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Vitals Complaints & Reviews

Vitals / you took all of our recent reviews off and put an old picture of me on your page

Sep 30, 2019

You have taken off all of my reviews after 2017 and placed an old picture of me on your page I do not understand what has occurred. Please put my reviews from [protected] back on your page and place my most recent photo back on the page. Call our office and speak with myself or my office...

Vitals / reviews

Sep 28, 2019

DR Jones is very concerned that he had a good number of reviews which increased his rating. Now it appears a great number of those ratings have disappeared, decreasing his rating. He has worked hard for his ratings. He is asking to return his previous rating as it looks like this decrease... / unable to access site due to cloudflare block

Sep 23, 2019

On/about July 7, 2019, I was informed by someone via telephone that my May 2015 posting on regarding a very bad experience with an MD, was not there. I had not looked at it or checked it for quite some time because the litigation (at least that which had involved me anyway...

Vitals / false malicious slanderous information

Sep 12, 2019

There is a review left for Dr. Matthew Hofeldt dated Aug 22, 2019 entitled "He doesn't deserve a rating, " which contains false, malicious, slanderous comments. The review is completely inaccurate and is a product of deformation of character. The written review contains a false...

Vitals / I am requesting the details of the person like ip address, who posted a very malicious content about me which was false.

Aug 04, 2019

VitalsHi. I am Dr. Javeed Khan, a general surgeon who was working in Quincy, IL. Some one posted a false and a very malicious content about me on Dec 29th 2018. The heading was "He is a pathetic low life"...religious nut and vermin like him doesnot deserve to live... I am involving legal personnel...

Vitals / not a complaint - but an error leaving a review for laura gaffney

Aug 02, 2019

Hello! On August 1, 2019, I left a review in the portal. The subject was my former physician Laura Gaffney of Shawnee Mission, Kansas. When I clicked "submit" at the end of the survey responses (about time spent, scheduling, etc.) it took me to a page that was all white screen...

Vitals / delete reviews

Jul 03, 2019

I've been having an issue with my negative review being deleted on Vitals pertaining to Dr. Derrick O Cote from the The Bone and Joint Center located in Dickinson, ND. As a local resident and being a former patient, my experience from him should not be ignored or wiped from his site. I...

Vitals / libel

Jun 20, 2019 The company's customer suport is unavailable and can't be reached by email. The company demonstrated remarkable ignorance when a customer contacts the company. We had a disgruntled former patient who wrote a defamatory review as a retaliation for our refusal to assist him in...

Vitals / removal of information and slander reviews from stalker

Jun 08, 2019

My personal cell phone number has been posted on their website under a profile they have for me. Even though my phone number is still the same, I no longer live in the United States. On top of that, someone who has been harassing and has attempted to extort me posted a slanderous review...

Vitals / removal of my information from the site completely

May 14, 2019

Please TOS my information from the vitals site. There is a person cyber stalking, who is relentless, re-posting again after slanderous, abusive reviews are removed. The other sites have either removed my information or taken away the ability to review. This is not a verified patient, and...

Vitals / need to update your office information

Apr 26, 2019

Please update our information. Address is not correct 4805 W. Thomas Rd. Ste C Phoenix, Az 85031 and 17037 N. 43rd Avenue Glendale, Az 85308 needs to be removed and updated to 4338 W. Thomas Rd Ste E6 Phoenix, Az 85031 this is our only location for Dr. Ramin Damadzadeh D.D.S. at Ace Dental...

Vitals / vitals review of dr. andrew burchard posted april 22, 2019

Apr 26, 2019

Good Morning, I am contacting you today due to a review posted against one of our doctors, Dr. Andrew Burchard. The facts that are presented are not accurate and seems to be those of a more personal attack especially making mention of the Doctor's appearance. This patient was not treated...

Vitals / psychiatrist

Apr 20, 2019

My name is Peyton Hurt, MD. I have an office and company c'ville Health Llc and My address is 195 Riverbend Drive, Charlottesville, VA 22901. #[protected]. Nevertheless,, which google uses for reviews, etc lists me (on their map and phone) as Lawrence Borden...

Vitals / online dr. review

Apr 18, 2019 ha erroneously posted the home address for RIchard J Mandel, MD as one of his office addresses. I have written to their customer service dept per their website, 4 times now and have not received an answer or corrections. I have attached a copy of one of the letters I sent to...

Vitals /

Apr 08, 2019

the URL affiliated with my name and my business is incorrect on I have reached out to the company many times in the past three years. More recently, I have been emailing customer support weekly with no reply. I am simply requesting that the URL be changed to reflect my true and...

Vitals / I am an ob/gyn physician whose home address has been placed on your site.

Dec 03, 2018

You have my home address on your site as my office. Please correct immediately. Yvonne Gomez-Carrion MD, F.A.C.O.G. Assistant Professor in Obstetrics and Gynecology, Harvard Medical School Director of the Ob/Gyn Resident Surgical Service, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center 330 Brookline...

Vitals / engages in unethical behavior

Oct 03, 2018

VitalsA doctor I represent has been harassed by an individual on Vitals' review forum, consistently every month, for the last four years. We have reached out to Vitals several times to notify them of this issue and let them know what is going on. We sent several emails and never got a response...

Vitals / is this even a legitimate company?

