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Vitals - Writing a review for a doctor on their website.

I've been trying to write a review for a particular Doctor on their website for the last week. However, when I click the submit button, the site does not accept the inputted information. I keep getting the following message: "There was an error submitting your review. Please try again later." However, when I submit the same exact information for any other doctor and hit the submit button, it goes through, and the site generates an automatic verification to my e-mail. "Thanks for your feedback! We've sent you a verification email - please click the link to confirm your review." I've contacted explaining the issue several times and they keep emailing me back instructions on how to use the site, the most recent being this past Friday, with the reference number: ref:_00D6g81dQ6._5004V19IWiA:ref.
Thus we seem to be getting nowhere. I still can't submit my review for this particular doctor on the website.

Desired outcome: I'd like to talk to a tech support representative personally and trouble shoot the problem. Not get the standard same directions and statements.

Vitals - Review

I, Gerhardt Wagner, have received a review online on the vitals webpage from an in-law. It is not a patient complaint but it states that I drove my ex-wife to drink. That information should not be on...

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Vitals - Unresponsive

I am a podiatrist who (1) recently moved his office and (2) is being stalked by a patient for the past two years who are posting false and slanderous information under many guises, as revenge for filing a complaint that was not ruled in her favor. Compounding the issue, the patient had been admitted to a psych facility and is mentally unstable with much time on her hands. I was able to get an email from Vitals to request demographic changes and to address the review issue. After submitting the requested information, Vitals did nothing with it and is completely unresponsive to my subsequent requests for help. The Vitals platform does not allow for claiming a profile to monitor changes and respond to reviews. Their phone numbers are out of service and my emails and requests through the site are unanswered. I am beside myself with frustration.

Desired outcome: To speak directly with a company representative to resolve my issues

Vitals - Self verified pt review

I have been notified by my family member, that in addition to the 4 prior adverse reviews were published on your website in April 2019 and May 2019, that 2 more very libelous, damaging, and maliciou...

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Vitals - Unreliable listing

A review is listed under my name Joshua Gilchrist MD with a poor rating though it is clearly a fake rating or only meant to defame as there is no actual comment with the rating and the areas judged don't even apply to my profession (e.g. ease of appointments and wait times)! I am a hospital physician, not an out patient clinician with an office where these areas are applicable.

Vitals - Misrepresentation of Dr. N. Nagarsheth practice keeps on deleting the one star reviews for dr. N. Nagarsheth. Mine was deleted 5 times and the others that I took the pictures of have been erased at least 2-3 times. Don't you think that people have the right to know about this doctor
that is not only a bad doctor but also a horrible human being? And I made this statement because he diagnised me with cancer that I didn't have it and performed the complex surgery on my perfectly healthy vulva!

Vitals - not a true review

I contacted as I saw a negative review that was actually recorded twice. Firstly, I never saw the person who wrote this review as a patient so they should not be allowed to review mejust...

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Vitals - kessler clinic obgyn wv

Dr Andrea Hill actually calls and makes rude comments and threatens. She's late for everything! She's even went under names trying to prove she's good but medical books and the board says other wise...

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Vitals - wrong information showing on their website has my home address listed and mapped as my practice address. i have made several attempts to contact them to no avail. i have spent hours looking for a phone number however all numbers i have found are no longer in service. i have filled out their tech support online form many many times and still nothing.

having my home address is not safe for me or my family.

Vitals - wrong dental offices

When patients google is showing me at offices in parkville and catonsville dental offices which is misleading patients. I have not worked in last 15 years in any ot office other than the one in dundalk. Please remove my name with those two addresses. This is very inconvenient and misleading. I hope this can be resolved soon. You can call us with any questions.

Vitals - website access

Just want to know what happened to the website, it was a website to read reviews about doctors?? It seems like it is still active but you cannot get on. This is what you see when you try: Error 1020...

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Vitals - doctor

Dr sammar assia posts good reviews about himself and lied on his info about working at all the hospitals. He's been fired from four of them. Lies about money he makes on the site! He's under investigation by the medical eye people due to lying to people making them blind or have more issues with their eyes. He's not licensed to all medical either. Montgomery wv

Dr Dagher of Montgomery WV actually has assaulted several patients jerking and pushing them . Complaints has been made . Nobody will touch him because he has money and homes and big doctor ! He was let go from two other practices years ago due to assaults .

Dr Sammar Attasi is known to be a pill doctor also around WV. People's files complains online about him giving out pills and wrong drugs too.

