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It's all the bad remarks that you can give to an organization; no efficiency, no protocols, no professionalism and of course with an outstanding remark of an awful public transportation service. At least 6 times a day, the train is late, at least 10 times a week you're stranded in the middle of your journey... It's always "we're sorry for the inconvenience" tone with ktmb. All their sorry's are being washed down the sewer. Something has to be done or it's going to cause ktmb great and it's a total humiliation to our tourism industry.

Wake up ktmb, wake up!!!

  • Updated by Janice Peixin · May 19, 2018

    Pls settle ade laki dlm koc wanita ccty no functions or what?

  • Updated by Kuahyc · Dec 24, 2018

    I was paid money but the transaction was rejected. I think i called more than 20 times hotline but no body answered call. Headache.

  • Updated by Tang Wei Chyang · May 10, 2019

    Dear sir,

    Have a nice day...
    Please check why my booking date on 13, Apr 2019, 8:42am, which hold the Ref ID 19041308548434, cannot show or print the e-ticket?
    Urgent as the departure date is on tomorrow, 12, May 2019. Please send to me the info thru the email or HP is fine.


  • Updated by Fifie Hafizzah · Jul 25, 2019

    Upgrade ktm service pass the Tanjung malim route to central kl, recovering timetable time from rawang to central kl !
    Please don't give trouble to user, expensive ticket prices but bad system !!!


  • Ha
    Hate KTM Aug 20, 2008

    Malaysia KTM... always one time i have wait for the train for one and the half hour.I still can remember because that day was my final exam and in the end. I late for the test, explain to the head program they din accept it, so what to do, have to retake the subject. And some more, Every time everyday, 4pm -7pm the KL sentra is the most many people in the station.. even the train reach the station the some of the people cant get out from the train, because of the people scare they cannot take this train and they don't wan to wait for the next train so they push push non-stop until their are in the train. In the train, a lot of people, the train don't have air-con. make people so hard to breath in the train.why cant the government spend some money to buy some new train. Please don't delay, no more technical problem...

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  • Si
    siti sarah Sep 15, 2008

    What would you think!! If the capacity of the passenger become bigger, the schedule should be change from 15 minutes to 10 minutes.. not from 15 minutes to 20 minutes.. Could you imagine..if the train delay, we have to wait another 20 minutes (40 minutes just for waiting the train) and this is not guarantee that we can go into the train when it reach the station.
    No aircond.. sardin, fiting, pushing each other, headache, angry people.. complaining every day!!.. Cant KTMB think that this situation is dangerous to old, pregnant, baby etc..
    KTMB.. Don’t just thinking, please settle it, do it, no more delay.. !!
    More passenger, more money, can buy some new train..

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  • Fe
    fenna Oct 21, 2008

    we regret to have to complain about your KTM courier services. We call many time, your courier services to pickup our parcel. But your staff didin't record our booking for pickup. At the end your staff said didin't receive any call from us. Unfortunately, there have been similar delays on serveral previous occasions and their increasing frequency in recent months us to say that business between us cannot be continued in conditions such as these. We hope you will understand how we are placed and that from now on we can rely upon punctual completion of our orders.

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  • Ke
    KENDURI Jan 23, 2009

    I just wanna tell about what had happened to me. I wrongly bought a tiket that should be from btg benar to kl sentral but on the ticket written from btg benar to bandar tasik selatan. An unmanner security guy at kl sentral stopped me and rudely asked me why am I cheatting.I said I didnt realized it but he still said I'm cheating!! So in order to let me go, I was force to pay RM10. What is this ### about?? I pay the ticket but he said I bought it from the machine. Damn that man!! I'll never forgive him!!!

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  • Sa
    sam0909 Aug 16, 2009

    The KTM always delay and delay until year ago still not improvement... Like this fews day incident that happen even in the early morning 6.00am the train go to sentul is delay or most properly is cancel without any announcement. The situation now is like when ppl wait at KL sentral to go home and can't wait for next train and keep pushing to get inside the train. The scenario keep happen in the evening, and now is start happen in the early morning.