May 17, 2018

There is a rogue review of one star recently given to our practice that is grossly inaccurate. I've sent a message as instructed through the website and left several messages to no avail. This seems like an illegitimate business. Wouldn't it seem logical that if this company is legitimate...

Vitals /

Apr 02, 2018 has published my home address in regards to my office. Last week a strange man came to my home to make an appointment and would not leave! I asked how he got this address and he told me and my husband from vitals! I have emailed to take down my listing all together. I...

Vitals / phone number for our practice

Dec 05, 2017

Vitals will not update the phone number of our practice. This is a simple request that should be handled immediately. The purpose of their site is to provide the correct information, most importantly the phone number. We have gone down every avenue to change this on our own and through...

Vitals / vitali statistics department customer service

Sep 26, 2017

We requested, for a birth certificate for our 1 year old daughter via online. And then we needed the certificate soon so we went to trenton location NJ and took it by hand. And we asked them if we can cancel the online requested certificate, and they said that would cancelled since it...

Vitals / fake review

Sep 08, 2017

My name is Dr. Travis Hampton and I have a fake review on your site. Someone gave me a 1 star review (actually 2 1 star reviews are there, one with no comments what-so-ever and the other is a bald face lie). I left a review myself to correct the fake review. Please take them both down, but... / negative reviews are not shown, removed and fake positive reviews

Apr 11, 2017

I've been like others lied to and disfigured by a surgeon who has a reputation of disfiguring and lying to people, vitals shows no negative reviews of mine and his other patients I talked to. But I know this doctor posted multiple fake positive reviews in vitals right after I said I'm...

Vitals / false and patient review

Jan 30, 2017

As a provider I find vitals extremely discouraging. I just discovered that someone anonymous has submitted a review on Vitals site calling my family member an utterly depraving name. Not only is it a false statement, it is a blatant abuse and affects my business. There is no protection for...

Vitals / vitals review

Dec 04, 2016

By mistake I submitted 1 star rating for Dr. Zhanna Logman with the excellent comments. . Then I corrected my mistake and submitted the same excellent comments with 5 stars. I asked Vitals to delete 1 star review that was submitted by mistake. My 1 star review was never deleted by Vital...

Vitals / customer service!!!

Nov 24, 2016

There is absolutely no way to get in touch with vitals as a patient. I had a question about my review and every time I called them, the call was not answered. Oh wait, no, it was picked up once, however there was no speaking to me, just a bunch of laughing in the background. They're the same... / doctors delete negative reviews

Nov 19, 2016

A long time ago I had Lasik. The "doctor" botched the procedure. I sued and settled. During discovery all of these horrible reviews were on Vitals, this guy blinding people, people suing, the fact that he was destroying peoples lives. He was even texting when he was performing surgery on... / scam website removes bad reviews about drs

Sep 03, 2016

All of these posts about dr. Stuart m wycoff are continuously being removed by Post dated 8/26/16 Some of us who were abused by dr wyckoff while under his care as children have been posting reviews about his behavior and vitals are removing them. This should be illegal because... / vitals patient reviews and ratings of doctor are selective & fraud

Jul 22, 2016

Vitals Review Site for Doctors: FALSE POSITIVE REVIEWS on Vitals, the top of the top three that present in and search engine results. 1) The comprehensive positive ratings are a FALSE representation of Patient reviews, as my truthful, negative reviews for Dr. Parham Ganchi, cosmetic surgeon of... / scam company that hides negative reviews

Oct 05, 2015

The website takes down negative reviews for no reason. If the doctor asks than they will automicially take any review down. They even give doctors full controls with the reviews. Basically a doctor can sign in and take down a review or ask the site to do so without a valid reason. A doctor... / won't let you post any negative reviews.

Sep 25, 2015

Vitals.comAn honest negative review removed twice. Perhaps the doctors can pay to remove a bad review? Vitals main page has an "Advertising" link as well. I will just use Yelp for all of my reviews going forward as they can not be bought. If you Google vitals phone number they have a Doctor log in and delete reviews available for Doctors to log in. / don't put neg complain online


Completely true. VITALS.COM is deleting negative complains( from real patients) leave on their website for doctor registered there. Only positive feedback is welcome. If a Dr was neglected or disrespectful with you, logically you are in all your right to complain and make others that are... / liars and cheaters

Go is a censored, fake forum where apparently you can’t post honest, negative reviews about a bad experience with a certain doctor. I have been trying to post a complaint against /edited/, who seriously botched my surgery. I wanted to share my experience with others of / vitals accepts payoffs from doctor's to delete testimonies


A doctor that runs a detox facility in Palm Harbor, Florida is famous for manipulating and, apparently paying to take poor testimonies of himself, off of the website. This Review website is willing to put patients in jeopardy, by deleting pertinent information that... / no responds for emails!


One more thing I forget to tell you about they do not respond emails. I have been asking what is the reason they don't post my review - no respond. I checked out many doctors in Beverly Hills whom I know have a bad reputation but in they have a excellent reviews. What a phony website! / fake forum!


I've been trying to post my unpleasant HONEST surgery experience to but it's impossible. My review can't get thru company's 'check out' system so I just wondering who's running this company? I think Forum is FAKE... I mean is thi... / scam rating portol


Put in a complaint against a doctor, all negative marks and a detailed summary. Went to submit and the complaint is gone. I am guessing that like most complaint services anything negative is quickly trashed. So I redid the complaint and the exact same thing happened. Emailed vitals and they...