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I booked 3 tickets on 15 October 2018 and I received an email on 16 October that my booking was unsuccessful. I have already made my payment with the amount of RM51. I made my refund request and I waited for 3 days. But until now, I didn't get my refund back. AND I couldn't log in my KTM account. I tried the new password that was given on my e-mail but I still can't log in. What's going on? I called the customer service number many times but they didn't pick up. How am I supposed to check the refund request? I hope KTM will respond this ASAP. I'm still a student and I used my own money to go back home. Please help and I really need my refund back. Thank you.

booking ktm/ets ticket
booking ktm/ets ticket
booking ktm/ets ticket
booking ktm/ets ticket
booking ktm/ets ticket
booking ktm/ets ticket
booking ktm/ets ticket


  • Ra
    Rahidah Mohd Noor Nov 07, 2018

    Yes, the same incident happened to me when i purchased ETS ticket from KL Sentral to Sungai Petani for my daughter on 7 October 2018. Payment was successfully debited from my CIMB account by Ipay88 on behalf of KTM/ETS for ETS ticket on 12 October 2018

    Upon checking online for the e ticket there was no reservation made for the said date and we had to purchase another new ticket. My daughter then called Customer Serivice to make a complain on the matter.
    She was told that KTM will arrange for refund in 2 weeks time.

    On 29 October she did her followup and was informed that Finance KTM has liaised with Ipay 88 for the refund and now it's with Ipay 88 to make the refund into my CIMB account.

    1 November still no refund from Ipay 88
    7 November my daughter did her followup with KTM Customer Serive and was informed that refund is now with Ipay88 and they are suppose to make the payment.
    I suppose Ipay88 is KTM's outsource company for online payment and service is very very slow and totally unefficient.
    As per KTM's Customer Service if refund is not attainable by 16 November 2018 we will need to liaise with Ipay88 for our refund????
    It's not a matter of fush or whatsoever but if KTM is having an outsource company whose service is so bad and unreliable it will lead to KTM's bad rapport for all Malaysian and even worst if this thing happened to foreigner and it will tarnish Malaysia's reputation as well.

    Last but not least I am so dissapointed with the answers given and followup by KTM's Customer Service for not handling this simple task tactfully.

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  • Oo
    ooo bddy May 26, 2019

    @Rahidah Mohd Noor saya pon macam ni...macam mana nak refund?

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  • Ta
    Tan Pey Che Dec 04, 2018

    same problem here, i bought 3 ticket total RM161. the payment already success but the ets there is fail to book, ktm say will refund, i already call 2 times for ktm and i already wait for 28 office day ! but until now still haven received any refund ~!

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  • Ma
    Manjj Feb 27, 2019

    1. Sistem yang paling lembab
    2. Customer service paling lembab call sampai 10minit masih tidak berjawab
    3. E-tiket sistem yang paling teruk bayaran terima tetapi tiket dapat
    4. Refund yang paling lembab

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