    The KTM almost got 20 yrs history and it should be come more and more advance.But the situation is total different. Hope the KTM management can keep a serious look at the matter.

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  • Ch
    chee hong sum Aug 25, 2009

    All this UNefficiency and UNprofesional ethics are related to the KTMB staff . if you guys happen to personally complain to them. They will shoo you away. For example, the HR Manager, En. Zulkifli Ismail. I had the chance to meet him at the railway station in Bangsar while waiting for my train. I told him that so many complaints have raised about the lateness of the train. He was quite upset and told me ..".if you complain about the train...get an express bus, its faster and stop complaining..."...Wow...what a show off and arrogrant ###..just because I am on his ground (railway station)..he can shoo me off...or maybe I am a Chinese...
    KTMB got to be more matured and custome driven...not pampering some stupid staff that tarnishes KTMB..
    I used to take trains from Penang to Ipoh before...but now...I'll think ..and think ..and think..

    To En. Zulkifli (HR Manager)...I know you have many problems in hand...but mishandling a client is non-ethical... grow up or leave KTMB and go home ..balik kampung with your train..and see how late can you arrive... Chee Hong.. (remember me..the one in black shorts and thick glasess??)

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  • Ka
    kate159963 Sep 25, 2009

    KTMB services is the worst train in history. It is dirty, do not take into consideration the amount of passengers that use the train everyday DURING PEAK HOURS (definition of peak hours - between 7am-10am ; between 4pm - 7pm) and they basically do not give a ### about their passengers. Normally from 6pm onwards, the train is filled to the brim that even though i know i'mm probably faint from lack of air, i have no choice as i cannot imagine waiting for another hour when all i wanna do is go back home. I have been using the ktm train services for about two months now and only 8 times the damn train came on time. every other time, they will postpone from 8.03am - 8.23am. So obviously the 8.23am train will be delayed for another 20 min and so on and so forth. This is bloody ridiculous. Their standard of service is so bloody appalling, i wonder who the hell is in charge there to monitor the train condition and the timing. How come monorail can maintain their 7 minutes per train and they came about way later that this stupid ktm. Have someone who is capable and care about ktm and about the public at the helm. Learn from monorail how they keep their train clean, almost always on time and the frequency of train is great. Incompetency and refusal to take into account customer satisfaction will be your downfall. Why don't you guys from ktm take your own train and see how frustrated you will become wasting precious time everyday bloody day waiting for a bloody train.

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  • Fi
    finian Mar 15, 2010

    my ticket was forfeited this morning because i miss my station at Jalan Templer..i was planning to stop at next station and return then 1 of the worker come over and i was fine RM10 for missing 1 there any rules that passenger that miss 1 station will fine for RM10..he say he could fine me RM30 for this.i have no choice and pay him RM50 he say he dont have any small changes and he say he want the RM50.i was angry and then he take me go 1 more station further to get RM10 from his colleague.
    i have been calling KTM customer services for an body pick up any call.

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  • La
    law maker Jan 19, 2011

    When the KTM management going to take action?? Working people going through really a tough time during peek hours. I dont understand how train can be delayed two three times during peek hours specially between 6-8pm. How can this happen atleast change the timing, let the train come 15min once like monorail and LRT. Its totally unsafe travelling in packed train where all will be pushing each other to get into the train. Government have budget for this every year so please use it for public benefit and improvise the service. In this situation how goverment want to encourage people to take public transport?? Make a change KTMB!!!

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  • An
    Anita Naidu Jan 23, 2011

    KTM need to buck up!! It is late everyday. Due to unknown reason and technical problem - the trains cant reach on time and delayed almost 2 hours. And minimum twice a week. Why you still selling the ticket when the train has technical problems. And by right, there must be a refund as we unable to get into train and to take bus instead.
    WHAT IS THE SOLUTION FOR THIS!!!??? KTM Komuter should not be categorized as public transport as it is not reliable.

