt of the cigarette that produced the actual Flame. I found this dangerous as it was near my fave, potentially burning my lips, or nose. I was lucky...

Pallmall / cigarettes

Feb 25, 2019

I bought a pack of my normal brand Pall mall blue xl. I bought it yesterday Feb 24, 2019. At the Mac's convenience store. Located at production way in Burnaby, BC, Canada. I opened the package and the first cigarette I took out the filter came off. I looked through the pack and there wa...

Pall Mall Cigarettes / R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company / pall mall red 40's

Jan 07, 2019

hi, partner and i both purchase pall mall cigarettes. He hasnt had the problem as yet but at least three packs of recent ( approx 1 month ) have come tasting very weak to draw back on... Being a regular smoker of pall malls i know it is something that is not of a regular consistent situation...

Pall Mall Cigarettes / R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company / cigarette are stail

Dec 31, 2018

I bought to cartons of pall mall red and both cartons were stail. I have been and dedecated customer and am disappointed in the product. The dates on the cartons had not expired but yet the product was stail. I hope you can fix this problem cigarette are not cheap. I enjoy the pall mall...

Pall Mall Cigarettes / R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company / pall mall menthol 100

Dec 19, 2018

Wrote last week of odd odor from my cigarettes? Did not hear back on the plastic smell that sent a stream of smoke separate from the regular cigarette smoke? Is this normal not to get back to a loyal customer? Wife thought something plastic was burning in the house, that's how bad it was!...

Pall Mall Cigarettes / R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company / about company pall mall

Dec 18, 2018

Hi good evening, I want know some thing about that company if not true that please let me know ?!! I always smoke shesterfild sigarte .I stay in Kuwait when I go supermarket to buy sigarte, some one from the company PALL MALL he told me bring 5 packet empty and take one packet free, when...

Pall Mall Cigarettes / R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company / pall mall green capsule superkings

Dec 16, 2018

Have found a cig in my box with 2 filter papers, one is all scrunched up. Scared to try and remove, it may damage the cig. Not on when one is paying £8.50 for a box of 20. Your comment would be appreciated. Thanks. Regards Dorothy Complaint too short to be given any notice, great customer...

Pall Mall Cigarettes / R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company / cigarettes smell like plastic while burning?

Dec 14, 2018

Drew Wanstall here, I'm a pack to pack and a half smoker a day. Recently lit a smoke this afternoon and could smell burning plastic smell! At first I asked my wife what's burning. I noticed a stream of smoke going straight up from cigarette while other smoke from same cigarette kind of...

Pall Mall Cigarettes / R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company / pall mall red

Nov 17, 2018

I have had multiple sigarettes that fall apart. The filter and the sigarettes are not connected. Really frustrating and money wasting. It would seem like the product is missing something in the manufacturing processes as it's from multiple packs and not just one. I would highly reccomend that...