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Hello, good evening sir/madam. I would like you to take some time to read this.

Lately, i've been facing ktm train was late for the departure time (It happened too frequently) and it caused me to be late for my work, meeting and important appointments etc. I think this is a really a serious issue. We (All those workers) went out of our house on time but when we reached the train station, the train still couldn't reach on time, and it caused us, the workers, to be late for work.

There's also an issue about the station announcement, I highly request to hire a more professional announcer than someone who make mistakes when announcing the station name because it makes us very troublesome, especially when we didn't pay attention to the train routes, we might go to the wrong station and then realized it too late, so then we would take more time than usual to go to our real destination.

As kuala lumpur is a very populated city, there are also a lot of tourists from other country, we should give our best service to all the travelers from all around the world, so that is also a part of reason why we should improve better services. It's also make our citizen more convenient.

Please take action for the above issues. Your action and attention are highly appreciated.

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Jun 01, 2016 11:34 pm

Old issue. Please get a car.

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