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  • Og
    ogawa Aug 03, 2011

    Why there is no one makes complaint here especially those take "KTM" to their workplace? I really disappointed with the "KTM" service, I took the train 6 something in the morning but 7.45am only got into the train some more "I were pushed by crowded foreigners to get into the train". I know you all lazy to work! If you all dun willing to work then just close your train service that's is. if everyone late because of your service, you really wasting people's time and money and "FXXK U", you make our boss blame us because they never use your service and thought that your service is very efficient. shuttle train for what? you all arrange shuttle train is for fun is it? why during peak hours i dun get any train at all, u want me to post your timetable that stated "berkuatkuasa 14 mei 2011" for others to see how efficient you are? You want me to teach you how to improve yourselve? those famous area like kl sentral and midvalley you don't arrange a shuttle bus specailly for it, instead of adding the station until sungai gadut and wasting the travel time. Please learn from "Rapid KL " ask them to teach YOU ok? oOo go hell!

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  • Kt
    ktmb user Sep 19, 2011

    f*** KTM service... what a f***ed up experience.. Everyday late to work due to the f***ing KTM issue. No point having early train at 6.00am and its cancelled most of the time. why other train service do not have this problem and it only KTM.. If its once in a blue moon the passenger can be patient but very often happens. IF U f***ING IDIOTS DOESNT WANT TO WORK PROPERLY, DONT LET THE PUBLIC SUFFER TOO. Not all the boses will be like KTM company boss k. We are not working for free. the company is paying us and we cant efford to go work late everyday. Due to this f***ing issue, we cant spend time with our loved one and always having problem. KTM always a problem.

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  • Wa
    Wake up lah Nov 10, 2011

    This is the 3rd day in November 2011 I late to work. As usual ktm won't apology and informed us why train delay or cancelled. You will always hear the same tone announcement " the train to sungai gadot now at kluang station".
    Was wondering why Malaysian pay so much tax for this extremely bad bad service to this kind of public transport. Lots of compliant but never ever has improvement! Getting more secondhand train will solve this issue? No! It's not! We still have the same problem if ktm don't change their staffs attitude!!!
    How malaysia can be a better country if we do not have who willing to listen to compliant and improve in the service?

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  • Ir
    irene lee ai lian Feb 13, 2012

    time ktm is always delay, effect the citizen rush time went to work and school...we pay the money but not get a good service such as not air-cod and not good management of time . this situation can effect the customer "pangsan". if the customer have asthma or anaermia, their wil pass away . this reason can happen because not air-cod and add with many customer in the train epiacially full... In addition, if the time was delay 5minutes, still looks just okay, but the time delay about 10minutes until 30 minutes, what the mood of customer think !!! please lah, , , i hope the ministry of transport can upgrade transport service ktm just like LRT ...

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  • Je
    JerichoAllen Jul 26, 2013

    a lot of scamming around ktm, they claim to have lucky draw. and bring you to withdraw money. Uses big companies like jusco to make them credible. The company names they are unders are like arena marketing, sonic in enterprise. I was sop stupid to go to their office.

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  • Sh
    Shinichi Aug 26, 2013

    Please. PLEASE!! The staff have a good PR please. Some of the staff pr really s*ck down to the drain. I am not going to said who. I dont give a f*ck!! if you're senior or newbie. Please respect the customer than only we can respect you. We are customer. Respect! This is the first time I am so mad cause of the pr you guys had. Sick of it ok!!! Please change. Don't be racist for the malay worker.

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  • Sh
    Shinichi Aug 26, 2013

    I am saying a lady. In subang station. Please have good pr. Thank you. hope God bles you soooo much.

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  • Fi
    fiko aguero Jan 13, 2014

    As a sole operator for intercity trains around Malaysia, KTMB must change their work ethics. Firstly, if there any additional coach for a certain sector of journey (e.g: KL- Hatyai), they must make it in advance (at least 3 days before journey) so that customer can decide whether to wait or not. Then, their customer service/ booking officer seems to be hard to call and sometimes they tend to be unfriendly to the customers when they pick up the phone, without saying any greetings like 'selamat petang' or else. Lastly, I hope they will change themself before no one wanted to use them anymore.

