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TriMet / Tri-County Metropolitan Transportation District Of Oregon Complaints & Reviews

TriMet / Tri-County Metropolitan Transportation District Of Oregon / trimet utility driver

Jul 01, 2019

At 12:32 am on July 1, 2019 I was terrorized by a trimet utility driver in his truck. I was in my car on Interstate ave at the Moda center slowed down looking for my passenger when a speeding utility truck aggressively came up behind me honking and flashing his brights. I waved for him to...

TriMet / Tri-County Metropolitan Transportation District Of Oregon / bus stop #13946 line 74

Jun 21, 2019

There is at least one disgusting homeless bum, a skinny (Caucasian?) Grey haired male, who has locked his TWO battered, nasty shopping carts TO THE BUS STOP POST!! There's a (Caucasian?) Old woman who locks a wheelchair! To a streetlight pole less than 40 yards North of the stop and wa...

TriMet / Tri-County Metropolitan Transportation District Of Oregon / bus driver route 48

May 21, 2019

My daughter was riding bus number 46 today 05/21/2019. She got off on Cornell and 25th in Hillsboro to transfer to bus number 48 route Sunset TC at 4:22pm when she arrived the bus was stopped she went to proceed to the doors driver closed the doors in her face she then tapped on the door...

TriMet / Tri-County Metropolitan Transportation District Of Oregon / max blue line to hillsboro 11:50 am

Dec 21, 2018

A black male with gray and black short curly hair, and beard entered the train and demanded we move us or our property as he said, "I'm trying to sit here". We were trying to be as nice as possible but he grabbed our property and began to remove it from the the scuffle my...

TriMet / Tri-County Metropolitan Transportation District Of Oregon / overcharged

Aug 09, 2018

I am 17 and tried to buy a youth pass, the bus driver aggressively asked for my student ID and when I didn't have one to show him he said "you must be a dropout the adult price is 2.50 for 2.5 hours" I am currently enrolled in Rosemary Anderson High School where we do not get ID's. I do...

TriMet / Tri-County Metropolitan Transportation District Of Oregon / max trains

Jun 27, 2018

I just would like to request the cleaning of the Max train all lines. I get bitten by fleas, last week it was a spider and now little red bugs (chiggers) I also see lots of trash and food leftovers tucked between seats, heaters, and along window areas. Seats have been torn away from frame...

TriMet / Tri-County Metropolitan Transportation District Of Oregon / the #4 bus almost smoshed me dead, 4.40 pm on june 16th, at williams and fremont

Jun 16, 2018

4.40 pm this afternoon, I was riding down Williams. It's a one way street with the bike lane on the left. I was about to continue through the intersection at Fremont heading towards Killingsworth, with a green light. The number 4 bus came up from behind me, then, alongside me ... and...

TriMet / Tri-County Metropolitan Transportation District Of Oregon / unstable aggressive staff

May 18, 2018

This afternoon upon returning from school to the Gateway transit center via the MAX green line, I was put in fear of my physical safety by a Trimet employee patroling the parking lot. While walking to my car the employee stopped his vehicle to start asking me where I was going. I was in a...

TriMet / biased and unprofessional service

May 14, 2018

On Monday night, May 7th I was returning home from work on the 72 bus line. I had stopped to get something to eat and got on the bus 72 going northbound. I paid my fare. A homeless woman, extremely obese, got on the bus without paying. I observed this as I was sitting in the seat closest...

TriMet / lift drivers

Apr 30, 2018

I work at a gym and I have an older lady who comes here nearly every day. She tells me almost daily about the drivers either showing up an hour late or 20 minutes early. She is a very sweet, older woman and I really do not appreciate seeing attitude from the drivers when she isn't ready...

TriMet / dangerous driving performance bus driver

Mar 30, 2018

Wed March 28 Bus 3415 Route 82 The driver was a female African American I was driving N on Highland Drive approaching a green light at intersection of Pleasantview in Gresham. Bus driver ran HER red light turning N onto Highland Drive in front of me. I slammed on my breaks. The car behind...

TriMet / bad and dangerous driving

Mar 15, 2018

At 9pm on 3-15-18 tri met bus (57 to forest Grove) bus #3650 bus driver was not only talking on the telephone multiple times while it's dark, & raining out, she was driving recklessly while swerving making multiple passengers fearful of their lives. On a few different occasions driver wa...

