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For quite some time I have been going to LabCorp in EastLake Fla. Because they are a PPO Provider on my insurance plan. As they did every other time they took my insurance card that has PPO provider right on the front – did a full blood panel etc. Then came the bill over $400 … nothing had been PPO’d – my insurance covered -0- -- ok I call their billing was told they needed to submit it through their North Carolina offices not Florida. They resubmit it and again nothing but a $400+ bill. I call my carrier BCBC – PPO – they tell me LabCorp pulled out and did not renew their PPO agreement therefore No PPO deductions ! but since there have been so many people making the same complaint they would review the bill and get back to me, well needless to say – their answer .. no coverage. This is crazy ! LabCorp photocopied my card – submitted the bill and they have not been notifying patients they are no longer in the PPO network and sticking us with a bill 4 times what it normally would be .. this is crazy and I feel like I have been taken advantage of knowing fully there isn’t anything I can do about it – because no one will help. Now I am stuck with a bill for services I would have had done somewhere else had they been honest enough to advise they were no longer associated with the carrier.

PT in Palm Harbor, FL.


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    thetruth May 20, 2009

    you should being calling your insurence BEFORE you see anyone. Its your insurence, its your responsibility to be informed.

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    Shoney Jul 04, 2009

    I disagree on what she is saying like my man said at the top. I t is the patients responsibility to call their insurance to find out what lab there insurance covers. It is not Labcorps responsibility it is the patients responsibility to know who their insurance covers. That is why when you enroll with your insurance they give you a booklet to read.

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    irritated2010 Mar 08, 2010

    I have twice been expected to pay a $375.00 bill from Lab Corp even though there were no test results on my Pap test due to the Doctor not getting enough cells. The Doctor's office expects me to pay again for a visit (another $260.00) and also another lab fee to Lab Corp...this would be one heck of an expensive check up if I were foool enough to pay. I have no insurance, this is all out of pocket cash!
    Lab Corp has a history of mistakes.

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    roxyntrixy Apr 15, 2010

    If you have to have lab work done, do not use Lab Corp. They have a bad, if not fraudulent system. I have been fighting with them for the last year trying to get them to do the right thing. I had to have regular blood work to check for certain levels of a medication and so I went to Lab Corp about 5 or more times. Every time I set foot in the office they took my insurance card and copied it. After about the 3rd time of trying to bill me directly, a nice lady input all my data into the computer right in front of me. That was over a year ago and they are still trying to scam money out of me! The test is very common and is completely covered by my insurance. Even my insurance company cannot figure out what is going on. And if you call Lab Corp you are not the customer so they will not share your results with you! It is bizarre and crazy.

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  • Kr
    Kristial Jan 03, 2011

    I was over-billed by Lapcorp and this is the second time. Luckily, I used to be an insurance
    agent and I knew to check my EOB from my insurance company before
    paying the bill. The invoice I received from Lapcorp is dated
    12/25/2010. The EOB shows a payment was made on 12/06/20 and the
    patient amount due is $0. The bill I received from Labcorp is for $95.
    No where on the EOB is there a charge for $95.

    The EOB states a charge for $20.77 for Microbiology, another charge
    for $62.23 for microbiology and another charge for $82 for
    microbiology for a total of $165. After the provider discounts were
    applied it shows a balance of $142.24. The insurance allowed amount
    was $22.76 and that is what the insurance company paid with no
    additional charges due to myself.

    Shady practice. I'm sure most people just get the bill and pay and that is exactly what they are betting on!

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  • Ca
    Catherine1222 Oct 30, 2018

    Labcor fraudulently removed money from both my parents accounts without their permission!!! How can this happen? I will be certain to file a complaint with the Mass. Attorney General, the police, the bank and the primary cares office. How many elderly patients are having their checking accounts fraudulently dipped into by this despicable company?

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    Valory Jenkins Aug 05, 2019
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    The LabCorp I took my lab test at in Stockbridge, GA are the most unprofessional group of healthcare providers, I have ever encountered. Rude, no customer service attitude to give you help or information. They are also incompetent in their patient billing practices, and privacy. Who call's up a patient or send them a letter and ask for the patient's medical billing code and patient's diagnosis in order to submit your claim (LabCorp) to patient's health insurance companies? I don't work for LabCorp, so why am I doing my own claim filing for services rendered? Isn't that your job to collect payment after the lab test are done? Not the patient! If this company is so out of touch with medical code billing, then get out of the business of being a Laboratory Corporation of America. The consumers don't need more problems with health care in our country today from incompetent patient billing and services from a company like LabCorp.

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