Vitals - you took all of our recent reviews off and put an old picture of me on your page

You have taken off all of my reviews after 2017 and placed an old picture of me on your page
I do not understand what has occurred. Please put my reviews from [protected] back on your page and place my most recent photo back on the page. Call our office and speak with myself or my office manager, Lisa If you have questions.
Sincerely, Dr. Jeffrey Scott

Vitals - reviews

DR Jones is very concerned that he had a good number of reviews which increased his rating. Now it appears a great number of those ratings have disappeared, decreasing his rating. He has worked hard for his ratings. He is asking to return his previous rating as it looks like this decrease as been done purposely. If you are unable to restore those ratings to the site, he is demanding to be taking off the site entirely.

Vitals - unable to access site due to cloudflare block

On/about July 7, 2019, I was informed by someone via telephone that my May 2015 posting on regarding a very bad experience with an MD, was not there. I had not looked at it or checked it for quite some time because the litigation (at least that which had involved me anyway) swirling around this MD had ended when the statute of limitations had run. (Just because someone calls me and tells me something does not mean it is accurate.)
I went tried to get on the site, myself, and check it out, I found that apparently using Cloudflare, had blocked up my entire computer! I could not even check for a podiatrist in the area where I live...and I am nearly 70 years old.
There is no phone number to call to resolve this issue.
I sent an email to [protected] on 14 July 2019 (and made a copy). To date, no answer. I called my internet provider. They say it is not their problem, that the unblocking has to be done by and their cloudflare product.
I repeat, I am nearly 70 years old. Now to search for a podiatrist, or anyone in my area (or any area for that matter), I have to go to the library and use one of their computers!
I can only assume that it was this MD's office who initiated the block through Cloudflare shortly after the time that my litigation against this MD ended. (Let's just say that the money this MD had to pay out, did not make this MD happy .)

So now, because I had success in fighting for my rights in legal proceedings against this MD, it appears that now my computer is blocked up by/through cloudflare, which apparently is a product utilized by

If so, then this is retialiation for filing legal action against this particular MD,
which is now endangering my health. I am nearly 70 years old, and because my computer is jammed up/blocked from accessing, I have to walk or take the bus multiple the the midwest, just to be able to use a public computer to do a computer search on for a podiatrist, or
kidney specialist. Here, last winter, it was 54 below zero WCI and it was not safe to be outside no matter what your age.

Error 1020
Cloudflare Ray ID 4f6469d1c8c4c564

Question #1: WHO put the block on my entire computer?
Question #2: When was my entire computer blocked up?
Question #3: When is my computer at home going to be unblocked?


Vitals - false malicious slanderous information

There is a review left for Dr. Matthew Hofeldt dated Aug 22, 2019 entitled "He doesn't deserve a rating, " which contains false, malicious, slanderous comments. The review is completely inaccurate and is a product of deformation of character. The written review contains a false representation of care provided. The written review was also still written while patient remained in hospital desiring and receiving care from the physician in reference. The said issues with image findings were not the main issues at hand. We are requesting this poorly written review to be removed.

Vitals - I am requesting the details of the person like ip address, who posted a very malicious content about me which was false.

I am Dr. Javeed Khan, a general surgeon who was working in Quincy, IL. Some one posted a false and a very malicious content about me on Dec 29th 2018. The heading was "He is a pathetic low life"...religious nut and vermin like him doesnot deserve to live...
I am involving legal personnel for defamation. But the review is taken off now. Damage is already done. I had to leave my job. I want full details of this post including the sender and ip address etc.
The review was also not related to the profession. It was personal. I am sueing the sender. I would also want to know that if this is the professional review website why would your system allow anyone to write anything especially not related to the profession?
If you need a request from the lawyer then i will get it. Please reply.

Vitals - not a complaint - but an error leaving a review for laura gaffney

Hello! On August 1, 2019, I left a review in the portal. The subject was my former physician Laura Gaffney of Shawnee Mission, Kansas. When I clicked "submit" at the end of the survey...

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Vitals - delete reviews

I've been having an issue with my negative review being deleted on Vitals pertaining to Dr. Derrick O Cote from the The Bone and Joint Center located in Dickinson, ND. As a local resident and being a...

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Vitals - libel
The company's customer suport is unavailable and can't be reached by email. The company demonstrated remarkable ignorance when a customer contacts the company.
We had a disgruntled former patient who wrote a defamatory review as a retaliation for our refusal to assist him in getting disability coverage that he wasn't entitled to.
We called Vitals 3 times and despite the promises by the same female representative" to review our complaints and remove unfair "review" nothing was done during the last 6 months. The same former patient posted one more identical to his first one, "review" a month ago.

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