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  • Ih
    i hate ktm! Jun 15, 2014

    everytime i go to KTM Rasa, the touch n go machine always not available? When i ask about it, the worker is talking to me with rude ways! always! and i dont understand, there already a couple months, still they dont want to fix the machine! Yet, the worker not always been there and sometimes he is sleeping until i feel wanna break the glass only to wake him up!

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  • Va
    Valsy Jul 02, 2014

    Terrible customer service. KTMB hired a bunch of useless and rude staff. I wanted to enquiry about i-card discount, asked a malay guy at the counter about it. He took a piece a paper and mumble and then I asked him if it was a 40% discount, he straight away told me " you DIAM, you DIAM, You DIAM DIAM bila I cakap! "
    What kind of customer service is this? KTMB never train their staff well. So disappointed with their service. I wanted to write a feedback to the customer service online, but apparently the feedback column is just for decoration, u cant write anything in it. What a joke.

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  • Sv
    svissa Jul 11, 2014

    I have been waiting from 10:00 am in this Arau station n train which is supposed to be here at 10:30 am is not here yet...what kind of stupid service r they providing...people r waiting for more than one hour over here...a kind request frm the passengers, pls do improve ur servic here..

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  • Sv
    svissa Jul 11, 2014

    Wat the hell is wrong wth ur stupid KTM service in Arau??? People r already waiting here for more than an hour...n wats up????? This is wat we get is it?? Come on larrr...we r paying for the tickets okay...they shud bring a law saying tat KTM shud pay for us if the train is delayed even for a minute...stupid service!!!

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  • Un
    unhappy citozen Aug 15, 2014

    What the hell..ktm is super slow..I rather take a ride ona snail..everyday stop half way n say sorry fr inconvenience is equal to peeing on najib like klia transit la..stupid ktm..don arrive at the time displayed on the in the arriving or departing all the staff's are Malay. What the hell .no job for Indians or chinese?racism Malays always delay things.

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  • Ch
    Chye Yee Seng Jul 01, 2015

    KTM Berhad i just buy express rakyat ticket from ktm website, but the transaction history never shown up the ticket after i paid...your system just receive my money without give ticket softcopy..i feel dissapointed about ur e-system...please give back my money, thank you

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  • An
    angry pasznger Jul 22, 2015

    Stupid train!! I need to go to work and they stop for ages in kuang!! Fk i need to go to work!! Please laa nak buat benda benda ni bukan sekarang!!

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  • Nu
    Nur Aida Tan Jul 27, 2015

    KTMB wake up! I hope that with the new chairman and president Encik Nawawi and Encik Sarbini will look into the redundant machine place at all station! Make use of it since it is good to have a token ticket than a manual ticket! Why use touch n go since the counter at kl sentral is alway closed for reload in the morning! Why make passenger inconvenience! Why do i deserve a penalty since yesterday 27 july in the morning the touch n go is down and also with the long que to buy ticket manually! KTMB nver improve the service! Why cant the KTMB make change to concern and convenience the passenger! Use the token like rapid kl. If i have buy the return the ticket way to from rawang kl sentral, why should i get out and buy another ticket rawang serendah! Why cant i just pay the short charge of the ticket at the counter like rapid kl. They can. Why not KTMB! Firther more the coach master is four people and why waste so many manpower if you have install the machine at all station using the token so no need a person to check the ticket when the passenger want to exit or get in? If use token more easier right? Why do i deserve a rm30 penalty! An ashole coach master! How come he can give other passenger discount if she dont have ticket! This occur last time when my journey to KL from Rawang! Why!

