KTMBdo not purchase their ticket!


I purchased my tickets yesterday online via their lousy e-ticket system and when I wanted to print it out, the whole website has been taken down for maintenance! I don't even get notification about this and they just shut off their website!
After that I reached the ktmb station, I asked what to do because my train is going to depart soon, their website has been taken down so I can't print the tickets.
Do you know what he responded? He said it is your business we can't do anything. (My business??! Come on lah! My fault or your fault?!) received my payment then take down the website make me unable to print out the tickets. No refund for me either! Wasted my rm 50+! Stupid service!


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      Oct 04, 2014

    Just want to share my experience with KTMB too. I have once bought my ticket online and have snapped a photo of my E-ticket and the barcode so that it can be scanned and therefore go towards the paperless system. I was being scolded by the ticket conductor and warn me that they could asked me to leave the train just because i didn't have it printed.

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