TriMet / trimet bus driver id number 3308

Mar 15, 2018

Time of incident: 4:35 pm Thursday 3/15/2018 Driver let my girlfriend and I on the bus at the 46th and Woodstock stop. While stopped at the 45th and Harney stop we were harassed by a homeless woman on sitting across from us, we asked to bus driver to tell her to stop and instead he told u...

TriMet / dangerous drivers

Mar 15, 2018

This morning, I was driving in Portland and almost got in to many car crash with Trimet buses. The first one was the Trimet bus that the driver seemed to not know which was left and which was right. He/she signed left but turned the bus wheel to right lane (which I was on the right lane...

TriMet / bad customer service

Mar 13, 2018

I was at Dekum and 33rd, stop ID is, 7370 I was there at 9:28 pm 3/12/18 as the driver approached I stood on the curb as to make myself visible, just as the bus pulled up I bent over to toss my cigarette and the driver just drives off. I take Trimet everyday to work and coming back I...

TriMet / the driver

Mar 01, 2018

It just happened this evening. I was getting out from a side street. The bus was onn Powell. There was a very heavy traffic @6pm. The driver stopped the bus right @ the intersection, blocking the traffic from the side streets. Luckily, the vihecle behind the bus gave me a brake, so I wa...

TriMet / incorrect information

Jan 21, 2018

Online I was told that January 20th and 21st there would be no service on 72nd and hunziker for the 78 line that I would need to use bus stop number 38 to catch the 78 to Beaverton Transit Center. After standing 32 minutes in the rain waiting at bus line 38 stop for the number 78, the 78...

TriMet / trimet bus

Dec 12, 2017

Bus #3554 New bus drivers should not be training during rush hours. This morning, the #17 bus driver in training arrived 8 minutes late then it stops unnecessarily at empty waiting posts, causing a delay of another 3min to my stop. This has caused an inconvenience, especially for me that I...

TriMet / driver of 2715

Nov 02, 2017

This morning at approximately 0730 I was at the Glisan St exit. Sitting at a red light maybe 2-3 cars in front of me. I was in the far right lane that goes straight to Stark/Washington St light. As the light changed, there was a bus that came along side of me to my left. As it came just...

TriMet / dangerous aggressive bus driver

Oct 15, 2017

I was just harrased for skateboarding by a trimet bus driver. At 5:27 pm october 15, 2017 I was waiting at a red light on Dekum crossing MLK. Bus number 3266 Plate number E265002 pulled up close behind me and aggressively used the horn. The light as still red and I jumped because it was so...

TriMet / bus 35 at the oregon transit center at 6:30 in the morning or supposed to be

Oct 12, 2017

The bus was way farther back than it should have been and it was not at the correct bus stop at 6:30 which it’s supposed to be. I had to walk a block down the road to even get on it. When I did I asked why the bus wasn’t in the right spot and why it was late. I was very rudely pointed at...

TriMet / lost and found

Sep 27, 2017

I left a full suspension mountain bike on bus 57 on September 16, 2017. Twice now ive been told they found the bike and twice I've gone in too have a silver bmx bike shown to me. Can you teach your people the difference between a bmx bike and a mountain bike, also what full suspension...

TriMet / driver not picking up passengers

Sep 24, 2017

Sunday 11:15 am N Chautauqua and N Willis I sat at the opposite side of the red stoplight and watched as a young hispanic family crossed the intersection legally in front of the bus waving at the driver that they wanted a ride. They stood at the door for about three seconds and the driver...

TriMet / bus never came

Sep 19, 2017

Stood at bus stop7381 since 8:30 pm. The schedule bus at 8:39 pm never showed up. I was let off work at the Kennedy School on ne 33rd and Jarrett so I could get home early. Well that didn't happen I am still waiting for the bus and it is almost time for the 9:05 pm bus. I have a 2 hour and...

TriMet / bus driver

Sep 17, 2017

A police call was made on this date (Sep 17 2017) by the bus driver of the 15 bus as it was stopped at its break. Initially, I had simply asked how long her break was going to be. She said she didnt know. I waited for the bus to stop and was going to get off when I asked if she was able to...

TriMet / trimet bus driver

Aug 07, 2017

I don't know his name but he was black and wore black sunglasses and drove the 32 bus driving to clackamas community college from Clackamas town center at 6:20pm on Monday August 7th 2017. Anyways he skipped me purposely when I was standing at the bus stop (#8900) and than when I ran after...

