Lambert & Butlerbookers admitted that imperial sold them fake [censored]!!

N Oct 03, 2019

I am retailer and I sell tabocco.
Last week one of my regular customers came in and said that last Lambert's he bought from me are fake!
Despite I know I buy them from Bookers and I have never changed supplier.
I have assumed that he is in bad mood .
Then more complaints started to rolling in.
People were showing me that tabocco is falling out and paper is burning fast.
In some cigaretes the paper was open.
So I called to my local bookers and asked
:" Are you aware of fake Lambert at your branch?"
The woman on the phone said :"yes we are aware!"
I have asked her :' how does it makes us retailers feel when we lose our customers ?!And I will be calling to fake Britain and newspapers!!" And hanged up .
Next day manager called from Bookers said that all retailers must return all Lambert silver and also all opened packets by customers who wanted money back and they will refund us!!!
If we small shops would be selling fake [censored] then we would be all over the media!! But because it's Bookers (who gets supplied by Imperial) not even one word is mentioned in media!!
It's multimillion company!!
Please do not blame your retailers if your Lambert feels bad quality.

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