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  • Sp
    spiderrs Aug 12, 2015

    Why train always late and reschedule? Where is the PUNCTUALITY !? Their replies: cleaning the train ...technical problems... OMG why so many problems arise?? as they keep on expanding their route way to north or south. But why the initial quality of ETS is downgrading? I always go aboard the ets. Already two years. However, the quality and efficiency of the ets no matter is the train itself (the speed n time consuming) and the schedule thingy and even the customer service and also the officer are keep on falling down in grade. Rude, slow, not on time, no manner, lazy..OMG, SO DISAPPOINTING. 11/8/2015. 3pm coach from klcentral to ipoh. Again reschedule.Why everytime i took ets always reschedule?? WHY? 11/8/2015 should be silver class from kl central to ipoh. ialready waiting there before 2.30pm. After 2.30 pm it announced. Train ES04 has been rescheduled due to technical problem. AGain, Reschedule, Imma already fed up to it. Sigh. Then, the officer of ktmb ets announced train coach es04 has been rescheduled ..then delayed..then need to wait until 4.15pm. and the train coach no longer is an ETS. is a normal train. MY train downgraded! Then the officer repeated it 3 times above and also mentioned loudly and clearly in kl central with passenger can get refund if resist to go bk by komuter or change date things like that and they also DID MENTIONED for those passenger who wish to go bk to your destination can claim certain amount of money bk AT YOUR FINAL DESTINATION. My friends who accompanied in kl central also heard this and keep on remind me remember to claim once you reach ipoh( IPOH is my final destination). OKAY.FINE. Luckily, there is a train going bk to butterworth( final destination is butterworth) Depart time 3.50pm. So an officer standing at the gate A said u guys going ipoh can go in this train coach mix with the butterworth one going bk. once reach ipoh, they will stop at ipoh. So happy. Going in other people train coach, did not know whether which seat has noone sit or booked or paid. So frustrated n worried. If i need to stand going bk to ipoh. OMG.Luckily no one come n get the seat i have sat. Why i already bought a ticket with rm 25 with given a proper seat and actual time.. but i did not get any service from you guys, ktmb. Again disappointed. Before that, i went to kl central bought ticket waited for almost 40minutes just to get a ticket to bk ipoh. Fine, though time consuming, but at least i got the ticket. But the day i can go back, is the day i able to go bk and i bought this ticket 11/8/2015 tuesday. You brought me lots of inconvenience and din say sorry to us customer at all?Just a sorry on behalf of ktmb ets is not difficult right.? i rode on butterworth train 4pm sharp they startdeparting. 7pm sharp only i reached ipoh. actually my schedule given is 3.00pm-5.35pm silver class ets. but now is 4pm-7pm a train duno is a komuter or not bu confirm is lower grade than an ets. I think is a komuter.wasted our passenger time really. then, i went to counter to ask for claiming back appropriate amount of money. In kl central, they already mentioned claim bk when u reached ur final destination. However. IDIDNT MANAGE TO CLAIM BACK ANY MONEY AT ALL. THEY SAID ONLY FOR THOSE WHO BOUGHT RM35 TICKET CAN CLAIM BACK RM10. EXCUSE ME. 3PM SILVER CLASS ETS WHERE GOT SOLD RM35. ALL IS RM25 FOR 3PM SILVER CLASS. BRO N SIS, NO GOLD CLASS AT 3PM AT ALL. HHAHAHA, I THINK I CAN WORK IN KTMB NOW COMPARED TO YOU GUYS! HAIZ. UNLESS THERE IS HANTU BOARDING THE TRAIN WITH PRICE RM35. OH YA.. THE OFFICER IN IPOH ALSO MENTION ALL THESE WERE GET FROM KL CENTRAL THERE. AND ALSO IF YOU ARE STANDING OR DIN GET ANY SEAT IN THE TRAIN COACH COMING BACK FROM KL CENTRAL TO IPOH. THEY WILL PAY US BACK . HAHAHAA..SOUNDS FUNNY WHO WILL KEEP ON STANDING 3 HOURS IN THE COACH FROM KL TO IPOH. OF COURSE, ON THE WAY, THEY WILL SIT ON FLOOR. GUYS FRO KTMB, HOPE YOU GUYS AWAKE WITH WHAT ARE YOUR PROBLEMS HERE! OKAY. HAVE ALOOK ON THESE MATTER. REALLY DISAPPOINTING ME. FROM A PASSENGER AND OUTSIDER POINT OF VIEW, you guys headquarter there really din manage well and now as a result of it even the small area or town also faced the same problem. dun let s disappointing on you.