TriMet / busses arriving and stopping at bus stops

Jul 26, 2017

Hi, i work at shipitto in tualitin oregon i ride the buss every day but today was not a good day, i arived at the bus stop 13843, at 3pm, when i arived i reviewd the schedule and the buss was supose to arive at 6:08pm, the buss did not show up at that time so i continues to wait for 20 nor...

TriMet / blue like max the 940 pm at the fairground and hillsboro airport

Jul 11, 2017

On just got to the platform and it open the door 4 people got off I put hand in the door and the driver closes the door before on got on wouldn't open the door and left I have to walk a half a mile to get to this max it dumb there needs to have a stop on 25th ave were the tennis court'...

TriMet / drivers

Jul 05, 2017

I'm sure this won't go anywhere, but it was great to be an out of towner in Portland today and get treated like a [censor] from your drivers. Never been on a bus...trying to get to to Clackamas town center from 12th and Hawthorne. Asked the driver if this bus would get me on my...

TriMet / 44 bus

Jun 19, 2017

After waiting 15 minutes​ for the 44 bus to arrive at 5th and Montgomery tonight (at the scheduled time of about 6:16), the driver decided to skip the stop entirely. He saw people standing there, the bus was not full, but he apparently didn't want to stop behind another bus. Skipping...

TriMet / streetcar and max service becoming terrible

Jun 15, 2017

The streetcar and the max has been running terrible lately, especially the streetcar. Its continuously late or just doesn't show up at all. Portland use to have amazing public transportation but it seems as though its getting worst and worst each year. The transit track doesnt even show...

TriMet / bus 2552 on route 21 westbound on sandy

May 20, 2017

While legally cycling today May 20, 2017 at 1410 hours on north side of westbound NE Sandy, bus #2552 route 21 pulled in front of me at a high rate of speed, totally blocking the bike lane in front of 10505 NE Sandy Blvd. The driver then proceeded to let a passenger off on the curb where...

TriMet / a trimet employee

May 11, 2017

My name is, Alicia Morgan. I'm a honored citizen. On Monday May 8th, at 4:07pm, I got on the bus and proceeded to sit in the first seat. I didn't even get to sit down fully and the bus driver did not wait for me to fully sit and pushed on the gas instead of slowly starting to move and I...

TriMet / bus/max schedules not matching

Apr 21, 2017

I have been using TriMet for commuting to downtown Portland daily for several months. I use the 19 bus from Woodstock to the Bybee Max Station where I transfer. Why is it that the bus and Max schedules aren't compatible? On a regular basis, the bus arrives at the Max Station either at the...

TriMet / poor handling by fare checker

Apr 06, 2017

On April 3, I was on my way to school from a long day at work. I was on my bike and was heading to PSU via yellow line at overlook park. I just made it to the max before missing it. Since I as in a rush it took me a few seconds to get settled. I have the trimet app and planning to use...

TriMet / garage bus on 17th and bybee

Mar 20, 2017

TriMet needs to change their Rush Hour route their bus which had no route only a garage tag made a left turn on Bybee which is not a protected left was the last and only vehicle to make it through the intersection causing 10 other vehicles behind them to completely miss the light TriMet...

TriMet / driver refused to take on passenger on an empty bus

Mar 15, 2017

Stop ID 7631. 6:09pm. March 15 Bus was empty. Yet driver refused to let me in. He had the door shut and when I knocked he just shook his head. He sat idle at the stop for another couple minutes then took off. What kind of service is this? Is this how Portland TriMet treats visitors? Take our...

TriMet / bus driver distracted and missing stops

Mar 06, 2017

This morning around 7:20-7:50am, bus 12 going downtown (bus number 2521) had a driver who made me feel uncomfortable as a rider. He was engaging a rider in very loud conversation and was so distracted (he also kept opening his mail at every stop light) that he missed many stops and had to...

TriMet / verbally abusive and physically threatening passenger allowed to remain on bus.

Mar 02, 2017

7:30 am March 2nd on the 12 bus heading downtown. Abusive passenger threatened several passengers for asking him to watch his foul language and threatened to hit one them standing next to him. The Bus driver asked him to get off the bus. When the man refused, the bus driver let him stay...

TriMet / re: why did the 2 max leave before the 1st max

Jan 30, 2017

No announcement was made that the 2 max would be leaving before the 1st max arrived a train full off people watched the other max that arrived 10 minutes later take off now there is a whole max full off people who were sitting on it orange line scheduled to leave at 9 am - if there was an...