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  • Sn
    snaren09 May 11, 2016

    It's all the bad remarks that you can give to an organization; no efficiency, no protocols, no professionalism and of course with an outstanding remark of an Awful Public Transportation service. I have been travelling from KL Sentral to Butterworth by new ETS services and day by day the service become sucks. Once ETS started last year, it was 4 hour journey to Butterworth and now the journey take 5 hours. The service is worse than KTM commuter. One time it’s accepted but seems like every time. It's always "we're sorry for the inconvenience" tone with KTMB. All their sorry's are being washed down the sewer.

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  • Si
    Sick ktm hser Mar 12, 2018

    Service like [censor]...KTM stands for Keretapi Teruk african standards.

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  • Li
    Lim Kim Guan Aug 13, 2018

    Ktm delay from 2.26pm to 2.56pm at tbs today, then stop at kajang and batang benar for 10min+ for no any reason. Pls check your sistem and don't wasted pur time. Thank you

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  • Di
    Dissapointed user Aug 14, 2018

    Limited food in cafe
    Rude cafe staff
    Very disappointed with cafe service
    Train number ETS 9205 from arau to kL sentral on 2/8/18 (5.32pm to 11pm) approximately.

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  • Ye
    Yee2191 Aug 15, 2018

    The KOC wanita is redundant with all the single men and also husbands inside the koc with their wives. They are ignorant and when told off politely, they brush it off and asked us to mind our own business.

    YOU NEED TO HAVE TRAIN PATROL OFFICERS and start fining people to misbehaviour, and men using the women only coach.

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  • An
    anonymous0907 Aug 15, 2018

    Friday, 8June2018 KTM SEREMBAN today the time board was not functioning and give trouble to passengger who need tp set up their schedule ..

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  • We
    wengpui mah Aug 15, 2018

    This morning, I had been waited for 1hours but the train still didn't move on. It is very inconvenient to us who are rushing of time. I hope that ktmb can take actions to improve the service since now we need to take longer time for us who live in kepong to go the kl sentral.

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  • Nu
    Nurnisa Rosli Aug 15, 2018

    Saya telah menaiki ETS dari Arau ke KL Sentral pada 20 Jun 2018, jam 1958.
    Pintu di koc A rosak dan tidak dpt ditutup. Bunyi bising menganggu penumpang.
    Harap KTMB lebih peka dgn keadaan tren ETS dlm memberikan perkhidmatan terbaik.
    Terima kasih.

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  • He
    HelloKTM Aug 15, 2018

    recently i had apply the KTM i card. After i successfully apply and i successfully pay the product fee, the application shown that i cancel TRANSACTION but they still charge me for the RM 33. The references number is 6AD8C179D8D1C. Please reply as soon as possible.

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  • Ja
    Janice Peixin Aug 20, 2018

    ade laki dlm koc wanita...passenger dah bagitau tapi still tak nak pindah ke koc lain pls settle this

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  • Ma
    Mazlina Jamily Aug 20, 2018

    Dear KTM,

    I am very frustrated when the canteen close earlier not because the food finish.
    They said that they close earlier because last station near by but actually there are 3 more station to the last station.
    Before arived at parit buntar already close canteen.

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  • Al
    Alicia Loh Aug 20, 2018

    Since this is Platinum class ETS, we hv pay extra RM20 for the train. No extra service given, No any snacks given to us. Why we need to pay extra RM20 for the train????

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  • Ja
    Ja-a Aug 20, 2018


    As a passenger of this train whom is about to rush for the airport, I am not very happy at all with this situation. Perhaps ktmb shall ensure no such incident like this happens.

    Ktmb shall also compensate to all passengers for this delay.

    Appreciate to receive feedback.

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